Scene 4

ELLIE is standing in front of a table with a type writer/computer and a stack of paper. She is trying to get up the nerve to sit back down.

Upon deciding to sit down, she picks up the top page.

ELLIE: "Florence walked slowly down the empty road, an empty wine bottle clenched in her left hand. Her bare feet pressing into the warm pavement. She could see blue fireflies up ahead, dancing in the dark. She had only ever heard stories about the blue fireflies. But now, having looked for answers at the bottom of several bottles of wine, she couldn't appreciate them. The loss of Happy the dog overcame her once more..." (beat) Jesus, Ellie. "She dropped the bottle and sighed. Feeling the impulse suddenly, she…she…" Looked for the nearest cliff and threw her drunk ass off! Oh fuck it.

She opens a bottle of pills, pops three of them, washes them down with her own bottle of wine, and goes to bed.

SISSY and KATIE come stumbling onto the front porch. Obviously drunk. Trying to be quiet.

SISSY: Shhhhhh!

KATIE: Will you shssh quieter!


KATIE: You looks-sridiculous.

SISSY: You're drunk.

KATIE: You are.

SISSY: Good one!

KATIE: Shhhhhhh-she'll hear you!

SISSY: Not with all those drugs.


SISSY: SHHHHHH! I mean….sleep aids.

KATIE: Oh. Is she ok?

SISSY: Yeah, she's fine.



KATIE: I don't have a cigarette!

SISSY: I hate you.

KATIE: Can I have one, Sweet Sissy Dear?

SISSY: If you shut the fuck up! Here.

KATIE: Thank you!

SISSY: When did you start smoking, anyways?

KATIE: Like three years ago.

SISSY: As soon as you left? Ha, awesome.

KATIE: Ha – yeah I guess so. You?

SISSY: About three years ago.

They laugh together. Loving it.

SISSY: Hahaha…..oh shit. (laughter coming down)

KATIE: You are so not fourteen anymore.

SISSY: Brilliantly observed, Kate.

KATIE: No, I'm serious. You've become this pseudo-adult type creature.

SISSY: Why thank you. I've work very hard to become awesome.

KATIE: I can't believe Mom let's you get away with your shit.

SISSY: She couldn't stop me if she tried, mere mortal that she is!

KATIE: What?

SISSY: I am queen of my castle, enforcer of my will, creator of my destiny! I AM SWEET SISSY DEAR!

KATIE: Shhhh!

SISSY: And No one on earth can stop me! (laughing beat) It's not like she tried, dude.

KATIE: Really?

SISSY: Let's me alone, mostly.

KATIE: That's not how I remember it.

SISSY: How many times do I have to tell you, things change babe?

KATIE: I know.

SISSY: She figured: why try with me, y' know.


SISSY: I don't mind, really. Kinda nice. I never wanted what you had, anyways.

KATIE: Ha, me neither. But I am sorry.

SISSY: Thanks – but don't be.


KATIE: …Fuck…

SISSY: What?

KATIE: I am seriously drunk.