Part 2

One day she met me
in the park.
The moon was shining,
the stars were out.
But my eyes
were only for her.

Her hair fluttered in the breeze
her eyes shined brighter than any star
her voice sweeter than any song
she sang from the radio she brought
along, the only thing watching
over two teens in love.

She handed me a full bottle,
as I sat on the swing.
I'm not supposed to drink,
but for her, I tried it out –
I already couldn't think,
what would go wrong?

We shared it until
it became litter.
Then she stepped closer,
and whispered,
the only sound in my world.

"Do you know
I love you?"
I couldn't think
and she knew,
as she came closer
and kissed me.

The next day I woke up.
She was everything on my mind;
She was everything in my arms
on the cold, wet park bench –
both clothes fully on, huddled

My shirt was wet,
her eyes were red.
"See ya," she muttered,
walking away.
I picked up the bottle
and left the other way.