It's hard to face

The fact that

Days pass on,

No matter what

I want and

No matter what

I do.

I want to

Clock to stop

I want to the

World to freeze

Me and you

Locked forever

In a moment

Neither of us

Want to let

Go of anyway.

But the clock

Tick tocks on

And the leaves

Changed; so

Did you and

Now I can't


The world we

Knew together.

Because that

World is so

Long gone even

Our brightest

Memories have

Faded away, the

Tattered edges

Worthless and

Frayed. I can't

Remember the

Last day with

You but I

Know I

Want too.

I think

This hazy

World isn't

Quite as

Dear as the

One we found

Together, built

Our empire

(fallen like Rome)

Of inexperience

And reckless

Blind faith

Neither of

Us deserved.

I like this

Place without

You – a lie

No longer

As there is

A sun that

Shines here,

Brighter than yours,

Ever did and

It all belongs

To me and

I'm so

Proud of

Myself for

Having a

World all my

Own since

Yours was

Cracking under

Lies and I'm

Just cracking

From crazy.

Time passes

No matter

What I say

Or think

But now

I melt

Those moments

Of you because

You are not

What I want

To remember.

©The Last Letter