Lonely Stroll

I adjusted the strap of my backpack, wishing I didn't register for a night class. I was always easy to scare, seeing things in the dark that weren't there. I guess my brain forgot that when it signed me up for a class that ended after eight.

I tried to forget about the dark for a second, taking out my iPod and plugging in my headphones. I slipped them over my head and ears, tuning into some cheery songs to brighten my journey up. When one of my more dark tracks started to play, I switched to listening to my Disney Playlist. I admit it, I love Disney, and I will gladly express my love for it.

I bobbed my head along to Mulan's "I'll Make A Man Out of You", forgetting about the dark and walking along to my dorm.

Suddenly, the lamp above me flickered, starling me. I looked up from my Disney Dreamland to see that all the lights on the path I was currently walking on were flickering. There was no one on the path but me, I was all alone. Not wanting the lights to go off on me, I started to walk again, but the lights quickly turned off.

I froze in place. Everything was dark around me. Darker than it should be. The lights from the buildings and parking lots around me should have lit my way enough to continue. But everything was black.

I felt a hand run up my back and stop at my shoulder. I didn't move, frozen in fear. A cold object was gently placed against my neck, and I could feel it was sharp. I held my breath, automatically believing it to be a knife. A cold breeze touched my ear and I shivered, feeling the 'knife' at my neck press just a bit more against my throat.

"…Boo." A raspy voice whispered into my ear and I almost fainted.

In an instant, the lamps overhead turned on and the knife and hand were gone. There was no cold breath at my ear, no chilling feeling. I turned to find I was alone in the path yet again. Nothing. I gulped.