Chapter One

Friendships can be the hardest things to turn into love.

But if you find a friendship that really counts, the hardest thing can be letting it go. You might have been friends for years, or maybe just a couple of weeks, but there's certain ways to distinguish friendships from love.

A friend will always be by your side, they will protect you from yourself and from others. They stand up for you no matter what happens; they know when you're at your worst, and at your best. They listen to you complain, and in return you listen to them. If you suggest for them do look at something, read something, that you've found interesting – they do. Friends are like family, and sometimes friends are your family. Real friends would do anything for each other. Real friends are there through the worst, you can always go to them and they will always understand. The best friends are there for life. Friendship doesn't work without equality and understanding, trust. Trust is the main aspect of friendship. Without trust what is there to stop them from spilling your deepest darkest secrets to the rest of the world? That's what makes friendship so sincere, the fact that you would trust each other with your lives.

Love, on the other hand, is far more complicated. Society has all these rules about love, rules that change time and time again. Love is an English word; it can supposedly refer to mainly different feelings that range from affection to pleasure. You're apparently not supposed to be able to explain what Love is, everyone should just know eventually.

To call them different though… at some point they all just blur into the same thing. And with Jack Monroe, well, you could barely call it mixed signals.

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