You sent me a love story

The day before I broke my own heart

You sent me words

They have no meaning

Not to you

They are not filled with pieces of your spirit

They are not tempered with your tears

Does it mean anything

To be held in your arms?

Feigning comfort

Feigning humanity

I fall for the facade

My soul so desperate and pale

Clinging to the vision

The illusion of you

I cry

I beg

I fall apart before you

I hear your voice change

Cold and deliberate


"I'm sorry. Bye."

It has no meaning

Not to you

Words you hear others use

Words you cannot comprehend

From some place you've never been

Everywhere you've traveled

And you've never been

Never can go

I weep for myself

But more than ever

I weep for you

Pity is all a broken heart can give

All you deserve