To his dismay, it was Bridgette that was standing in his doorway.

"You look disappointed to see me little brother," she taunted him. "I hope you weren't expecting someone else?"

He didn't answer her. His entire demeanor oozed coolness. He was well accustomed to his sister baiting him. Everything was a game to Bridgette. If he showed any sign of weakness, she'd pounce.

Bridgette's ash gray eyes- identical to his own- gleamed wickedly as she met his empty gaze. She pushed her way past him with nonchalance, her cherry red lips curving into a smile when she saw the bouquet on his bedside table.

"Oh my," she gasped, sounding much too delighted for his liking. Bridgette peered at the assortment of tulips closely before extricating a single bulb from the vase and sniffing it daintily.

"How pretty," she breathed. "How perfect." She turned to face him, her tone suddenly wry. "How gratuitous. I never knew you were such a romantic, little brother."

He bit his lip. "I'm quite embarrassed to admit it, but I really underestimated that girl," said Bridgette, sighing dramatically. "I didn't think she had any potential at all, but I have to say- I'm impressed. She's certainly done wonders on you." She peeled off a petal. "Oh, look. It matches the colors of her eyes." Bridgette shook the flower at him disapprovingly. "A littleā€¦ obsessed aren't you? It was amusing for a little while, but now this is just pathetic."

He tasted blood as he watched the tulip slip through her fingers. "She's hardly worth all of this effort, little brother," she cooed, stepping closer to him. She was close enough that he could smell the alcohol on her breath. Bridgette was pouting, seeming disappointed by his lack of response. Her hand reached up to his cheek. It was too much. His reaction was instant. He grabbed his sister's wrist and flung her arm away from him.

"Don't you touch me," he snarled, backing away from her. "Get out of my room Bridgette."

"I'm trying to help you. You are way out of your league here, brother dear. You're being played, and you don't even know it."

"Help? That's a fucking joke," he hissed. "You're a liar Bee. I haven't trusted a word you've said since I was five. Why should I believe you now?"

Bridgette laughed. "I'm a liar and she's a whore. Where is she right now, Royal? Why isn't she here?" she demanded. He had no reply. "I'll tell you why. I let Little Miss Perfect know how much better it would be for her if people knew that she was letting her boyfriend fuck her in a suite at the Ritz rather than no one knowing that you were fucking her in the pool house." Bridgette's smile was smug. "And you know just how much she values my advice."

She turned to leave. At the last moment, Bridgette turned back to look at her brother. The expression on her face was almost sorry.

"Don't be a fool, Royal. She's just as thirsty as the rest of them."