Part 9

So this is the end
of my story.

The world keeps spinning,
but mine spins in darkness –
the kind even she would fear.

I can't take it anymore.
I wrote these words in blood,
blood from my scars.

Maybe we don't understand
we just don't
until we've reached the same place
as the people whose hearts broke.

I wonder what she thinks
if she's watching me,
from wherever she is –
if she's anywhere.

Where will I go?
Same place as her,
or different?
Will I even remember her?

What's it like to die?
I wonder what I'll think
when I see death's face,
staring at me,
It's a kind smile –
death is sweet, and life
is the villain.
What's it like to die?

I guess I'll have
to find out.