Light radiated from the fuzzy laptop screen, soaking everything around it with a murky cream colour. Liana was sitting cross-legged on the soft Grey carpet in total darkness, the only light source being her laptop. She sat in the centre of the blacked out room staring at the screen, her Laurel green eyes sparkling. Liana couldn't stand the light which was why she preferred blackout blinds in every room of her little secluded house on the outskirts of the city. It must have been late as the sound of an owls call echoed through her ears. It was deadly quiet, almost too quiet./ The dark room was secluded and peaceful and cut off from the world. Liana liked it that way. She sighed. Nobody was on the web at one thirty in the morning. Liana spread her long slender legs out and lay down her white and black hair pooling round her. The laptop slid onto her stomach radiating heat from the battery. As she stared at the almost blue black space above her she noticed tiny cracks on the ceiling. It was obvious to someone like Liana but to any other normal person, it would be invisible to them.
"I'm so bored," sighed Liana as she closed her eyes. Liana was interrupted by a small giggle in her head. "please no, no," she whispered to herself as she snapped her eyes open again. The giggling changed to a type of snicker. Liana sat up. She knew that something was going to go wrong. She didn't like it when she heard that voice.

A loud beep came from the laptop, which had fallen off Liana's legs when she had sat up abruptly. Liana stared into the space around the laptop. She saw darkness obscuring her vision, dark tendril reaching out. Liana shook her head.
"No!" she cried as she eventually saw the tendrils move away from her vision. They had moved away from her vision but they were still there, floating in the back of her mind. Slowly she raised her head to look at the laptop. It beeped again and she flinched at the trill running through her head. Cautiously she reached out to the glowing laptop, slightly scared of what was in store for her. She picked it up. She stopped... She smiled slightly. All that remained on the screen was her kitten wallpaper...but email sign in the top right hand corner. But she never got emails. She didn't know anyone. In fact, she couldn't even remember why she had made an e-mail account in the first place. The voice in her head scoffed mockingly.
"You got that," said the voice in a sarcastic tone.
"I told you, I'm not talking to you Eviana," growled Liana. She hated Eviana, yet she was a part of Liana. She had caused Liana to isolate herself from society to keep everyone safe. She was dangerous and she couldn't risk anything happening...not again. Eviana scoffed, her voice echoing, reverberating in Liana's head.

Liana Ignored Eviana and clicked on the e-mail icon. The screen displayed the sign-in code and Liana placed her thumb onto the screen.
"Accessed," it replied in a cold, unemotional voice. One new e-mail. Just one. Liana clicked on it again. It had no sender, no indication of where it had originated. The screen went blank and a distorted voice announced itself.
"We know who you are, and what you are. We can help, we...are like you" it said soulfully. Liana gasped and her eyes widened."Find us on 53rd street but two thirty. After that...we leave"
The screen flashed off before Liana could even contemplate what to do. Eviana laughed and the tendrils appeared again.
"I told you no! Eviana stop!," yelled Liana. The light above Liana started to flicker and the white paint on the walls started to strip away as Liana's anger escalated. The tendrils backed off but stayed at the edge of Liana's sight. Her eyes narrowed as she stood up.
"If someone knows, I need to find them," said Liana as she rushed out the door and into the night.

The night was cold and bitter and the sky was strewn with lonely stars. Liana pulled her coat closer to her body. The faint aura of white from the city was broadcast over the sky, setting it alight. She looked over at the lights and sighed.
"The only transport running this late is a bus..." said Liana pausing for a second, many things running through her head.
"It's risky but I have to try, I can't let this slip through my fingers" she muttered running to catch the bus that was humming in the distance. As she ran Eviana scoffed.
"Hm. I might have some fun" she hissed, a mental image of a grinning girl flashed over Liana's vision but she shook it away immediately.

The bus rolled up just as Liana arrived. Good timing since nobody waited for anyone in the cruel, corrupt place that humans called home. The bus driver opened the door.
"Hurry up lady, I don't have all day," he yawned, showing a mouth full of mustard coloured teeth. Liana climbed aboard the large bus, which smelled of cigarettes and alcohol. She placed her thumb on a scanner which made a strange otherworldly sound then beeped.

Immediately the bus jolted into life and sent Liana skidding on her heels down the gangway. When she managed to steady herself, she swung into a seat putting her hood up and closing her eyes. Before Liana could even settle, the bus stopped and the loud ramblings of a drunken man erupted into the air. Liana sighed and kept her eyes closed, trying to attract as little attention as she could. But despite her efforts to blend...
"Ooh, Hello pretty little thing. What..." he hiccups "What's your name?" said the man in a slurred voice. Eviana snickered.
"What do we have here?" she asked in her mischievous voice.
The drunk man placed a hand on Liana's leg, smirking. Liana kept quiet, until the man grinned right at her. She couldn't stand men like him. Vulgar, repulsive men who took any advantage they got to grab an innocent girl and take then in a drunken rage.
"You a mute sweetie?" he muttered as she inhaled his alcohol soaked breath. Eviana laughed and the tendrils appeared again...but this time Liana couldn't control them.

Liana's eyes glowed crimson. Eviana was in control now, and that was never good. She grabbed the man by the throat, digging her pale fingers into his windpipe with a boa constrictor killing her prey. The man's eyes bulged as he realized what was happening. Liana smirked as the man choked and spluttered for air like he was being drowned.
"Eviana stop!" yelled Liana mentally. Eviana scoffed then laughed. There was a loud, blood-curdling crack.
"Oops...Too late" said Eviana smugly as she heard the satisfying crack.

Liana slowly felt the control come back to her and she gasped as she felt the man's limp neck in her grasp. She froze in total fear of what she had just done. The man was dead. She panicked and let go of the man's neck quickly.
"wha..what have I done?" she whispered to herself before standing up, climbing over the man's limp, lifeless body and running to the front of the bus and demanding to be let off. The driver sighed and opened the doors.

Liana jumped out into a busy street, breathing fast. She spun round on her heels only to bump into an incredibly tall man, who had mid length brown hair, shocking blue wait one blue and one red eye and a musky scent to him. Liana went to apologize but before she could, the tall man hushed her.
"You must be Liana and Eviana... Let me congratulate you on finding us..." he said smirking smugly. Liana looked up in awe. The source of the e-mail.