A/N: Okay, that was not technically *supposed* to be the end of the story but I think y'all should consider it as the end because:

a) I'm having problems with the side-plot of the story. I'm usually the kind of person who only plans a rough draft before writing and so I'm sort of in trouble right now because I want to change the side-plot I had imagined for this story. And so as I plan ahead, I'm finding I want to change stuff in the EARLIER chapters. Also, it's becoming difficult for me to write as I go because as the complexity in the plot increases…only when I reach the end, will I find what I need to include in the earlier chapters.

b) And secondly, even after I finish revamping this story and altering things (which will take a lot of time because I'm quite busy right now), I'm not sure I will post the rest because I kinda want to try to publish it, because this is the story I've been the most invested in since, like, ever.

I've actually been having this trouble with the story for some time now, but I thought I owed it to my readers to not leave it at a cliffhanger with our hero and heroine separated. I'm so, so sorry if I disappointed anyone but I really hope with this last chapter, you all were able to achieve some sort of closure…they were reunited forever, after all! :)

I request you all to think of this as a long novella (in which the author was so bad that she forgot to tie up loose ends) and not be too angry with me please!

Thanks so much to everyone to who commented, alerted, favourited this story, you all are awesome! I would not have been able to make it this far without your support. Thanks especially to TayMor, who reviewed every single chapter of the story!

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