It's a goddamned steady flow of blood

You can't seem to staunch it

Gauze and bandages don't do the trick

The redness stains everything around you

Whites long gone, long darkened, long marred

You try and try and try

And fail; the blood only flows out faster

It comes in spurts; hot, wet spurts

Landing on your face and trickling into your

Mouth; the salt coats your tongue

A thick metallic taste overcomes your senses

You want the bloody wound to heal; if it were to

Dry up, scab in place, scar

And leave you in peace; you'd have no more desires

That's all you want- to be left alone by the recurring painful wound

To be whole, healed and complete once again

But every time you near recovery, the wound opens up

Again (deeper each time, you suspect); and that's litres of blood

Lost; blood that will be replenished, sure

But blood that you will never get back

Author's Note: Wow! I have a taste for the macabre, it seems.

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