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The next morning in first period, instead of painting we're all sitting in our regular clothes around the coaches trying to decide what our next project is going to be.

"Alright, let's take a vote." One of the coaches' bellow. "All in favour of doing a chalk mural on the blacktop?" about three-fourths of the class raises their hands. "Very well, I shall acquire the supplies over the weekend and we can start Monday. You may talk freely amongst each other for the rest of today." The two adults walk away side by side, leaving the class to themselves.

Tori and I are discussing the pros and cons of apples and bananas when someone scoots behind her. "Hey babe." I instantly recognize the voice. "Damien, right?" he holds out a hand which I eye warily as though it's a trap, and after finding nothing that might injure me except the hand itself, I shake it politely.

"You know each other?" Tori and I speak in unison.

"Yes, we're dating." Tori answers fondly, laying back on Gryffin's chest, and beginning to braid the flop of blond and brown hair that hangs precisely over his left eye.

"We've got art history together doll." Gryffin smiles lovingly down at her. From my position I can see his eyes light up, and I feel the goofy grin spread across my face before I can stop it.

"What's so funny?" he demands, his right hand forming a fist.

"Nothing, that's just really sweet. Do you mind if I take a picture to draw it?"

"Of course not." Tori smiles. Disgruntled, Gryffin resumes his pose and Tori remains as she is as I dig out my camera and snap a picture, pleased to see that Gryffin still has the look of adoration plastered on his face.

"Thanks." I place my camera back in its case and stand, shouldering my bag. "The bell's about to ring." I say, watching Tori tie her last braid and put the all together using the hair tie she takes off her wrist.

"There you go honey." She coos. "You look great." She gets up and stands next to me. "Doesn't he look great Damien?" not trusting my mouth, I settle for nodding.

The bell rings and I trail after the rest of the class to get to history. Mrs. Serison, unlike Tuesday, is sitting at her desk filling out an answer key with a red pen.

"Hello." She greets as several of us enter the room single file. Most of us wave as we pass her desk, and take our chosen seats from earlier that week. The tardy bell rings and she begins teaching class, starting with the cave drawings from forever ago. I really enjoy the way Serison teaches. It involves a ton of bouncing around and random hand gestures.

During lunch, to my half-assed dismay, Ina discovers where I sit as I tear my sandwich apart and hand half to Leo. "What kind of sandwich is that?" Ina asks

"Something normal I hope." Leo replies, lifting one piece of bread to survey its innards.

"It's ham, cheese, and mayo." I mumble around a bite of my half. When the bell rings, the three of us head to the large lecture hall located in the center of the school. The hour and twenty minute class hour is filled with obnoxious, immature giggling from most of the two hundred students compiling the junior class every time "penis", "vagina", or "sexual intercourse" is mentioned, which being a sexual education course, is a lot.

I high tail it out of the building straight after the final bell rings. I have thirty minutes to make it to my appointment, and I have no earthly, or any otherworldly for that matter, idea of where the office is. Pulling onto the road in front of the school, I glace at my binder for the address. Thankfully, the fancy little complex the office is located in is clearly marked and I arrive on time.

The office I walk into is calming; especially when compared to the three other psychiatrist offices I've been to in the last five months. The walls are smoke gray that fades to lavender which strikes me as odd considering this doctor is a male. Ignoring the décor, I approach the sign in window where a cheery looking older woman is typing on a computer.

"Hi, I'm Damien Lawrence, I have a three thirty appointment." I tell her once her attention shifts from the computer to me.

"Well hun, it looks like you're right on time. An Evan Saunders filled out your medical forms for you, so you just go straight on back." I nod tersely, tightening my grip on the sketchbook I brought in subconsciously before venturing into the vast unknown that is Dr. Garland's office.

The room I walk into could be a weird design for a children's bounce house. Everything looks overly stuffed and it's all done in shades of blue.

"You must be Damien." I jump at the voice that startled me out of trying to remember the exact shade of blue the couch is and turn to the doctor.

"That would be me." I slip off my sneakers and sit cross-legged on the couch which I've decided is a pleather material in a periwinkle shade.

"The paperwork your father filled out for us says you're having some mood swings and need some help coping with the loss of someone close." Instead of answering, I study the doctor. He looks young, but the speckling of gray in his hair ruins the illusion. I can't help but think of him as a cat, and wonder if kitty Garland would only play with blue string.

"All of that's true." I finally answer evasively. Avoiding eye contact, I flip to a clean page in the sketchbook on my lap and dig a pencil from the pocket of my hoodie. I need to draw the doctor as a kitty.

"So you like to draw?" he inquires, craning his neck to see what I was doing.

"I'm going to Sebastian's" I figure the school's name would tell a lot more than a simple yes could do.

"Interesting place." He nods. "Damien, I'd like to talk with you about the person you lost as I think it something to do with your mood swings."

I don't bother even glancing up from drawing the monkey who's teasing Dr. Kitty with yarn. I am so naming It Colin. "I don't really want to talk about Aiden doc."

"That's your choice, but I'd like you to talk with me about him soon."

"I'll agree with you doc, you also make a cute little kitty." I grin and show him the picture I'd been doodling. The kitty has a set of glasses matching what the doctor is wearing.

"And the monkey?"

"I'm naming him Colin. He can live in my brain."

"While that is a terribly interesting notion, um…Colin is nothing but a figment of your imagination."

"If you're going to use that logic, then who's to say that I'm not a figment of someone's imagination? Or worse, my own?" I giggle at the thought. "I'd love to see the weird-o who'd think me up."

"You're an odd person Damien."

"I know this already." I close my book and stared at him for a while.

"I'm going to go and let you go for the day, I would like you to try and find an outlet for your emotions resist rolling my eyes. As if I'm not trying that already.

"Okay then. Does that mean we're done here?"

"I believe so. Would three thirty next Wednesday work for you?"

"Yeah, works wonderfully." I dig a sharpie from my back pocket and jot the date and time down in my hand, noting that Dr. Garland flinches as I do so. I just know he's going to try and break my habit as I replace the marker in my jeans.

"It was nice meeting you. See you next week." I wave as I walk out the door. I bid a good day to the receptionist on my way out; happy I get to go home.

"How was your appointment?" is hollered at me as soon as I enter the house.

"Fine. I think I'm going to be broken of my habit of writing on myself though." I peer into the living room where both adults are curled up together on the floor sharing a box of Kleenex, watching The Notebook.

"Okay. You want to join us?" dad offers.

"Naw. I'm going to go upload some pictures for a few projects." My room's a mess, but it only takes me a few seconds to grab my pink laptop. The hard part is digging my camera out from the depths of my backpack under forty tons of unimportant crap. Once it's unearthed, I fish the lime green USB cord that belongs to it out of my cord drawer, plug it in and wait for it to wake up. I end up having to look through a thousand and a half photos I probably need to print or delete before finding the one of Tori and Gryffin from this morning. This one I actually print so I can lay on my bed and work on braid designs without dealing with screen savers or battery life. It turns out as a good idea because I spend until after one working on my sketching phase.