A/N: Here. Have some smut. No, seriously, in case you somehow missed it, this is marked mature. It earns that rating... now. If you've read my other stuff, you know it'll get that rating in graphic, explicit ways. Yes, the sex has to happen this early, it's part of the plot. In any event, enjoy.

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Fin was swept along on the tide of certainty this man possessed. Michael, his brain supplied, remembering the phone conversation from the previous night. But since he hadn't asked yet, he guessed part of the whole role play idea was that he didn't know. He didn't intend to ask, either. Who knew if it was even the man's real name? Honestly, Fin was kind of in awe of the ability the other man had to give him exactly what he asked for. The guy was a consummate actor, no question. Fin had asked for the whole thing to go down like a pickup in a bar, and it had. To the point where he had nearly freaked out and taken off. Only the wave of heat that had spread through him as the stranger pinned him with a hard stare full of hunger and need had kept him there. Then the fact that this was prearranged—something he had directed and currently controlled—had given him the boldness to push it forward. To make it happen.

He watched as the tall, handsome man who clearly saw the inside of a gym on a regular basis secured a key card and turned back to Fin, flashing him a smile so full of carnal promises, it made Fin's knees go a bit weak. His heart was threatening to beat right out of his chest cavity. Seriously, it should be illegal for a man to be this good looking, he thought, as Michael took his hand and tucked it to his elbow as he led Fin to the elevator.

On the other hand, said illegally attractive man was taking him to a bed, right now. Fin decided that the good looks were fine by him.

As he was guided inexorably along, Fin couldn't help but think that never in a million years would a man as attractive as Michael ever have chosen him. Especially given his shy, stumbling attempts at conversation and tendency to run away. He let the doubt sweep over him as the elevator soared skyward, but beat it back as they stepped off into a nearly silent hall. He watched the taller man check the room number on the key, and followed along obediently as he was led confidently to the room they would share.

The room Fin would lose his virginity in. Holy. Fuck. Fin did his best to take deep breaths and keep himself sane as he followed Michael through the long, barren halls of carpet and artsy wallpaper, but as they closed in on their destination, he felt like he was losing the battle. He was going to spaz out, blurt out some bizarre, blatantly false excuse, like needing to take his sister to the podiatrist. At eight pm on a Saturday no less, and run. He fought the urge. Could feel himself losing.

Before he could chicken out and lose his urge though, Michael was opening the door to the room. Fin stumbled through, legs weak and head as disoriented as if he really had drank all the alcohol he had wanted to. He opened his mouth, blurting the first thing that came to mind. "Uhm, a-about the mon—mmf!"

His words were cut off as Michael lowered his mouth to Fin's, swallowing what he'd been about to say with a kiss. Fin decided that the whole payment bit must come after the... main event, so to speak. Then he was pushed back into the door, hard. His head knocked back against the wood. "Ow! That hu..." and then, just like that, all thought was gone. Even the thought of thinking, just whisked away.

Michael had grabbed his wrists, pinning his hands above his head on the door, pressing his massive body in close. Something dark unfurled low in Fin's gut. Something deep and needy. Something filled with the promise of pleasure. The taller man pushed into him, curled around him, surrounded him. Possessed him and took control, halting his half panicked thoughts of escape. Fin looked up into Michael's eyes, saw his pupils dilated with desire, drowning out the warm brown irises. Man must really like his job, he considered, the thought fuzzy at the edges and only half acknowledged. Then that delectable mouth lowered to his again, tongue sweeping against his lower lips, and Fin went from possessed to consumed.

He melted under the kiss, all of his willpower just dripping to a puddle at his feet. He was gone. Lost. The kiss was long, almost tender, a gentle exploration of one another. How was it possible to feel such connection with a total stranger? Fin had gotten as far as a few half completed back room gropes before he had panicked and raced off, and never had it been like this. Never had a simple kiss overwhelmed him to the point that he was suspended in the moment like this. Always before his nerves and absolute certainty that he wouldn't be enough had swarmed his thoughts, overridden the pleasure, made him freak out. Made him flee.

The hand that wasn't pinning his wrists above his head was exploring him, sliding under the hem of his yellow polo, (to match the boutonniere, so Michael would know who he was, as well of course) un-tucking the dark blue shirt he wore beneath and sliding a warm hand over his flesh. Fin sighed as the hand slid across his skin, touching, teasing. Fin heard an urgent, slightly pained sound. Realized it came from him when Michael's hand tweaked over his nipple. Unable to help himself, Fin rolled his hips forward, seeking some sort of relief for the erection that threatened to push right through his slacks.

The movement rolled his cock across the other man's thigh, drawing a gasp from him as his entire body seemed to flood with electricity. Michael released his hands, sweeping Fin up in his arms and carrying him, bridal style, to toss him onto the bed.

Fin had a vague impression of swank surroundings, a large, well appointed room, but his eyes were focused on Michael as he started to undress. "Strip." The man demanded, as he deftly slipped his suit jacket over the back of a chair and bent to work on his shoes.

Unable to resist the command in his voice, Fin raised shaking hands rose to his shirt, slipping the few buttons through their holes, sliding his arms out of the soft material. In short order, he lay on the bed in the black boxer briefs he had run out earlier in the day to purchase, precisely for this moment, and Michael stood over him, eating him alive with his gaze. He wanted to squirm, to pull the pillow his hand was twisted nervously into over to cover himself, but the naked lust and desire reflected on the face of the bigger man settled his nerves, reawakening that heavy, dark feeling that curled in his gut, tightened his groin even more.

He reminded himself again that the other man was being paid to be here, but damn, he really was an amazing actor. Whatever, so far this was everything Fin had been longing for. Everything he had wanted when he had made that fateful, drunken phone call the previous evening. So he gave himself over to the experience as Michael began to run his hands over Fin's body.


Chance was done. Cooked. Smoked. Finished. His brain had melted to mush the moment he felt the body of the gorgeous man currently staring up at him press against his own. He fit so perfectly. If they just held each other, he would be able to rest his nose in that soft, silky mop of hair. And, oh, God, the sounds he made. The way he moved. Chance didn't think he'd even given the guy his own name, but that could be sorted later. Right now, all he could think about was the incredible offering laid out before him on the bed.

He could tell the young man was nervous, shy, but he didn't make any move to cover himself. Didn't shy away when Chance crawled up the bed to rest between his knees and explore that soft, pale skin. He wanted to touch every freckle, to see his own golden tanned skin against all that creamy white. He wanted to see if the bulge that distended the front of his boxer briefs was as good as the promise. He wanted to touch, taste, lick, and nibble every inch of the creamy skin. He wanted to fuck him until they both begged for release.

"Oh, shit." He groaned, dropping his head to the strong, lean muscles of Fin's chest.

"What?" Fin asked, sounding a bit panicky.

"Condoms, lube..." He said helplessly.

Fin flushed "Oh, I, uh, I wasn't sure. Uh. What. If I was supposed to... anyway. I brought. It's in my back pocket. Lube in the front."

The broken, shy way he spoke made Chance want to eat him up. Hell, everything about him made him want to just keep him forever. The shy exterior and halting speech hid a fire that burned bright within him. Chance didn't know how he knew it was there, but it was, just waiting to be uncovered.

He scrambled for Fin's clothing as the boy watched, his eyes wide, apprehension battling with naked lust flickering through his expression. Damn, he probably should look away to find...there were the pants, and... yes, a couple of condoms and a travel tube of Astroglide in the front pocket. He thanked whatever deity happened to be listening and crawled back up Fin's body, tossing his prizes to the side for when they would be needed.

He made up for the lost time, exploring all the smooth, subtly defined swells of muscle with his mouth, dipping his tongue into the bellybutton set into a flat navel, nipping and sucking at the twin copper penny discs of his nipples until they were puckered and swollen, running his nose through the hair in his armpits, sliding his hands across slender sides and long, lean legs until Fin was a panting, gasping mess. Fin's feather touches, landing everywhere he could reach, were driving Chance wild. His plan of spending hours in bed before fitting their bodies together like puzzle pieces was rapidly shredding into a million lust filled pieces.

He slipped off the bed, ignoring the pleading sound Fin made, quickly pulling off his remaining clothing, then reached forward and grabbed the elastic waist of Fin's boxer briefs, pulling them down slowly, mouth watering at the smooth, surprisingly large cock he revealed, the groin as absent of hair as the rest of the man. He took the wet, mushroom head into his mouth, reveling in the taste of precome mixed with the musk of the guy. He hummed with pride as Fin cried out, thrusting his hips up, babbling incoherently.

Chance pinned down the man's hips, holding him in place while he worked his mouth over as much of Fin's dick as he could, using his tongue, teeth, throat, and spare hand to drive Fin insane. Fin returned the favor by writhing in that sinuous, serpentine way he had, the most incredible, uninhibited sounds coming from his throat. Finally, long, slender fingers tangled into his hair and tugged.

"Too... too close. Can't. Gotta. Stop." He stuttered out between tortured gasps. "Please."

Chance pulled off, returning his attention to that smooth, hairless torso. He decided that he needed to leave something of himself. Something that would last, at least for a few days, and he dropped his lips to the graceful curve of the iliac crest, licking and sucking, rolling the supple flesh between his teeth.

"That. Just. Too... ngh. Too much." Fin gasped out. Chance was in the perfect position to watch Fin's cock pulse, watch a fat drop of precome roll out of the tip, to see the man's sac draw tighter. The desire to see if he could get the responsive man to come just by sucking marks into his pale skin hit him like a two by four between the eyes, but he wanted more. He wanted—no, needed, desperately, to be inside of that body. He lunged over to grab the lube. As he held himself on all fours above Fin, he felt a long fingered, slender hand close over his own erection, fingers swirling through the precome that coated...well, probably most of his cock by now. He groaned, hips pushing into the tight grip, forgot what he was doing for a moment as the friction carried him away on a wave of bliss.

"Oh God, Fin. That's... Jesus." He thrust a few more times before he had to reach down and pull Fin's hand away, or he would never get what he wanted. He managed to close his hands around the tube of slick, sighing with relief as he moved to stretch out against Fin, his stomach to Fin's side, their bodies fitting like they had been made for one another. The thought of having to let this man go at the end of this flittered through his mind and he ruthlessly pushed the idea behind the wall of lust, leaving it to be considered at a later time.

He slicked up his fingers, sliding his hand down between Fin's legs, down between the soft swells of his ass, finding the small pucker hidden there. He rubbed small circles over the tight muscle, willing it to relax and open. After a few moments, he slid a finger in, making Fin jump a bit.

"Okay?" He asked softly as he started to move the finger gently. He was so, so tight. Chance bit his lip to keep the groan of anticipation from escaping.

"Y-yeah. It's... yeah." Fin stuttered out.

Another moment of gentle movement, and Chance added a second finger. Fin gasped, and tensed a bit, but Chance watched him closely and he could see the guy will himself calm, feel the muscles relax again. When Fin had calmed enough, he moved his fingers again, seeking... Fin arched, shuddered, made a sound that made Chance's dick jump. He alternated between working Fin's prostrate and stretching him gently until he accepted three fingers easily. Jesus, he was tight. So tight. Chance took it slow and easy—he didn't want to hurt him.

Finally, Fin was practically bleeding those sexy little noises, begging between breaths for more, more, now, and please in a near constant stream of need, and Chance couldn't restrain himself any longer. Tearing open a condom pack with his teeth, he rolled a condom on and fairly soaked himself in lube as his already slick fingers tightened unintentionally over the bottle when he nearly dropped it.

He chuckled under his breath, but the laughter stopped when he glanced over at Fin. His ivory skin had flushed a soft pink everywhere, his muscles were tense with need, his eyes nearly black with lust, his hair even messier than it had been to start with. He looked debauched and angelic, all at once. Chance practically fell on him with the need to be kissing those swollen lips, now. He kissed, and kissed, and only the urgent hands on his hips, drawing their groins together pulled him out of the lust drugged kisses.

Finally, oh God, finally, had they only been here an hour? He was lining up to that sweet pink pucker, pushing steadily, gently, until the muscle opened like a flower and let the head of his cock push in.

Fin gasped, tensing. Not a good gasp. Not a good tense. "Shhhh." Chance whispered. "It's okay. Breathe, silly." Fin did as he was told, breathing slowly, eyes pinched shut. Chance watched him closely, saw his muscles begin to relax. Damn, if he didn't know better, he'd say Fin had never done this before. A shot of lust blazed through him with the thought, but he remembered the shy boldness as Fin had told him what he wanted, and relaxed. A pickup like that wouldn't have come from a virgin. He probably just didn't do it often. Or only when he was traveling or something. God, let him not be from out of town.

Fin opened his eyes, nodding that he was okay. Chance moved slowly forward, thrusting in small, slow motions until he was seated all the way in. Fin was hot, tight, slick with lube and sweat. He was heaven. Chance stopped when he bottomed out, waiting for Fin to adjust, holding himself still with great difficulty. He knew he wasn't going to last long.

It was only moments before Fin started to move beneath him, rolling those hips with smooth, fluid grace. Chance took the hint, starting a slow slide and push. They worked against each other for a moment until they caught their rhythm, their body movements just melting together, one starting a movement and the other finishing it, like form through movement. Chance smoothed his hands over the slender frame glad they were in missionary as he held himself over the other man, watching his eyes, watching that angel face go slack with pleasure.

He lifted Fin's hips a bit, sliding a hand under his ass, so that he could move the angle of his thrusts a bit... And yes, Fin's eyes slipped shut again, the volume of the breathy little moans he was making increasing, his limbs shuddering with every thrust. Chance could feel himself reaching the end of his control, so he wrapped his hand, still sticky and slick with the extra lube, around Fin's cock, stroking in tandem with his movements, giving a little twist as he reached the tip of Fin's prick.

It only took a few more thrusts before Fin's eyes snapped open, his face settling into a near grimace of pleasure as his dick pulsed, shooting come onto his chest and navel. God, he was so incredibly gorgeous, just made for fucking. Chance's hips lost their smooth glide, stuttering as he pushed in a few more times before his own orgasm started low in his stomach, rose through his body, and took him away, wiping the pain of the last several weeks of his life into temporary oblivion, wiping him clean, leaving him shaking and mindless with pleasure.

He pulled out gently, collapsing beside Fin, boneless and wrung out in the best possible way. Fin lay quietly for a moment, aftershocks rippling through him as Chance wrapped his arms around him and pulled his body to him, holding him tight and muttering a quiet thank you into that mess of brown hair. Probably not even loudly enough for the young man to hear. In a moment he would move and ditch the condom. In a moment, he would start a conversation. Find out about the beautiful little sex god he had just fucked, see if there was any hope at all for a repeat. In a moment. He wanted to enjoy the calm, the rush of endorphins and hormones that came with a really amazing orgasm like that first.

The matress shifting about beside him woke him some time later. A glance at the clock told him that he'd fallen asleep and napped for a good hour. Fin was sliding off the bed, moving somewhat gingerly, looking deliciously rumpled and very thoroughly fucked. Chance smiled as he watched him move about through half hooded eyes. When Fin started to dress, Chance sat up, alarmed. He hadn't expected him to leave quite so quickly. And yeah, maybe he had hoped they would grab a shower together before one of them left. Maybe spend the rest of the night together and have a second round. Maybe a third.

Fin looked up at him, blue eyes wide and nervous again. "I uh. I don't. I mean, obviously I've never..." He trailed off looking frustrated with himself, and Chance opened his mouth to soothe him and assure him that his shy speech patterns were adorable. But then Fin did the last thing he would ever have expected. He pulled a bundle of crisp new hundreds from his wallet with a sigh, dropping them on the night stand as he continued speaking. "I don't know the... policy, but, this is what we agreed to, so." He shrugged nervously, glancing away.

Chance stared at the money for a long moment, then looked back at the man he had just fucked through the mattress. And back to the money as a terrible suspicion started to form. "You thought..." His voice came out in an angry croak and he had to stop to clear his throat and calm himself as his temper immediately spiked. When he spoke next, his voice sounded cold and cruel, even to him.

"You thought I was a whore? You seriously just paid me. For sex."

Fin's eyes widened so much Chance was surprised they didn't just fall right out of the sockets.

"Y-you. But. Th-the dark jacket. And the yellow rose b-boutonniere." He looked positively terrified as his face flushed flame red. "M-Michael?" He breathed, voice weak and shaking. Chance almost, almost felt sorry for him. But no, he had been picked up at the bar, as if he were a whore, then fucked, and was about to be left before the post coital bliss had even had a chance to wear off naturally. By someone who wanted something so string-less he was willing to pay a stranger he had never even met to fuck him. Who had, in fact, only picked him because he happened to be wearing the right goddamned flower.

The past six weeks all roared up. All the hurt and misery he had lived through, and something inside of Chance just snapped.

"My fucking name is Chance, you... you asshole! I am most definitely not a whore, and I can't. I can't even look at you!" His voice rose steadily, until he roared out "Get the fuck out. And stay out."

He lunged out of the bed, grabbing Fin's yellow shirt and throwing it at him, marching past him to open the door. He didn't care if his sister was standing in the hall to see him standing there naked, a used condom hanging off the tip of his limp dick. He just needed the man gone before he did something he really regretted. Like cause a forcible meeting of Fin's head and a wall. Oh wait, he'd already done that, hadn't he!

An increasingly terrified and mortified looking Fin opened his mouth, clearly about to say something, but Chance cut him off with another yelled "Get OUT!"

Fin held the yellow shirt tight to his chest and skittered out the door, booking it down the hallway in a fast lope, trousers still open, shirt held to a bare chest. Chance didn't miss the tears running down his cheeks, but at the moment, it wasn't in him to care.

He closed the door with a soft click, sagging back against it, and pretended that the wetness on his own cheeks wasn't there at all. "Fuck this stupid, fucked up shit." He muttered, scrubbing an arm across his face as he turned to the bathroom. Showers always made things better. At least a little bit. And right at this moment, any comfort was better than none at all.