Scene 1

Katie stands onstage alone with a suitcase in one hand, various luggage in the other. An easel pack over her shoulder. There is still paint under her nails. She faces the opposite side of the stage. She begins to speak.

KATIE: I'm young! Aren't I young? Youth isn't in age – it's the life flowing through your veins. Let me go. Let me find…anything. Shake the dead skin from my heart. . . Fuck.

Enter SISSY in white pajamas, opposite KATIE.

SISSY: Oh-my…Kate? Katie? Is that you? (She runs across the stage to KATIE, wrapping her arms around her) Hug me, damn it!

KATIE slowly drops her luggage and embraces SISSY.

SISSY breaks the hug and slaps KATIE

KATIE: FUCK, Sissy! That really hurt!

SISSY: Good.

KATIE: I can't say I didn't expect –

SISSY: Yeah!

KATIE: Pick up my shit. Come on. Help me. Thanks. (pause) Jesus, Sissy, you been workin on that swing?

SISSY: For just this occasion.

They Exit from whence SISSY came.