Chapter 02 Trust misplaced

Author's Note; this next section is not so much graphic, as it is suggestive. This chapter involves the abduction of a child by two men with extremely bad intentions. They DO come to a very bad end – might all such people come to such ends! – For it is my understanding that such people do exist in real life. Unfortunately, werewolves are purely fictional. I recommend you skip ahead to the next chapter, if such things bother you.

The little town of Fenton, Pennsylvania, is located in the "Endless Mountains" area of Northeastern Pennsylvania. It is a friendly little town, almost a throwback to the 1950's where everybody knows everybody else, and you can generally let your kids out to play without worry.

Not many people come through the town – it is off the beaten path, and has little to recommend it to the average tourist.

It does have its secrets, and its dangers…but none of those are visible to the casual visitor.

Tommy Chodak was a normal looking boy of about ten. Slim, athletic looking, with light brown hair and a cow lick. He had his fishing pole over his shoulder, a tackle box in his hand, and looked like he had stepped out of a Norman Rockwell poster

The fellow in the van seemed nice enough. "Say, young fellow, could you tell me where -?" he consulted a sheet of paper, "- 1150 Maple Street is?"

"It's not far," said Tommy. "You go up about two blocks and turn left at Brown's gas station, then go three blocks and turn left again at Harris' grocery."

The man wrote the direction on his paper. "Two blocks straight ahead and turn left at the gas station, then three blocks and turn right at the grocery."

"Left at the grocery." Corrected Tommy.

"Yeah." Said the man. "Hey look, you want to jump in and direct me – I'll give you a couple of bucks for your trouble."

Now, even in Fenton, children are taught not to ride with strangers. But Fenton is a safe little town, where children learn to trust everybody.

Besides that, Tommy had a little secret.

Something that made him unafraid of riding with a strange man in a van.


Tommy got in, and quickly found that he was not as safe as he had thought.

A hand reached around the head rest, a foul smelling rag was pressed into his face, and as he drew breath to scream, he passed out.

"C'mon man, we got the kid, let's go." Said Harry.

"No," said Chester (his name really was Chester) as he slowly drove out of the little town. "We can't afford to raise an alarm. Get the kid in the box, dose him with the good stuff, and we need to be out of here. We hit the Interstate in a few miles, and we should be able to slip over the State Line before they raise the Amber Alert. Just like we've done it before."

"I dunno, Chester." Said Harry. "This gig is good money, but the whole child-snatching thing is getting to me."

"Not your business to think, Harry." Said Chester. "Let me do the thinking, you just do what I tell you, we'll both be fine.


Mrs. Chodak did not realize Tommy was missing for several hours, when he did not come home at supper. At first, she called some of his friend's homes, thinking he might be there. When she found he had NOT gone fishing that afternoon, as he said he was going to do – she stated calling people with a determination.

Fairly quickly, it was determined that Tommy was not in the immediate area of Fenton – and that his scent trail ended abruptly on Saco Street, as if he had gotten into a vehicle.

Normally, they would have called the authorities and raised an Amber Alert. The problem was, there were several reasons Tommy might have been kidnapped. If he was in the hands of normal human kidnappers, for whatever reason, he would win himself free fairly quickly and find a way to notify his pack.

If normal human police were involved, uncomfortable questions might be asked.

On the other hand, if his kidnappers were NOT normal humans, there were some uses for a young werewolf. None of them pleasant.

There WERE authorities to be notified. Just not the normal human authorities.


The two men drove on the Interstate, crossing into New York and nervously watching the electronic signs for the Amber Alert…but it failed to show up.

They had stopped to change the license plates on their nondescript white van, and the magnetic signs on the side now said "Harris Antiques and Collectibles" instead of "Thompson Delivery Service".

But it was as if nobody had noticed the boy was missing.

"I'm nervous." Said Harry. "This was too easy."

The two men had made it to the old decrepit farmhouse that their parents had left them. The path to kidnapping children and "training" them to be the playthings of wealthy buyers was long and disgusting.

If the notion of Karma had anything going for it, these two vermin would spend the next several reincarnations as dung beetles.

And – even though they didn't know it, they were going to find out about the truth about life-after-death very, very soon.

"Darn" said Chester, as he wrestled the body of the unconscious boy out of the van, "how much did you dose him with?"

"I just used the standard dose, bro." said Harry, "It must have hit him worse than usual."

"I'm going to be pissed if we went through all that just for you to kill him by accident, little brother." Spat Chester.

Tommy's eyelids began to flutter open after that had him stripped and fastened to the table.

"Wakey-wakey, kid." Said Chester. He thumbed his TASER to emphasize his words.

"Don't bother screaming, and don't bother struggling." He continued. "There's nobody to hear you, there's no way you're going to break those straps and there's nobody coming to rescue you."

He touched the TASER to Tommy's smooth white side and pressed the button. Tommy arched in pain as the electricity raced through his body, jolting him completely awake – and awakening the beast.

Tommy's eyes and nostrils flared wide as he smelled the pheromones of pain and misery that permeated the dank room.

"There's two ways to do this, kid." Said Chester. "The Hard Way or the Easy Way." He snapped the TASER again. "What's it going to be?"

Tommy smiled.

It was a wide and brilliant smile as he told the men. "There's a third choice."

The two men were nonplussed. Usually, their victims were writhing in pain, screaming in fear, terror, or agony – or that heady mixture of all three.

This kid…looked calm.

Happy, even.

"A third choice?" asked Harry dumbly.

"Yes." Said Tommy. "This."

The two men watched, transfixed with horror, as the naked boy suddenly sprouted hair all over his body.

His arms and legs shortened, and drew out of the useless restraints as they became paws. His teeth elongated and his mouth became a muzzle.

He rolled to his feet, and suddenly they were looking at – not a helpless little pre-teen boy…but a snarling wolf, with red eyes and dripping fangs.

The wolf leapt at Chester, his jaws encircling his neck and ripping his throat out in a single twist of his mighty jaws. Blood fountained across the room as his head flopped backwards uselessly, held to his body by only a few tendons.

Harry backed uselessly into a corner. The wolf was between him and the door. His mind gibbered in total terror. He was not a strong man, had never been a strong man – but his mind had now totally cracked into total insanity.

He didn't suffer from the insanity for very long – only the amount of time it took for the wolf to leap from Chester's body to him.

His last act in this life was to slap his TASER uselessly against the face of the wolf.

Well, uselessly, in terms of saving his life. The spasms induced by the TASER served merely to cause those jaws to totally separate his skull from his body.

However, they totally scrambled the forebrain of the young werewolf. He collapsed, unconscious, in the dank basement, as the bodies of his erstwhile captors contined to bleed out.

The sun was shining through the dirty windows of the dank basement dungeon before he awoke again.

The main effect of the TASER was to suppress the human side of his nature, while the neural pathways re-knitted. The wolf fed from the meat of his kills, then trotted up the stairs. Luckily, the brothers had not closed the door to the basement, and he was able to get out of the basement, and through the flimsy screen door to freedom.

Chapter 03 Lost Child Report