How do you put thoughts

Into words?

How do you put feelings

Into words?

How is an embrace

Worth a thousand

Well-formed sentences?

But a thought

Is not a word

And no one is a mind

Reader thoughts

Must be released

Flown from lips

And you must

Let someone

Hold this

Word thought

Because what you think of someone

But don't release

Might be all they want to hear

Because I'm trying

To read your mind

(Because I want to see

If I'm there but I

Can't see anything at


But a feeling is

Not a word it is

Inside and buried

And sometimes you're

Scared of it and sometimes

It's beautiful but if you feel it and

Don't say it and people

Have to guess then

It becomes so

Confusing and you

Start to feel lost

And a few words

Could change

Everything (and while

We're on feelings

It's not just about

Me; someday, my

Darling if someday

Exists, will you tell

Me why you look so

Sad all the time?)

An embrace, sweet

Though it

May be and heart

Racing though it may

Be doesn't mean

As much as beautiful

Truths whispered in ears

Because you can hold

Anyone or press your

Lips to someone else's

And send creeping fingers

Up their spine but it's

Words and truths along

With butterflies

Whispering though

Internal organs that

Will bring the entire

World to a halt

And bring light to a

Confused mind (not

That I hate embraces

Because I do crave

More than what I get

Because a soft kiss

Every now and then

Does not equate to

Being wrapped around

Someone – not

Necessarily to be sexual

But to lay a head on

Their chest and hear

Their heartbeat and

Just lay there for


I feel like I'm always

The one with words

And questions and the

One who cares the most

(someone does always

Have to care more

It's a fact) but I

Don't feel like you

Care at all because

You have no words

Or questions and it

All slips away

And I know you

Aren't built of words

And they don't quite

Flow but maybe

Just once or twice

Every now and then

You could try?

(I'll show you

The part of me

That aren't


And the parts

That are if you

Want me to

But that means

You have to show

Me all sides of you)

©The Last Letter