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This is for my best friend Radium, whom I'd told I'd write this down...I don't know if it'll be a poem or a drabble, but it's something...maybe both.

Wow...I don't have to put a disclaimer...I own all of this stuff! Lol, I feel so happy saying that.

I don't know how this works,

At the time, you didn't, too.

And you don't want to hear this, but

I think I love you.


You're going to fucking kill me

I am in utter disbelief

But, hey, hear me out

Maybe you might just...see?


I know...a bit about you

Actually, I know a lot

I know you love sour candy

And you hate fried shallots


Let's see...jumping in puddles

after heavy rains is what you enjoy

And if I held Eliot and Christie

You'd laugh and read Tolstoy


You think you aren't pretty,

But what am I to do?

I've never seen you before,

But I think I love you.


You had been feeling bored

So you'd taken a magazine,

Looked at random names, wrote to

Ten peopleone was me.


I was kinda curious

mostly just sick and tired

of my pointless, mundane life

And so, I enquired


About you, and now I know

More than others ever would

It sucks to be me right now

Then: Knew where I stood


Now: Lost as ever, with

probably more than I can chew

But Melissa Hawthorne

I think I'm in love with you.


I'll be in your town soon,

for three days to a week

How 'bout that placeFena's

For chocolate cookies and tea?


I took ages to write this...thing,

So don't say, "This won't do."

Don't really know how this works, my darling,

But, hopefully, you might love me, too.

Yours sincerely,

Arthur Redmayne.

A/N: This is...cheesy, but a promise is a promise...And honestly, I think I'm in love with Melissa Hawthorne, too, so Arthur Redmayne, you have competition!

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