Warning! Sexy time ahead!

The moment my hands are free I reach up to curl my fingers into the comforter, gripping as tightly as I can while I wiggle my ass high in the air. Isaac chuckles behind me and I hear the old floors creak as he kneels on the hard wood.

"Good girl," he murmurs and brushes a finger down my slit, still barely touching. I release a frustrated whimper but keep still. If he stops, I'll be forced to either do it myself or go to Brady, and neither are good options.

Oh, Brady. That poor sap is going to have the heartbreak of his life the next time I speak to him. If Isaac can reduce me to this quivering mess with only a caress, there is no way I'm going back to a man who had to Google where a woman's clitoris is. Oh who am I kidding, he doesn't know how to use Google. One of his buddies probably told him.

"Are you paying attention, doll?" Isaac asks in a deathly quiet voice and I jump at the interruption. I nod quickly, hoping that he would finish what he started, but when I glance over my shoulder he's gone.

Damn that impatient man! I groan and start to untie the fabric behind my head but strong fingers wrap around my wrists in a viselike grip.

"Ah ah ah," Isaac chides and brings my hands up to rest on his muscular thighs. I glance up and come face to face, or face to head, with his erect member. The head blushes a dark purple, almost like a plum. The slit weeps salty drops, deadly drops if you asked me. Each of those little tears holds thousands of children, and God only knows how terrified I am of children.

But with that disturbing thought aside, I know what he wants and start to lean forward when I realize that I still have the gag between my teeth. I glance up and scowl at Isaac, gnawing on the fabric meaningfully as he laughs.

"Sorry, but I wanted to do it myself."

What a sick little fuck he's turning out to be! But as I return my gaze to his impressive girth, I decide that little isn't the proper term.

Isaac reaches behind my head and loosens the knot at an agonizingly slow pace; so slow that I almost smack his hands away and do it myself. Finally, it's gone and I get to work.

I lean forward and place my tongue at the base of his penis, slowly dragging it up until the tip is at his slit. Quickly lapping up the remaining drops, I work my way down the opposite side at the same slow pace. Then I pay homage to the underside, but instead of using my tongue, I use my lips. I nip and suck my way to his head, grinning when deep groans escape Isaac's tight control.

As I make my way back to his head, Isaac's fingers slip into my hair, twining around the dark strands tightly. "Good God Evan," he breathes as I slowly wrap my lips around his girth. "No woman should have a tongue like that." I hum in agreement, suppressing a laugh when he hisses in a breath.

Ever so slowly, I push forward until his head is at the back of my throat and my jaw feels like it's about to break. Pity for him that I have a small mouth. I barely fit half of him between my lips, but he doesn't seem to mind as he slowly rocks his hips. I let him guide my head, gripping onto his thighs when his thrusts become rougher.

When his release comes I greedily drink everything he gives, even going as far as to lick every inch of him clean. I glance up at Isaac when I finish only to find him watching me with the darkest look I have ever seen in a man's eyes. God that's hot.

Suddenly, he lunges down to capture my lips in a kiss, not even waiting for permission to plunge his tongue into my mouth. Not that I'm complaining or anything; his lips taste even better than his dick.

His tongue battles with mine, a vicious fight for dominance that neither of us is willing to concede to. Isaac, ever the cheater, reaches between our melded bodies and twists my nipple, hard. I shriek in pleasure and pain, unwittingly ceding control to a man I barely know.

He releases my lips to trail hot kisses down my throat while his fingers knead my breasts with just the right amount of pressure. I moan breathlessly and thread my fingers through his coarse hair.

"Isaac," I gasp when he bites into my collarbone and soothes the sting with his tongue. He groans against my skin and trails his fingers down to my dripping sex, inserting a thick finger into the wet heat.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to hear my name on your lips." He murmurs and slowly inserts a second finger, wringing another moan out of me. I roll my hips in time with his thrusts, desperate to find release but it isn't enough. Not nearly enough.

"Please," I moan, moving my hands from his head to his back to clutch him closer.

Isaac lifts his lips from my chest to peer down at me, his eyes more yellow than green now. "Please what?"

I glare up at him, stilling my movements. The asshole wants to play that game now, does he? Well I can play, too.

I sigh dramatically and push at his shoulders in an attempt to get up. "Come on, let me up." Isaac frowns and presses his pelvis down onto mine, preventing me from moving even an inch. But this position also causes the head of his penis to brush against my core, wringing a gasp from my lips.

"Where do you think you're going?" He demands and I slow my breathing to answer normally.

"To find my boyfriend; or one of my exes if he's unavailable. They'll give it to me without asking pointless questions."

Isaac stills above me, his expression slowly darkening into something murderous. His lips curl into a snarl, causing the silver ring to flash in the moonlight, and his hands catch my wrists to pin them over my head.

"What the fuck—" I'm cut off with a strangled groan when Isaac thrusts into me. He isn't gentle about it. No, the gentle man that was here moments ago is now replaced with a raging beast. And I'm helpless to fend him off.

"Names," he growls. I desperately wiggle under him, trying to grind against him, but he presses down again to pin my pelvis. "I want their names!"

I struggle to think through the haze, and manage a stupid, "What names?" while under the fog. Isaac pulls out to deliver a hard thrust into me; making me scream bloody murder. It felt so amazing yet hurt so badly at the same time.

"The boys names! I want to hear them now!"

I whimper at the anger in his voice and manage a shaky breath before I begin. "Tyler," I whisper and he rewards me with a shallow thrust. I groan and continue, "Sam," This time the thrust is harder, deeper, and I quickly finish the list. "Eric, Luke, Brady!" I finish screaming as Isaac pounds into me, his power almost terrifying as he dominates my body. I dig my nails into his shoulder blades, slowly dragging them down as I whimper.

"Good, now I don't want to hear those names again. Ever."

I nod dumbly, lost in the haze of lust. With a groan Isaac lets go of his anger and leans down to bury his face in my breasts, placing gentle kisses over the sensitive skin. His thrusts become slower, almost tender as he apologizes to me and I forgive him with a kiss on his forehead.

After a moment the tenderness fades again, leaving way to unbridled lust. Before long, Isaac reaches between us and presses a thumb against my clit, finally sending me over the edge.

After I come down I notice that Isaac is hesitating. It's now that I realize that he forgot a condom, but I just laugh. "Go ahead. I can't have kids anyway." Isaac finishes with a shuddering sigh, his arms instinctively wrapping around me tightly.

The silence after sex is deafening, but comfortable. Isaac rolls onto his back so I can rest on his chest, and I keep my ear over his heart to listen to the steady beat. He trails his fingers up and down my spine, raising goosebumps on my skin.

"Can't have kids?" Isaac finally inquires, his voice soft now.

I sigh and roll onto my back next to him, our arms barely brushing. "It's not permanent, if that's what you're wondering. I don't want kids, but that could change, so I didn't want it completely out of the picture. I just wanted it most of the way out." I chuckle wryly and run a hand through my sex tangled hair. "Obviously, it was a good decision. Otherwise we might have been more than a little fucked right now."

Isaac is suspiciously silent, so I turn my head to glance at him. He's staring at me, his expression alarmingly serious. "What happened to you after I left?" He murmurs and I release a frustrated sigh.

"Are you ever going to tell me how you think you know me?" His lips thin into a line and I scoff and sat up. "Of course not, mother dearest already tightened the leash too much, didn't she?" I laugh bitterly and stand, quickly walking over to my closet and drawing a silk robe over my shoulders.


I hold my hand up and shake my head. "Please, spare me the excuses. Get dressed and let yourself out. I've got shit to do." I make a hasty exit, quickly padding down the hall before he can get any funny ideas. I want him to leave, and this time for good.

I find myself in the kitchen and I'm just pulling down a bottle of Jack Daniels when someone clears their throat behind me. I spin around with a startled scream and come face to face with Mel. She sweeps her blue gaze over my disheveled person, the smirk on her lips growing with every inch.

"So you and Brady finally worked out the whole female orgasm thing. That's good, because I hate it when you don't get a good orgasm. You're always so bitchy after."

I roll my eyes and crack open the bottle. "No, Brady and I did not work out anything." I mutter and take a swig of the liquid, grimacing at the fiery burn that travels down my throat to pool in my belly.

"I heard you screaming his name not five minutes ago!" She insists but I simply shrug and take another long drink.

"Believe me or not, I don't care. I want to intoxicate myself in peace." I brush past her and plop down on the couch, sprawling out across its length. Grimace immediately dashes over and leaps up with me, ignoring my indignant yelp when he almost knocks the bottle over.

After he gets settled over my legs I shake my head and throw an arm over my eyes. "Damn dog," I mutter and place the glass to my lips again. It's going to be a long night.

"I always knew that you would be a Daniels type of woman, Evie." Isaac murmurs from the doorway and I groan.

"Go away, Isaac. Let a woman get piss ass drunk in her own company."

He sighs and the floorboards creak as he walks over them to the armchair to my left. His hand falls on my head and I quickly slap it away.

"Fuck off, asshole."

"So this is who you had sex with?!" Mel demands from somewhere behind me and when I make no response she squeals happily. "About damn time you picked a real man! I was just about to pick one out for you."

"Not helping Mel!" I growl and set my bottle down on the floor, now half empty, but the buzz is just making its presence known. Years on the drink makes it difficult for me to get drunk, so I'm nowhere near there, but it's still a start.

I press the heels of my hands into my eyes and rub furiously. "You already got laid, Isaac. What else could you possibly want from me?" I snap my fingers suddenly then sit up with what I'm sure is an insane smile on my lips. "Oh, that's right! You're here because you're my mother's little bitch, ass at the ready whenever she wants to nail you a new one. So say what you must and get the hell out."

When he says nothing an idea strikes me. Maybe…just maybe…but he couldn't be…

I grab the bottle and hold it in my hand, testing its weight before I throw it at him. He moves on instinct; without thinking and with a fluid grace that I can only dream of matching. His large hand grabs the neck of the bottle and he spins, using the momentum to fling the glass right back at me. I bring the pillow clutched in my hands up to my face, feeling the impact as poor old Mr. Daniels bounces off the cloth and falls to the floor where it shatters into thousands of pieces.

I laugh bitterly and meet Isaac's shocked gaze. "I should have guessed from the beginning. A Russian." I shake my head at my own stupidity. I placed the accent the moment I heard it, but I didn't put it together. This is all my fault, really. I could have, should have, ended it as soon as he showed up at my bar.

"My mother sent you to court me, didn't she? A mending of broken relations through the oldest compromise in the book: marriage." I roll my eyes at the idea. "As if I'd marry you. You tried to kill me!"

"I did not!" He shoots back defensively, but his cheeks color considerably.

I open my mouth to retort but Mel cuts in suddenly. "What the fuck is up with you two! Throwing glass bottles around like fucking baseballs! You're all insane!"

I roll my eyes in her direction and quirk an eyebrow. "And this honestly surprises you?"

She flounders for a response before shrugging. "I guess not. But really, this is fucked up. You just had sex with a man who tried to kill you, and now you're mad about it?"

I sigh at her ignorance, though it isn't her fault. It isn't as if she grew up with us, so how could she know?

"I didn't know who he was at the time," I explain patiently, like a parent explaining the birds and the bees to their child. "Now please get me a dust pan and a broom so Grimace doesn't hurt himself.

She scuttles off muttering about not being a maid, but I ignore her and turn to Isaac with an accusatory frown. "You did! You pushed me into a pool, knowing I couldn't swim, and left me there to die. And now our families are at war, which is your fault, and I will not take the fall to make everything better for everyone else."

"I wasn't trying to kill you, Evan." Isaac sighs in exasperation and slouches in his chair. "I was trying to impress you."

I quirk an eyebrow up at him. "How, by showing me that you can kill me just as easily as you can kiss me?"

"No, by saving you. I just never got around to the saving part; my brother called me away. I didn't think I'd take so long but…"

I glance away. "You left me there anyway. I still have scars from the defibrillator." I end in a murmur and trace the scars on my breastbone absently.

Isaac winces and nods. "I know; I saw them. I'm sorry."

"Sorry isn't going to get me to marry you, Isaac. I doubt anything will, honestly. I was never a marriage type of gal in the first place, especially not with someone who almost killed me while trying to impress me."

He brings his gaze back to mine, the green color imploring now. "I know, Evan, but please give me a chance. My family is suffering; we have been ever since the war. But in recent years it has been showing." My eyebrows rise, unimpressed. He hangs his head and sighs. "They're starving, Evan. You can see their bones, especially Lilith's. She's so sick." He pauses and glances at me, a wistful smile on his lips. "You remember her, don't you?"

I frown, trying to remember back sixteen years but come up with a blank. The only reason I know what happened to me is because my parents told me that a little Russian boy tried to drown me, but they never gave names or details. I don't remember anything about that day, or the days before it. Every day that I had ever spent with Isaac and the Russians was completely erased from my memories.

"Do you really think I care about your family's suffering, Isaac? If you'll remember, they were the ones who started a war with us, not the other way around. They killed my brother, my father, my uncles. Your family's pain is music to my ears."

His eyes flash angrily and he stands suddenly, the glass crunching under his boots. "And you think I didn't lose anyone either? Or that I don't feel like absolute shit when I realize that it was all my fault that we were forced to start a war in order to survive?" I stare at him impassively, watching him struggle without as much as a flicker of emotion. This was how I'd been raised; to remain calm in the face of the enemy and wait for a chance to gain the upper hand.

But I can't help the scoff that leaves my lips. "Please, don't flatter yourself. That war was a long time coming; your stupidity was just the breaking point. It would have happened sooner or later, but unfortunately for us, you just happened to have a lapse of common sense."

Isaac blinks in surprise and opens his mouth to speak but Mel takes that moment to come back into the room without the supplies I asked her for.

"Where the fuck are the—"

"What the hell are ya'll talkin' about? As far as I know the only recent wars were in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they sure as my Grandma's tits weren't started over pushing a girl in a pool."

I sigh and massage my temples, already feeling the deep ache build. "Mel, I thought we were clear about the family issue."

"Yeah, and I thought that you were going to stop drinking while I was in the house and pregnant. Well see where that got you!"

I groan and pinch the bridge of my nose. "Mel please—"

"No! Tell me right now or I'll tell everyone in town about that guy from Saratoga." I freeze and slowly bring my gaze up to meet her triumphant one.

"You wouldn't."

"Try me, sweetheart."

Growling in frustration, I throw my hands up. They land on my lap with a sharp slap and I take that as a cue to start. "You want to know? Fine. My mother is Annemarie Monsour, and she was married to my father Frederic until his death in 2000. Before his death he was the Godfather, don, crime lord, or capo di tutti capi, take your pick, of the Milieu, or the French mafia. After his death my brother Ancell took over.

"Lifeguard extraordinaire over here has two parents by the name of Msistlav and Nastya Severov. Msistlav is the don of the Bratva, orRussian Mafia. Sixteen years ago, dumbass here pushed me into a pool, causing my family to finally cut ties with the Russians. Because the French were the Russian's largest trading partners, they were forced to invade French territory to steal weapons and drugs in order to settle debts with other groups, thus causing us to declare war.

"During this war, my mother, my sisters, and I moved to the US. We visited my father whenever he came in on "business trips" which were few and far between. The last time I saw him, he was fucking his travel agent, who was actually a Russian spy, and she killed him at the point of orgasm. After that, my brother took over completely and ended the war with the truce we currently stand by." I pause to take a deep breath and note that Mel's normally tan complexion has paled rather significantly, but I continue.

"The truce has lasted for thirteen years, and will continue to. I moved here in 2010 because I knew my mother would do something stupid like send a Russian suitor after me in order to kick start trade back into motion. But it's like they say: you can't run from the Mafia." I chuckle humorlessly and glance over at Isaac.

"Catch her," I command. He's just in reach the moment Mel collapses.


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