Warning: Do not read if you do not like le twistedness. Contains le graphic rape and le bullying during sex (le sex is between two men. This, in case you have not yet gathered, is a GAY fic), as well as le bad language. I do not want flames for any of these! If you do not like, don't read! (Actually, I would not like flames for any of it, although constructive crit. is appreciated).


I wake up and it's dark. A soft blue light is bathing the cave, and I look up, blinking in confusion, to see the ceiling of rock covered in thousands of tiny blue glowworms hanging from pale silk threads. I roll over onto my side and the prisoner is lying next to me.

My breath catches in my throat when I look at him: the harsh lines of his face and the cruel smile on his lips that doesn't even go away while he's sleeping. I still feel fear at the sight of him, but here in the eerie blue darkness of the cave my fear seems somewhat muted, kept at bay by a wall in my mind.

My eyes alight on the knife clutched tightly in his hand, and as if in response my shoulders give an aching throb: the cable tie remains on my wrists and I know it will be impossible to cut except for with that knife.

Slowly I wriggle my way up to a sitting position, attempting to ease my arms under my body and around my legs so that I can grab the knife. Awkwardly, with my wrists chafing and my joints aching in protest, I manage this and carefully inch forward, heart in my mouth, as I try not to wake the prisoner.

I dart for the knife, snatching it clumsily out of his lax fist and almost crow in triumph at my acquisition, gleefully grinning to myself as I gracelessly maneuver the knife between my feet in position to begin sawing. I glance up at the prisoner, and to my delight he remains as still as the stone we lie on, eyes closed.

Yes! With the knife and my hands free I might actually have the upper hand here! If I can just escape with the rucksack of food and water, I'm sure there will be other caves I can shelter in along this range. I look at the prisoner. Although his skills would be undeniably useful, I can't risk bringing him along with me, especially now that things have escalated between us. I shudder as I wonder what the reasons he kept me alive were.

I will have to kill him. Kill him and then wait for a rescue party, or set off in search of possible civilization. My stomach turns over at the thought, but I have no time now: I must concentrate on freeing myself.

I've sawed through the cable tie when I look up to see the prisoner's eyes wide open calmly watching me. "Shit." I swear softly, freezing, terror rising in my chest. The prisoner doesn't move, just watches me coolly, as if he had known I was attempting to escape all along, and then I've cut through the cable tie and I'm free. For a moment both of us are unmoving, characters frozen in a tableau, each waiting for the other to react.

Then suddenly, as if by cue, we each leap into action.

I jump up, knocking my head against the low ceiling of the cave, and try to dart away, dizzy and panicking. One of his hands shoots out and grabs me by the ankle, pulling me to the floor, and I whack my head on the ground.

"Shit!" I try to scramble away, but he tugs on my legs and flips me over, expertly snatching the knife away from me and sticking it in his belt. One hand pushes down on my stomach and the other reaches out to grab my chin, pulling me up to meet his lips. I splutter against the kiss, pulling away from him in indignation. He laughs darkly at my reaction. Is he teasing me?

"What do you want from me?" I spit, sitting up and glaring up at him, still clutching my sore cheek. I'm angry and stressed and scared. His face is framed by the strange blue glow of the cave worms above him attached to the ceiling, and I can't make out what he is thinking.

He stares at me, and then chucks me under the chin, bursting out in laughter. I recoil away from the loud noise and the unexpectedly gentle, mocking touch. He wipes a tear away from the corner of his eye. "God, you're a fucking innocent one, aren't ya?"

Then he attacks me, a hand slamming into my throat and smashing me into the hard ground. I gasp in surprise at the sudden relentless pressure on my throat and the agonizing impact of my body hitting the rock. His other hand pushes up under my uniform, smoothing over my stomach. "Listen," he says softly, unnervingly calm. "For all we know, you little shit, it's just you and me on this fuckin' planet, and you're gonna do what I say." He stares at me intensely. "Okay?" I stare, terrified, back up at him, my stomach trembling under his touch, and he grins and licks his teeth. I flinch.

"You got that?" I nod, petrified. He smirks, satisfied. Before I can blink, there's the knife teasing at the skin of my throat, the blade cold against my trembling skin. I gulp. His eyes light up in amusement and pleasure at my reaction. "Cute…" he murmurs. Then he leans in and the knife is slicing down and I squeeze my eyes shut and…

The knife slices through the tough material of my navy uniform and my eyes shoot open in shock at the absence of pain. My eyes widen when the prisoner smirks at me from under his eyelashes, the blue of the reflected glow worms twinkling eerily in the corners of his dark eyes.

What the hell is he doing? His rough hand hovers over the buttons on my trousers. Then before I register what is happening with a forceful movement he rips off the metal button and slices down my crotch.

Fuck! I strain up against the hold on my throat as I struggle to escape the blade of the knife, but this only earns me a cuff over the head with its handle and a harsh "Be still!" I gasp and lie dazed from the blow.

I'm tense and panting, my nerves stretched to breaking point as he slowly shreds the trousers from my legs. Peeling off the scraps of the uniform from me, I jerk away from his touch as he slides his fingers over the sensitive skin of my inner thighs.

I'm not stupid enough that by now I don't realise what it is he wants from me, but the part of my brain that would normally cause me to panic and lash out in this situation has somehow refused to acknowledge it. Maybe it's the presence of the knife; my body knows that if I don't comply with this man's wishes I could get more hurt than if I go along with what he wants to do with me. Maybe.

"Shit!" I cry out when his mouth suddenly clamps down on my penis through my boxers, his warmth and wetness engulfing me as he diligently sucks at my sensitive skin through the material. He's released his hold on my throat and is gripping my hips in his hands. My own hands dart down to grab his hair, trying to pull him off me. "Fuck off!" I shout hoarsely at him, tugging at the roots of his hair with my fingers. He glares up at me through messy locks. Then he purposefully bites down on me, causing me to yelp in pain, his eyes boring into mine.

Over my sobs of pain he spits "Remember, I don't need this." He grabs my crotch, squeezing it hard in his fist. I release his hair, crying, and he rises above me, towering over my body. I blink up at him through my tears and he glowers grimly back. His hands reach for my body and I wince, and then he's gripping my waist and I'm flipped over onto my front. I struggle beneath his hold pathetically, and he whispers viciously in my ear "I'll make this more painful for you than it has to be, if you don't calm the fuck down. It's just sex, goddammit."

Fuck fuck fuck. The pressure on my back is momentarily lifted and then I hear the slither of material over flesh and I realise he's stripping. My eyes roll in panic and I kick out at him, hitting his crotch as I try to scramble away, completely forgetting his warning. He roars in anger behind me and his knife slams into the ground by my hand and I freeze. I stare at the quivering blade.

His hand descends on mine, covering it and pinning it to the floor. He doesn't say anything and that's when I know he's pissed. His strokes the curve of my ass, and I quiver beneath his touch, my breath held in fear. Then gently he leans down and bites the soft skin at the nape of my neck, teeth digging into the skin warningly. "Fucker," he whispers. "I'll make you regret that."

I have no time to react as suddenly he spits on his hand and jabs his fingers up my ass. My eyes shoot open wide in consternation and my head jerks up at the painful intrusion. "Gotta loosen you up," he grunts. I stare ahead, tears forming in my eyes, body frozen in shock at the intimate stretching. I whimper in fear as his fingers scissor apart within me, and his other hand pushes my writhing body back flat against the floor as I squirm at the touch.

Then something hard nudges my ass crack and I start, but his hand keeps me from jolting forwards. "Shit, shit, no!" I gasp. Then I have no time to prepare myself when he thrusts the thick head of his cock through my resisting hole.

"Fuck!" I scream. The pain is unbelievable. I feel as if I've been ripped apart, fire burning me from only that entry. I don't know much about sex between men, but I know lube is needed for it to be anywhere near enjoyable. And spit doesn't count. I know I wasn't stretched enough either. Surely it would be easier to enter than this?!

For a moment we both pant, unmoving as we both adjust to our connection. Then without warning the prisoner sits back, pulling me up onto his lap, both of us still connected by his penis. I gasp as my weight suddenly forces myself further onto him, and unaffected, he stretches his legs out in front of himself, settling himself comfortably. I pant on his lap, ass throbbing, pathetically whimpering. He pulls me down onto his hard length, hooking me by the waist, and I scream.

"Oh God!" he groans as his thick length sinks into my flesh. I twitch grotesquely above him, gasping as my body desperately tries to adjust to his thick intrusion. "I haven't been inside an ass for so long! God!"

His hands clench painfully on the skin of my waist, and I can feel his body trembling under mine. It must be painful for him, too. My mind has descended into a confused, blinded mess, not quite processing the situation properly, and I contract and relax around his cock in a pain-dazed state, my hands fisted on my lap, sweat trickling from my brow. I can hear his breathy grunts behind me, his increasingly excited gasps and moans, and despite the pain I'm in my cock half hardens in automatic response.

That I am getting turned on by a man who has his penis up my ass slowly registers. I hardening cock deflates. "Shit!" I gasp, scrabbling for purchase on his sleek thighs, and I try to stand up off his lap. I've moved about an inch, his dick pulling at the tender inner flesh of my ass, and I gasp in pain. But before I can move farther than that he slams back into me, grabbing my arm and twisting it painfully behind my back. I shout out in agony. Viciously, he bites down on my ear, causing it to bleed, and I half sob into the peculiar blue darkness of the cave.

"The fuck do you think you're going, you little shit? His voice snarls in my ear. I sense the barely restrained anger of a man frustrated in every way running through it.

"Please, please…don't" I plead with him, knowing it's helpless. I have lost all dignity.

His hand pushes up along the back of my neck, feeling my skin, and he pushes his fingers into my hair. They contract around the roots. He grips me tight, the fingers of his other hand leaving bruises on the wrist of the arm he is restraining. My eyes tremble closed in pain and fear, and when with a sickening jerk he thrusts up into my body I moan in pain. One more thrust, and I scream. I feel something tear inside of me.

Holy hell, it hurts. I gasp out loud at the sensation of my insides moving with the force of his thrusts, my soft inner skin pulled up and down by his intrusive, hot cock. My stomach hurts with the force of his thrusts. My insides gradually become slick with something - my blood? - and that eases his passage.

Oh god. Oh god. I can feel him inside me, stretching me and filling me up. My body automatically tries to expel him and I start panting and riding up on his lap away from him, but he growls at me and pulls at my hair roughly, pulling me down. "Keep still, bitch," he whispers cruelly. I cringe away from his hard body in pain.

He pounds into me and wrenches my head back, forcing me to look up at the glowing, alive ceiling of the cave. My eyes widen as I look at the glow worms, and tears start leaking from the corner of my eyes in humiliation as each thrust jolts my body, my breath catching in my throat and every attack leaving me breathless. On the ceiling the worms form beautiful patterns, a discordant contrast to my situation. Their light casts an eerie blue glow across everything in the cave.

I bounce on his lap pathetically, my whole body controlled by him, dominated by him. I am completely under his power, my arm twisted painfully behind my back, my head pulled close to his.

"You like this?" he growls in my ear, and I shudder at the sound of the low voice. I don't answer, and he bites the side of my neck, hard enough to cause blood to trickle down my sweat stained flesh. I scream again at the pain, and he grunts. I descend into unashamed sobs as he plows the most intimate depths of my body, and as I try to curl away from him, I wonder if he's satisfied, if he's happy now that he's raping me, and no longer in that box-like cell of his.

"Call my name, darling… Call it loud…" he whispers in my ear. I shudder away from him.

"What…?" I sob. I don't even know his name. "What is it?" My pride is completely broken.

"Kale." He whispers. He bites my neck. I stifle a scream as a particularly savage thrust tears me apart inside. The prisoner forces his fingers into my mouth, prising open my jaw. "Say it," he hisses.

"Kale!" I whisper. I cry around his fingers. He pushes his fingers further in, moving them in and out, fucking my mouth. I feel his lips form a grin against the back of my neck, where they're pressed tight to my skin. He kisses it.

"Again." He thrusts brutally.

"Kale!" I scream. "Kale! Kale!"

"That's right, darling…"


He ratchets up the speed and strength of his thrusts, battering my already bruised body into shards of burning pain, and I close my eyes, still sobbing his name. But no matter how hard I try to forget them, the images of those soft blue glow-worms illuminating the cave above me are already burned into the back of my head, and even if I close my eyes they won't go away.



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