"Day care?" Megan cried, staring at her parents with an odd and disgusted look on her face.

Her father nodded.

"We can't deal with all your-" he started to explain, but Megan's mother elbowed him to stop talking.

He sighed and gripped the steering wheel harder, paying attention to the road. Megan's mother looked back at her daughter.

"We just want you to have fun this summer. I know we just moved again and you're still getting used to things, but Honey..." she grinned. "We just want what's best for you."

Megan rolled her eyes. "And that includes day care?" she asked, crossing her arms and looking at her mother annoyed.

Her mother just smiled and turned around, avoiding her daughter's eye contact.

"Fine, Megan sighed. "Don't answer my question... she muttered.

Megan had all the friends that she needed, which was none. She could have friends if she wanted to, but she didn't like putting herself out there like that. She really wanted a few friends or at least one at the least to hang out with, but it just seemed too hard. No one tried talking to her or playing with her so she decided that she wouldn't try if they weren't.

She had just moved a year ago and still hadn't made a single friend. She didn't exactly know what a friend felt like anymore. In the last place she lived, she had a good friend. the girls name was Madison and they always played at the swings. When her parents told her that she was moving, she had cried for days. She had never found anyone like Madison since, and she was getting pretty tired and lazy trying.

"Maybe I'll find another girl, just like Madison." Megan thought.

She spaced out the rest of the ride and stared at the different colors going by in the window. When the car finally stopped, she glared at the unfamiliar building in front of her.

"No!" She screamed.

Her father shot a dirty look back at her.

"Megan, I'm sorry but you have to start today." he told her.

"No, No, No" she cried looking at her mother for help.

Megan's mother just smiled and nodded.

"Come on Megan, get out of the car and let me sign you in." She told her daughter

Megan pouted, but finally got out of the car. She took her good old time getting out and her mother just sighed and waited.

"Come on Meggy, up the stairs." Her mother commanded.

Megan groaned, she hated being called that but followed her mother up the stairs and inside. A nice-looking lady stood in front of a desk with a few kids around her.

"Hello, sweetie! What's your name?" she asked, looking down at Megan while her mother filled out all the information on the clipboard.

Megan smiled awkwardly up at her new babysitter.

"Megan." she replied.

A little boy, maybe a few inches taller than Megan, walked up to her and waved. He had the most beautiful and welcoming blue eyes in the world. His hair was either a dark brown or black and was very short, but not exactly shaved or buzzed. He smiled and became even more welcoming and appealing to Megan. She hoped from that first smile that he'd ask to be her friend.

"Hi?" Megan laughed, smiling even more awkwardly.

"Hi Megan, I'm Zachary, but you could just call me Zack." he grinned and played with his hands nervously.

She nodded and waved back shyly.

"Hi Zack," she smiled at him.

Maybe he was the new Madison. Maybe she'd even make another friend here or a few new friends here. Megan looked up at her mother for the first time in a year and smiled.

"Hey Alex!" Zachary cried. "Come over here and meet the new girl."

A short blonde head popped out from the crowd of children and ran over.

"Hi," she smiled up at Megan shyly. "I'm obviously Alex..." she laughed.

Megan laughed with her and nodded.

"Is that it?" Megan's mother finally asked, passing the clipboard to the lady still standing behind the desk.

The woman nodded and smiled.

"You've done all you need to do... now comes the hard part, saying goodbye to your child for a few hours." the lady laughed.

Megan hugged her mother's torso and reached up to kiss her goodbye.

"Bye Megan," her mother smiled. "I'll see you in a couple of hours. Have fun!"

Megan sighed and looked back at Zack and Alex.

"So, what do we do now?" she asked. "Believe it or not, this is my first time at a day care..." she laughed.

Zack shrugged and looked at Alex.

"Well we could-" Alex started to say, but the lights went off.

The lights went back out and the lady watching all of the children smiled.

"Okay, kids. For those who don't already know me, I'm Miss Christine, but you could just call me Christine if you want. Lunch time is in just a few hours... I'll get you if you don't already know it's time. Now pick a room and play!" Christine grinned.

A bunch of kids ran in different directions and Zack, Alex, and Megan just stood there and tried to dodge the kids that ran into them.

"As I was saying," Alex giggled, looking at her friends. "We could go find out where the play dough is or maybe play with some legos."

Megan nodded. "That sounds fine to me!"

Zack nodded in agreement and the three friends walked off to find the room with legos and play dough. Megan smiled in accomplishment that she'd made two friends in a single day.

"Found it!" Zack cried, pulling out play dough and sticking his tongue out at Alex.

Alex just rolled her eyes and pulled out a tub of play dough and a tub of legos. He stared at her hand simply dumbfounded. Megan laughed and grabbed some play dough.

"Who wants to come with me and have even more fun?" Miss Christine's head popped inside the room.

Zack grinned and dropped the play dough.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

Miss Christine grinned.

"Come with me to find out..." she replied.

Zack got up, looking back at his two friends.

"Don't know about you two, but I'm going to have more fun than just play dough and legos." he told them.

Alex looked over at Megan.

"Hey, do you mind if I go too?" she asked. "We'll be back. I promise!"

Megan shrugged and continued playing with her play dough. Her friends left the room with Miss Christine and she felt suddenly alone again.

"I hate this!" she cried, throwing her play dough across the room.

It hit another girl, but she looked away and pretended she had no idea where it had come from. She sighed and got up and searched around the day care. It seemed a whole lot bigger for some reason.

"We're back!" she heard Zack's familiar voice ring out.

She turned around and couldn't believe her eyes.

"Zack?" she asked.

Alex walked into the room behind him and Megan stared at her too.

"Alex...?" she whispered in horror.

They're faces were flawless and very pale now. There was only one explanation that Megan suspected: they were vampires! They were with Miss Christine so that means she's a vampire.

"No!" Megan cried, running out of the room.

She ran to the art room and grabbed a sharp pencil. Zack ran after her.

"Megan! Calm down... what's wrong?" he asked, stopping in front of her.

He put his hand down on the table and stared at her confused. She shook her head.

"No..." she whispered, avoiding contact with his eyes.

She stared down at the table and stabbed the pencil through Zack's hand and watched as his eyes nearly popped out of his head in pain. Megan smiled, feeling accomplished. She had found a vampire and now the next step was to kill it.

"Megan!" Alex cried.

She whipped her head around, glaring at the sight of her friend's pale and flawless face.

"Stay away from me!" Megan cried. "You're next."

Zack gasped in pain, staring down at his bleeding hand in shock.

"Al- Alex, he- help me. Pl- please." he chocked.

Alex stared at her friend worriedly, wanting to help him, but Megan's eyes grew madder and madder. There was only one thing she could do.

"Miss Christine!" Alex screamed helplessly.

Megan glared at Alex, yanking the pencil out of Zack's hand and charging towards her. He stared forward wordlessly, holding his bleeding hand with the other and putting pressure on it, and watched as Megan lunged for Alex's neck.

Zack's eyes felt heavy and he shut them, fainting and falling over onto the floor. His hand continued to bleed into the soft bleach white carpet. Megan looked back at him and grinned.

"One vampire down, two more to go..." she laughed, looking back at Alex who'd dodged the pencil thrusted at her over and over again.

Alex stared in both horror and confusion as Megan edged towards her and lunged the sharp pencil towards her neck.

"No!" a familiar voice rang out and Alex quickly ducked out of Megan's grasp and ran to the other side of the room.

Christine grabbed the pencil out of Megan's hand; it was just inches from Alex's neck. Alex gulped and backed away nervously.

"Za- Zack is passed out over here..." she gulped. "...on the floor."

Christine nodded and pulled Megan out of the room.

"You can't do that, what were you thinking?" Christine asked.

Megan ignored her babysitter and stared at the ground. Christine sighed and shook her head, bringing her into the discipline room. She walked out slowly, closing the door behind her and staring down at the dried up blood on the pencil. Megan plopped down on the floor and kicked and screamed, glaring up at Christine through the glass. She screamed something at her, but Christine couldn't even begin to comprehend what she said through the thick glass. Miss Christine dropped the pencil and ran to the play room that the two scared children were still in.

"Are you guys okay?" she cried.

Alex, who was now on the ground holding her friend's limp head, shook her own head and looked up at her babysitter with tears running down her cheeks. Miss Christine sighed and bent down to look at Zack. She looked up, noticing a small cut on Alex's cheek, probably from the pencil that Megan was jabbing at her earlier.

"Alex, honey. Can you go to the nurse's office and ask for a band aid? " she asked.

Alex nodded and slowly got up and walked out of the room. Christine looked down at Zack's body and shook her head. She turned him over and gasped. There was a stake in his back!

"Alex!" Miss Christine cried. "Where did this come from?"

She left the boy on the carpet and ran out of the room to find the sad blonde who was headed to the nurses office.

"Alex?" Christine cried, just inches from the nurse's office now. "Are you in here?" she whispered, slowly walking inside the room and scanning the room over.

Everything seemed normal. She sighed and turned to exit.

"No! He- Help me... Chri- Chris- Christine." she heard a familiar voice ring out.

Christine turned around and looked around the room again.

"Where are you?" she asked, furrowing her brow.

His hand shot up weakly and fell back down again.

"Over he- here..." he whispered now.

Christine ran over behind the desk and gasped at the sight of blood.

"Who did this?" she cried, staring into his scared eyes.

"I... I do- don't re- really know... Th- They came up fr- from behind." he whispered.

Christine stared down at him sadly, but she knew there wasn't anything to do. He also had a stake pierced through his heart and again, it was done from behind. She looked around the room cautiously and stood up. She looked down at the nurse, an old high school friend of hers that she'd known for a while, and shook her head.

"I'm sorry... I don't know what to do. You're already dying sadly... and-" she shook her head, realizing he was already dead and his eyes were just staring at her.

She quickly knelt down at closed them for him and ran out to find Alex and check on Megan who should still be in the room she left her in.

"Quick! Miss Christine." Alex cried, grabbing her hand and guiding her towards the room that Megan was in.

Christine followed her and looked at the child confused.

"What's going on?" she asked Alex.

"Megan... she's not in here anymore." Alex replied, taking her hand back and disappearing.

Miss Christine decided that Alex was just scared and ran away. She walked inside and looked inside the room confused. She swore she saw something, a dark shadow, move past her in the corner of her eye.

"Megan..." she whispered. "Are you still in here sweetie?" she asked.

Megan got up from under the table and nodded.

"I'm fine. I just-" she started to say, but Alex ran in the room screaming.

"What is it Alex?" Christine asked.

Alex handed her a wooden stake, just like the one she saw inside the nurse and Zack earlier. Christine's eyes widened as she stared down at it in her own hands.

"Now kill her!" Alex cried, pointing at Megan. "Just like she killed Zack..." she started to cry and ran off again.

Christine looked up at Megan confused.

"You did that?" she asked; sadness filled her eyes and hatred spread through her heart.

"Miss Christine, I can explain-" Megan began, but Christine lunged forward.

Megan gasped as one of the stakes, one of her own weapons, was plunged forcefully through her chest towards her heart. Miss Christine smirked down at her. Megan blinked up at her babysitter in horror and reached for an unused stake on the table behind them.

She reached as far as she could and touched the closest one with her fingertips. She tried with all that was left of her strength to retrieve it. Finally, it rolled towards her and she tried her hardest to pick it up without being caught. Christine let out a dark and horrible scream as she too was stabbed with a stake. Megan pulled her hand away from Christine's back and let her fall to the floor in front of her.

"Three..." Megan whispered, pulling the stake out of her chest and stepping over Christine's body.

Miss Christine moved her head slowly and looked up at Megan confused. Alex stepped into the room and handed Megan another stake with a strange smile on her face.