Dance of My Life

By: Miyano Ran

This story was inspired by the social dance class I took in the first year of my stay in my university. Also inspired by the romance dramas, may it be Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, or Filipino, which I keep on watching! Some events in the story are actually mixtures of my real life happenings though the love story itself is fictional. Enjoy !

PS: Satisfy My Soul was one of the songs we actually used in our dance class; our whole class got LSS (last song syndrome) because of it! They wouldn't stop humming it in class haha! XD

Chapter I – Your Tingling Touch

My heart was beating ridiculously fast against my chest as I found myself having a hard time to breathe, as though my lungs were constricted at the feel of his hand's support against my back. I couldn't even look at him and his gorgeous black orbs as he glided me to the slow-paced music across the smooth surface of the dance floor with my hand resting on his firm shoulder. I continued to stare at his shoes, convincing myself that they were fascinatingly shiny. Satisfy my soul… Let the day begin… I could smell the alluring scent of his fragrant cologne when he pulled me closer after spinning. How could I possibly even concentrate in dancing when the romantic song pounded against my ears which caused my cheeks to heat up?

Satisfy my heart… It's so good to feel… Oh gosh, it was really too good to feel… I could practically feel the warmth of his breath on my nose and sense his gentle hand holding my hand up as the other was supporting my back. I have never been this physically close with a guy before. No one could blame me for having an inside panic attack as I danced with him since this was the very first dance of my life. Heck, it was my very first dance of my life with a guy and I didn't know the first thing about dancing. But, it was no doubt that he was a fabulous dancer, for if he wasn't, I wouldn't have been able to pull off any of the steps that I am doing now. His masculine body guided me on my every step during the course of our dancing. He just pulled me to wherever I needed to face or turn in every beat, just like a yoyo. He had no problem with me making a wrong move since he was strong enough to control me. Now, as I spun around while feeling a tad bit dizzy, I actually became curious as to why my classmate, Harvey Lee, would select me to be his partner for this semester's Social Dance class.

You see, it was early afternoon when my buddies and I dropped our bags on the side of the dance studio and changed into our fine stilettos. At that time, I whined to them about how much I hated dancing and how I never ever wanted to dance with a guy in my whole life. None of us in the family even knew how to dance and I already knew that I will make a fool out of myself when the teacher starts showing us the steps. When the professor called out to us to go to our respective places, I groaned. This will be a boring day indeed, I thought inside as I stood up.

Since I was not used to high heels at all, I almost tripped if it weren't for this guy named Harvey who held me up. I actually wasn't so familiar of who he was yet exactly, since it was just the first week of my first year in Banapple University. Yes, you heard right, Banapple University. Our university is situated in the boundary of Taipei amidst beautiful greeneries as that of the countryside and the university was named as such since the little angel of the billionaire with a PhD who founded it has banana and apple as her most favorite fruits. Sounds silly? Well, it's true.

Anyway, as I was saying, I almost fell, face first on the floor, if it weren't for my kind classmate who I barely know, Harvey, who caught my fall. I don't know about other girls, cuz' I think I saw some of them sighing enviously from the corner of my eye as he supported my back with his arm, but I thought it was utterly embarrassing. I really hate my stilettos now. How on earth will I survive dancing in this class if I can't even walk with this monstrosity?

"There, I got you." I unsteadily stood up after that and looked at him. Usually, wouldn't guys say 'are you alright?' or something in that line? In that first meeting of ours, I had an unexplainable feeling that there was something different about him. "Thanks." I muttered, feeling almost out of words. What more could have I said? We both separated and went to line up according to our class numbers.

"Tang, Yanna." The professor called out. "Present!" I responded while raising my hand. After the roll call, the professor announced with an optimistic, yet stern, smile. "My name is Professor Joy Jane Lin and you guys can call me Prof JJ Lin. I'd like to welcome you freshmen to the exciting world of college life! This is your first day of dance class and I hope you all do your best while enjoying as well. Ladies, you may all now sit on the floor. Gentlemen, you may now choose your partners. Since there are 27 guys and 26 girls, the last guy who doesn't get to choose a partner will dance with me." Our cheeky professor, Prof JJ of thirty years of age, chuckled when she saw her male students practically scramming to get a girl, knowing that no teenage boy would want to be paired with her, an expert of a dancer.

I frowned while sitting on the cold floor, waiting for the moment of truth. Who on earth will be my dance partner for this semester? I was nervous and anxious. What would he be like? Could it be him, him, or him? I kept thinking as my male classmates walked towards me and past me, trying to find a girl suited for them. Fat, hairy, tall, thin, shy, geeky, dark, fair, handsome, sinewy, short, weird, cool- all kinds of men passed by as I impatiently waited. I practically felt the loud beating of my heart when I felt a warm grip on my hand as it pulled me up. I looked up only to see the guy who saved me from the fall facing me eye to eye. I suddenly found it hard to breathe while my heart continued to beat faster; I wasn't used to this close contact with a guy.

His left hand held mine gently while his right hand on my back forcefully pulled my body closer to him. "Let's be partners. I'm Harvey Lee." He whispered against my ear with a friendly smile. Lost for words, I just nodded as I heard the professor calling our attention. "Oh and why do I make you so nervous?" Harvey asked with a curious look as he let go of me. I stared at him and noticed that he was indeed attractive. He was a head taller than me and had masculine built. Feeling embarrassed, I bit my lip and asked. "What do you mean?" "Don't pretend like you don't know. Your heavy breathings and fast heartbeats, I felt it." He said honestly while giving me that worried and innocent look. Prof JJ started teaching some steps which gave me the chance to break eye contact with him, immediately looking away. I responded softly and as honestly as I could. "I don't know. I guess I'm just not used to being this close with a guy."

"Oh I see. So you've never danced before?" He asked with an arched eyebrow while grabbing hold of my hand. I must admit, he's cute. "Yeah… I've never danced before. I'm apologizing as of now because I think I'm gonna suck as your dance partner." I replied while trying my best to follow the professor's amazing footwork, but failing miserably. "That won't be a problem." He told me when I felt his strength swaying me to the music, his body movements directing me to do every step, every turn. I gave him a surprised look. My body was moving to the beat, and it wasn't me at all. I felt my feet tapping movements of what I would call great footwork, but it was his doing and my body just instinctively followed, not having a choice. I wasn't even in control of anything now as he spun me around. With just one pull from behind, I ended up landing against his chest; then the next thing I knew I was facing the ceiling while my leg was raised up high. I was able to do all that with just the support of his arms on my back and my other leg on the ground.

"That was a marvelous job, class!" Prof JJ exclaimed with delight as Harvey pulled me back to composure. I was exhausted, but moreover, I was shocked with how I danced back there. Harvey was grinning at me when he whispered. "You were great. You did everything right!" "The pair, Lee and Tang, they danced really smoothly! If anyone has any problems learning the steps, ask them. Okay, I'll give you guys a ten minute break, and then we move on to the next dance steps.

"Water break?" Harvey smiled as he let go of my hand.

Sept 25, 2012

12:30 AM April 28, 2013 continued from when I replaced 'proceeded' with 'move on' to just finish this off with the last few words… can't believe it takes me ages to finish a story, or rather, takes months for me before I actually place a period to complete the sentence. =)

Author's note: This story was incredibly hard to write for me because I find it very hard to describe dance steps… And in real life, I'm like Yanna…can't dance! I really had a hard time in dance class, though. I hope this story didn't suck that much.