Couple of police officers cautiously approached the dying suspect who had just been shot and run over by his own brother. In spite of this, the suspect still struggled as he shouted, " infidel pigs will pay, one day we shall kill you all for following the poor copy of the Quran...and for disgracing the genie from Aladdin...forgive me...genie..."

The officers stood by and watch as the paramedics tried to revive him as one of them shook his head saying, "Can't believe this...those two did this for what?"

"I know, it doesn't seem like Al Qaeda were behind this after all."

"Still, we can't put anything past them, but to think...never mind."

As the officers knew, neither had the heart to tell the dying terrorist in his last moments that the genie was voiced by a Jew.

After the city of Boston went into a lock down to make sure that none of the suspects can escape for what they have done, the remaining suspect was trying to act natural in order to avoid attention. Just as he was passing by the electronics store, something on the flat screen television being displayed caught his attention so the suspect stopped to watch.

After watching the report of what happened to his brother, the suspect became jittery that he looked as if he had downed dozens cans of energy drinks.

"T-those bastards, they killed him...their inferior medical care they tried to promote for years killed him...curse you Obamacare!" he growled, forgetting that he ran over his brother with a car just a while ago.

"Excuse me, why are you talking to yourself, are you okay?"

The suspect turned and saw a stranger right next to him.

"Really, I saw you talking to yourself loudly and everyone heard what you just said, are you alright?"

Frightened, the suspect ran off without answering, raising further suspicions.

Few hours later, he would be found hiding out in a yacht, starting what would become quite a siege, spawning another series of ridiculous conspiracy theories in the process.