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Johnathan Samuel's POV:

An hour before the new kid showed up, I walked into the makeshift tent where Chris and I lived. In our little community, we were the leaders- the desision makers, the rulebreakers, etc. But, sometimes welet the title get to our heads. Chris did it much more than I did, but even then the occasion was few and far between.

This was one of those days where Chris just lost his sense of self-preservation.

That very day, the guards were going to come and take Chris away- back to the U.S., back to somewhere I never wanted to be again. But Chris had evaded leaving the Chastise Isles- the prison that seperated us from civilization- two times already. He originally came at age nine, just a few days after I had. The basic plan had been to wait out our three years out and run away after getting back in the country. Neither of us could reach the end of our sentence without screwing something up. For instance, Chris was caught trying to escape the island the first added a year to his sentence. The second time he was caught on the Master Island. He would do anything to stay. For once I had thought he would see snese, but sonn I saw there was no such luck.

When I entered our tent, I saw him sitting on the vacant bed, writing and frowning. "Chris, you should be packing. You're leaving today."

He looked up for a milisecond, then he went back to writing. "No, John. I'm not leaving."

"WHAT?!" Yeah, I was upset. " You saw what happened to me when I broke the rules a third time! You don't need to go through something like that." I didn't bother hiding my concern. " You can't do this to yourself!"

"I can, and I will. I've got an idea on how to get off the island. But I need time to try it." This was the expected response from Chris. HE would get a crazy idea to get everyone out of the isles, he would break the rules to recieve a longer sentence, and his plan would ALWAY fail in the end. " I know how I'm going to do get the extra time, JOhn. You can't stop me this time."

"But you could go home today! Why try it the hard way when you could be home in a matter of hours?" I protested. " It would be so much easier if you'd just-"

"If'd I just what, John? Gave up? Left my friends in this prison for God knows how many years?!" He shouted. "No, John! That isn't the way. Not for me." He sighed, and walked towards the door. Then he stopped, turned part of the way towards me, his hand holding up the flap. "And, if you thought about it, John, I'm sure you would realize that it isn't the way for you, either. Just think about that." He left, leaving me lost in thought and frustrated as hell. I knew it wasn't for me, but that was for my own reasons. After all, I didn't have anyone left to go to once I was removed from the islands. My parents were dead. I couldn't and wouldn't live with my uncle. And I was an only child, so I had no older sibling which could take me about all of this, I realized that the only faily Chris had was here on the island. Even if that family member wasn't on the island, he would still despise her. I walked out of the tent, still thinking about what Chris had said.

Chris and I had the tent that was closest to the coast of the southmost island. When I walked out of the tent, the first thing I saw was a group of nine and ten year olds playing in the water. WIth how happy and serene they seemed, would would have never guessed that they were criminals who were being held in a group of islands that was reserved for criminal genius teenagers only. The other thing I saw was Marshal- a 14 year old boy, about 5'3", short brown hair, and he had these big blue eyes behind his glasses that immediately told you that either he was the most intelligent person you would ever meet or the craziest person in existance. With Marshal, it was probably a bit of both. Anyway, he was fishing with his girlfriend Melissa. Melissa was 15, about 5' 6", had long curly red hair, and she had brown eyes. Marshal was a lucky man to be with her, the rest of the guys were lucky that they didn't get their throats slit. Melissa was quite a fighter, though not very skilled.

The two of them had met through the Chastise Isles. They really did love each other, but I knew it couldn't last. Melissa's time to leave was quickly approaching, and MArshal would stil have several months left after that. They lived on opposite sides of the country as well. Seeing them spend time together was okay, but it only reminded me that they would soon be forced apart. That was the funny thing about the Isles. It wasn't so bad once you were used to life there. It became our home. It brought us all together. BUt at the same time, it tore us apart. I stood and pondered this for a moment. Then I began my inspection of camp. Everyone seemed to be working on something that day, but a few of the newer kids were trembling with excitement the entire time. Most of them hadn't seen a person's arrival before. Unlike me, they were just starting here. I had six years on those kids, as did Chris. We were the Chastise Isle vetrans, in a way.

My last inspection was of the escape building. It was one of the few real buildings in the camp. It was there that we planned attacks on guard camps and there that we planned our escape. The only person hard at work inside the building was Chris. I should have seen it coming, but still his presnce surprised me. I decided to go along with whatever plan he had. It couldn't make things any worse for me, could it? I came over and sat down next to him. "So, what's the insane idea this time"

"Spoilers," He grinned uncontrolably. "Again, I need time to work out the kinks in it. However, I do know how I'll get the time."

"How?" The curiousity was driving me to ask, and I let it.

"We're goign to raid their HQ on the Master Island. " Chris said simply. I was shocked enough that I could speak for a few moments. "Look, I know it sounds crazy, but-"

"It IS crazy! Did you plan on going back with a few bullet holes in you?! This is insane!" I declined his idea immediately. I didn't want anyone getting hurt, and this plan would've been disasterous for us.

"You know as well as I do that the guards don't carry around guns!" Chris reminded me, his anger beginning to show.

"On PATROLS they don't carry around guns. I know a lot more about their HQ than you ever will, Chris!" I practically screamed at him. The rest of the people in the building cleared out quickly. Chris looked into my eyes, his showing that I had broke him. "OH, God, Chris, I didn't mean that. I'm so sorry."

"IT's okay, I deservedit." He cleared his throat. " So.. let's go get a raid together, shall we?"

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