A Not-so-Nice Prologue

Fascinatingly enough, if you visited the City of Yadoris at this very moment you would find that every single inhabitant is dead. Don't be frightened- It is not the foreboding kind of dead. In fact, there is nothing hellish or scary about this massive death at all.

Every little child is finally lying silent in their bed, a young mother is forevermore resting her head on a dining room table where she was earlier enjoying a glass of wine, and a father is leaning precariously in a doorway in such a way that gives him the appearance of being deep in thought rather than deep in an abyss of total darkness for all eternity. But I'm getting ahead of myself. A sensible narrator would start at the beginning of a story, or rather at the beginning of a series of stories in this case.

This series of terrible tales actually begins with Za, a curious spirit. Za, like most modern day spirits, dwells in the abandoned buildings of a city. Yes, you guessed right, the City of Yadoris. Being the sensible and gentlemanly spirit he is, Za never communicates or intervenes in the lives of the living. He is, however, a keen observer and documenter of earthly events. He is absolutely captivated by life and will sometimes go to great lengths to follow the lives of both extraordinary and ordinary beings.

All nine-hundred and twenty-three years of his sort-of-existence has led him to this conclusion: All life is simply delicate and fundamentally evil. The tales that you are about to read are none other than Za's observations of the goings-on of the City of Yadoris. As you may have figured out: All does not end well for the occupants of this dark and dramatic city. However, Za will tell you that there is much to be learned from these Yadorians.

Much to be learned, indeed.