Wade figured out where the car was towed from the main office. There was nothing we could do about it, at least not until after school. The school couldn't do anything about it either, they said. Wade figured they just didn't want to. Apparently these Reservers had a lot of power in the school, up to the administrative.

None of us were pleased about it.

My brothers and I had the same lunch period. We were walking toward the cafeteria together and I was recounting to them what I learned so far about the so called Reservers.

"I don't give a shit who they are," Jared said after I was done recapping what jacky had told me. "I'm kicking somebody's ass."

"Reservers?" Wade said with an amused look. "Sound like a mediocre teen show."

"Yeah, well, they just casted some new members and Jared Robinson's about to give them hell"

I smiled and shook my head at my brothers as we entered the vast cafeteria. It was a nice cafeteria with an air of a restaurant. The smell of food lingered in the air but I didn't pay attention to it for long because most of the attention was actually on us. It has been since we stepped out of our car that morning.

My brothers were now aware of the gazes as well and Jared was scowling while Wade just looked amused. I was getting annoyed.

"Obviously they don't get a lot of new kids." Jared stated.

"Obviously." I muttered. It was getting ridiculous. So what, we were new. Why couldn't they move on to something else?

"So where are these Reservers?" Wade asked me eyes wondering throughout the cafeteria.

Jared looked curious too. My eyes wandered around the cafeteria as well and it wasn't long before they landed on them. They weren't hard to miss at all. It was like the spotlight was on them right in the middle of the cafeteria. They sat together, the five of them. The couple, Ethan and Beverly were right next to each other, then there was Rachel next to Beverly, followed by Samuel and then finally The Top Reserver himself, as Jacky had said, Jensen Davenport.

They were all good looking individuals, that much was obvious. They were also obviously loaded. They wore brand names and the shiny cars I saw from the window screamed wealth. As for being spoiled, the name Reservers itself already proved it.

They were all looking over at us with different expressions, from curious, disregarding and one in particular antagonistic . My brothers followed my gaze and I knew they put the pieces together.

"Like I said, mediocre teen show." Wade said before walking toward the food line.

Jared stepped closer to me. "The dark haired one, next to the prick from the parking lot, is he Davenport?"

"Yeah, that's him." I answered. He wasn't the kind of person that you could forget.

My brother nodded, storing that information for later. "Lets get some food, I'm starving."

I followed him to the line and checked out the selection of food all too aware that we were still being stared at and talked about. I decided to just ignore it and focus on getting my lunch. They had a great variety of dishes. We grabbed what we each wanted and went in search of a table.

"Leah!" We didn't get far before my name was called.

I looked up and saw Jacky waving at me. I smiled and led my brothers toward her table. It was her, Duke and two other people I didn't know.

"Hey, please join us. These must be the two other Robinson we've been hearing so much about."

"These are my brothers, Wade and Jared." I introduced them respectively as we all sat down and made ourselves comfortable on their table.

Jacky smiled broadly at us. "You already know Duke, this is Corbin and that's Hannah. Juan didn't show like Duke predicted."

My brothers and I acknowledged them with small smiles and nods.

"Did you find out about your car?" Jacky asked me.

"Yeah but we can't do anything about it until after school." I answered her.

"Is that how it works?" Jared asked looking at Jacky. "They" he nodded toward The Reservers, "snap their fingers and everyone jumps?"

"Well, not exactly," Jacky answered in an amused tone . "But most of the school likes them."

"I can't imagine why," I said dryly.

"They're not all unfriendly." Hannah quietly said. There was such an innocence about her and I could tell it wasn't an act. She was one if those people that you could never bring yourself to be mean to, and if it happened you'd feel guilty about for a long time.

"Hannah is cousins with Beverly." Jacky explained to us. I could see it too. Hannah favored Beverly a bit. "She's actually nice."

"Ethan's not bad either." Corbin added. "Samuel on the other hand. All he has to do is give you that look and you automatically back off."

I knew exactly what look he was talking about. "What about Rachel?" I asked looking at Duke.

He blushed again and Jacky rolled her eyes. "She can be a bitch, Duke just doesn't want to see it. She's perfect in his eyes."

"Jacky." Duke said in low growl. She just smiled.

"And Davenport?" Wade asked the unspoken question we all were curious about.

No one said anything for a while.

I looked at Jacky. I knew she would answer this one. It was already obvious that she didn't like The Reservers as much as the rat of the school. I was curious to know why.

There was a strange look on her face, almost a far away look as if she was looking into a memory. "Jensen is...he's cold. He's malicious and unforgiving. He doesn't care about anything but the rest of the Reservers. Once you cross the line with him, that's it. There's no second chances. He does whatever he wants and he has no remorse no matter what kind of pain he inflicts on others."

We all just stared at her for awhile surprised at her statement. I could sense that Davenport had a mean streak in him but I didn't expect that to be said about him.

"Sound like you know a lot about him," Jared observed.

"Sound like you know a lot about all of them." I remarked.

Jacky seemed to know way much more about them she was telling us. It was easy to read. There was an undertone to the way she spoke about them, as if she really knew them.

The rest of them stayed quiet, waiting to hear what she would say.

"I grew up with them." She said, validating my theory.

"In other words, you were a Reserver." Wade implied.

"Not just a Reserver." She said looking at me with a slight smile. "Jensen's my brother."


I didn't expect that. Not that she mentioned it, I could see a slight resemblance between the two of them. They had the same eyes. The only difference being that Jacky's were much kinder than her brother's cold ones.

"So what changed?" Jared asked. "How come you're not with them?"

She shrugged. "I changed. I didn't see things the same anymore. I didn't agree with some of the things we could get away with and I left." She said with a ton of finality.

That wasn't the whole story. There was more Jacky wasn't telling us but we didn't need to know it. Not yet anyway, but I had a feeling that we would find out soon enough.

Soon after, lunch came to an end. Jacky and I were walking together after lunch and stopping at our lockers. We had a class next to each other.

"So, your brothers are hot." She bluntly said .

"So I've been told." I replied. I didn't know what the female population saw in them but the two of them seemed to have girls flocking left and right over them. Seemed like it wouldn't be any different here at Crescent Palms.

"They must have been well known at your last school." Jacky guessed.

"They had their fair shares of admirers. But they were mostly known for causing trouble, especially Jared. He kind of has a short temper." I told her.

"He'll definitely get along well with Juan. Turns out the idiot's suspended for telling a teacher off."

"Speaking of Juan," I started giving her a look. "Is he a boyfriend?"

Jacky smiled but shook her head. There was a look on her eyes that I couldn't decipher and it was gone before I could read more of it. "Not anymore, but we're good friends."

We stopped by our classrooms but continued to talk.

"And Duke?" I questioned.

"He's Juan's best friend. He's been like a brother to me, well more so than my own." She shrugged

"Oh," I said, not sure what else could be said. It was obvious that there was a story behind it but I wasn't going to learn about it just yet.

"You seem pretty close with your brothers." She remarked.

"They're very protective. We didn't live in the best neighborhood so they were always around to look out for me. You'd think Jared was older than me but he's a year younger. "

She smiled. "It must be nice being close with them. Jensen was like that...before we fell out." She shrugged, but I could tell it bothered her.

"You got along well with all of them?" I curiously asked. I wanted to know more.

She nodded. "They were my best friends, I loved them all. Rachel was a bitch but we were close. "

The warning bell suddenly sounded off.

"We should get to class." She suggested. We said our goodbyes and went into our respective classes.

There was an empty seat in the back, but something told me it was for a Reserver. A minute later I proved myself right when none other than Jensen Davenport walked in just before the final bell and took the empty seat in the back.

Once the bell rang, Mr. Hung, the teacher assigned algebra problems. He gave us ten problems to work on individually before picking people to go up to the board to write their answer and show the work. Jensen was one of them.

He was tall and built, but not overly so. It was obvious that he worked out but didn't go overboard like some guys tended to. His face was flawless, clear without any signs of pimples and he jawline chiseled to perfection. His hair looked as if he just stepped out from getting an haircut, although it was long and some of it covering his eyes a bit. My eyes traveled over his broad shoulders, down to his back and stopped at the view that hugged the back of his designer jeans.

Suddenly he turned around and our eyes met. He raised an eyebrow as if he knew that I had been staring at him, checking him out.

I quickly looked down at my sheet and tried to hide the redness that was filling up in my cheeks. Well, this was embarrassing. Could I have been anymore obvious?

When I looked up a moment later, he was already back in his seat but his eyes were still on me.

I looked away, inwardly giving myself a mental slap for getting caught, not once but twice. Jensen Davenport might have become an enemy to the Robinson but my eyes couldn't help but notice that he was sure something good to look at.