New House Horrors

I twisted in my place on the bed, trying to get comfortable. I silently cursed my parents for not having better temporary mattresses for my sister and me. We had just moved into our new house earlier today, but we didn't have proper furniture to sleep in, mainly because my parents found our old set inadequate and desired new ones. And so here I am, sleeping on a very uncomfortable mattress next to my younger sister, on the floor of my parents' new bedroom.

As if I wasn't uncomfortable enough on this mattress, the house in general was making me uncomfortable. I was used to living in the city, loud sounds everywhere, like a strange lullaby that put always me to sleep. The constant source of light from street lamps was yet another comfort.

This house was too quiet for me. I had gotten too used to noise and now I was left awake in the middle of the night, in a dark strange and new room, no comforting lights from outside.

It was then that I cursed myself for watching that scary movie with my cousins just days before. I'm one to get easily scared and should have known better. But now I was stuck in a dark room, dark thoughts running through my mind. I was so having nightmares after this, that's for sure.

Just as my eyes were adjusting to the darkness and I felt exhaustion taking over, a car passed by on the road outside, flashing light into the room through the large windows, lighting up half the room. In the split second, I saw the figure of a man run across the room, just a yard or two away from the foot of my mattress.

I held my breath, and tried to put my mind to work through the shock. Maybe it was just my imagination. Maybe it was just the light. Maybe some guy decided to streak across our window outside. I don't know.

I just closed my eyes, thought of things that made me happy, and finally fell asleep.

The next morning, I was confident I was just seeing things last night and decided to go upstairs to check out my new room – just newly painted – after breakfast. Just as I was half way up the stairs, I realized my father had opened up the ceiling vent in the second floor hallway, just above the top of the stairs. As I reached the top, I got curious and looked into the vent.

A doll was facing down and looking straight at me. I admit I screamed, and never again looked up into that vent.

I regret everything…