Who would ever have thought that you and I

Would come to be you and I; but it happened

It happened without us realising it

It happened last spring

When we stayed up late

Arguing over the functions of carbohydrates

And the origins of vital amines

It happened last summer

When we discovered the chemistry we shared

Oh, both literally and as a figure of speech

It happened last monsoon

When I eulogised the stormy skies and you listened

And we buried ourselves deep in our textbooks

It happened last autumn

When your best friend and mine got together

And you and I mocked them mercilessly

It happened last winter

When we had time on our hands

And phones glued to our ears

It happened this spring

When, for you, I ceased to exist

And I cried a river and three swift brooks

It'll happen this summer

When we'll look towards our futures

And slave our way through ink and paper forests

It'll happen this monsoon

When the rains will act pricey; and the humidity will rise

And so will the pressure to complete our syllabi

It'll happen this autumn

When time will transform into a precious commodity

And although we'll be searching for more, maybe we'll have enough for each other

It'll happen this winter

When we'll stand poised at the doorway to the rest of our lives

And pause and smile, knowing that whatever the future holds

Little moments will happen

To make us

You and I

Author's Note: One of my favourites ever. Tell me what you think.

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