Where should I start?

Well I'm going to tell you right now

Hi, my name is Abigail Caroline Morris, but you can call my Abby, and this is my weird and funny life. I know it isn't original and all that but let me tell you about myself and then you can say what you want okay? Well I'm 16 years old and I live in California. My parents are…well…let's just say that they are 'special', no not in the wrong way, it's just…well let me tell you.

They are the weirdest couple…ever. End of story.

They met in high school, in choir, front of each. It's a funny story really; this is what they told me. Well my mom, Mia, is a sweetheart and…well…a geek; well that's what my dad said before my mom slapped him upside the head. Anyway, and my dad, Robert, was in the 'cool' crowd and well needed all the credits in order to graduate so they sign him in choir and dad was cool with it since he likes to sing and want to become a famous artist so well, why the hell not? My mom is another story.

My grandfather is in the music business and my mom is the heiress of it all so you can say we are rolling in the dough…well my mom is, my dad; we'll get to him in a bit but first. It was in the middle in the school year when the teacher wanted them to all get into partners but since the class can't behave themselves the teacher choose for them. So that's how my parents kinda met…oh wait that's not it, okay now I remember; the teacher made them sing to each other and so my dad started first and instead of his voice he burped loudly that it echoed and here's the best part. He did it in front of mom's face. So you can imagine all the spit and the bad breath she had to face hahahaha!

Yeah I should stop laughing…hold on…give me a moment…okay I'm back.

Moving on!

So to make this story short, mom was horrified and the class laugh so hard and my dad laughed with them. I think dad told me that one of them peed in their pants. Eww. Mom was so red from it all that she felt that they were laughing at her so she ran out of there, nobody notice; okay one did. Can you guys guess who?

Really…no one?

Well it was my dad! My dad ran after her and apologized to her, so they became 'friends' in a way. So my parents had classes together and got to know each other a little better. And the more they know each other the more they like each other, and even got to love one another. They love each other so much that they got caught.

And by caught, I meant they were caught having sex in the choir room. Somehow my dad convinced my mom to have sex where they first met. Yeah the choir teacher caught them. They got suspended and my grandfather was so mad that he didn't want my mom to be around dad anymore. My mom was so devastated that somehow my dad found out that he had the guts to go over to my grandfather house and confront him. Grandpa said to me that my dad had the balls to yell at him and that he wanted to marry mom as soon as they were old enough, they were 16 at the time, my grandpa was so mad that he told my dad to get the f**k out, but my mom hear everything and ran downstairs, got down on her knees and begged grandpa to let them date.

Mom told me that grandpa wanted to cry when he saw what she did

You see, mom was an only child and the apple of grandpa's eye. So to see my mom on her knees was just…was so horrible that he had to look away. Grandpa didn't want to share mom to dad, heck grandma said that as soon as mom was born he was the only one that can hold her, he was the only one that he can change her, the only one that can take her a bath, the only one that can play with her, just he and he alone. He didn't let grandma carry her, just when she needed to be fed and as soon as mom could eat solids he kicked grandma to the curb; that is until grandma threaten to take mom away from grandpa and file for divorce. Grandpa finally stopped hogging mom; well at least to grandma, to other he told them to f**k off. Don't you just love my grandpa?

Well after my mom begged and cried to him, grandpa gave in. He threaten my dad that he was going to kill him and my mom, heh, he tried to change her mind. Mom didn't cave in much to my grandpa's dismay. So they dated for a long time then as soon as they graduated they got married and I became the 'honeymoon baby'. I never did understand why dad snickers every time he says it.

Oh well, moving on.

As soon as mom told my grandpa and grandma; mom and grandma were jumping up and down, while my grandpa was choking the living daylights out of my dad, saying that he ruined mom innocence. Anyway so let me tell you a bit about my dad. My grandpa, my dad's dad, is a strict man, my grandma, my dad's mom, is a sweetheart like mom. They met in club, well grandma's friend convinced her to go clubbing and my grandpa is…well was, he retried now, a cop. Well he had a day off and so he and some of his friends went to a club where, as you guys guessed it, met grandma; they got together ever since. Grandpa wanted all his children to be cops like him; my uncle Johnny did but dad didn't want to, he wanted to be a music artist. Grandpa didn't approve and ordered my dad to go to the police academy, but then he got married to mom and moved away from him. Then he asked mom if he can borrow one of recording studio to record his songs he had written.

Mom said sure and gave him the keys to one of them. Dad was in there day and night recording all the songs all alone and then it happen; dad hit it big. Without him noticing, mom went behind his back and copied all of his songs and sent them all to radio stations hoping and praying that they liked them; and they did. So my dad became a famous man, all guys wanted to be like him and all girls wanted him. Now don't get me wrong, sure dad flirts with girl but that's all. Dad didn't and will never cheat on mom; well unless he wants mom's dad on his a**. So once my dad's dad heard that Dad became famous, he was so mad that he disowned him; that is until grandma told him to knock it off and go make up with dad. He did, and yes they do still talk to each other but the tension is still there. So with my dad music and my mom working with grandpa he are so rich and no I'm not like those girls that think that she's all that 'cuz her parents are super rich. I'm the down to earth kind of girl and never will I be that kind of girl.

Well my dad needed a band so he hire some of his friends that know how to play and one of them is his best friend, Jackson, and he married one of my mom's closet friend, Samantha, and then my best friend Stephen Jones. He's an all American boy, with blond hair, strong chin, blues eyes and he has a nice body…so I'm told…don't look at me that way okay, sure I had a crush on him in middle school but he looked at me like his nerdy sister. Well that's what he told all the other girls he wanted to hook up with. That's all I was to him, a nerdy sister, but I got over it and moved on. Now I look at him as the brother I never had. But...Ah…can I ask you guys something? You see every time a guy ask me if Stephen is my boyfriend or if I like him and I say no I see him like the brother I never had, why does Stephen give me his look like I hurt his feelings or something? You guys don't know either!?

I thought so

Anyhow, I also got another BFF and she's my cousin; my dad's brother daughter…is that right?

Yeah that's right

Anyway her name's Madison Morris, but we all her Maddy. She, Stephen and I are like the three musketeers. So let me tell you about them. Stephen is…well…a playboy, he like girls and he sleeps with them and then breaks up with them after. Yeah I don't know what I saw in him either, and get this he slept with my worst enemy, Hazel Phillips, little Barbie look alike b***h. He said he was drunk and that it just happen, Ha, like I believe that crap and I know he sleeps with her behind my back, he thinks she's so smart and slick that I won't find out, heck she tell me every day. Yeah I really don't want to picture that image in my head anytime soon. Maddy is the blunt girl of the group, she tells you what up and what she thinks and. I guess since her dad's a cop she can't lie, but she's tries but her face is a dead giveaway. She's like a tomboyish, girly girl type and I am the normal type girl, so yeah.

Well I got to go now, or else my mom will come into my room and tell me to go to bed for school See ya later guys.

"And post and log off. Ah, I'm done". I stretched out on my chair and closed my eyes. Man am I tired! I turned off my laptop and stood up and crawled to bed and I clapped my hands twice and my light turned off, good thing I have the clapper installed hahaha, and I fell asleep 'cuz I have a long day tomorrow with school and all.

So…yeah first long story I'm going to post here so enjoy, please review and tell me what you guys think about it okay? See ya guys soon ;)