Roaming the halls of the school building,I bumped into a enormous wall. It was huge and super strong but peculiar. It had arms that wrapped around my waist. Looking up in silence, I swallowed. The person in front of me frightened me. The person was a tall fierce-looking man. His snapping jaws calmed at the terrified expression. But his eyes glowed with something I couldn't pin point.

"Mine." He growled.

He reached his hand out but I flinched back. This man looked evil dressed in a all black suit,he frowned as I continued to back up.

"Little one?" He asked. I stopped and frowned, I wasn't little and didn't like to be called so. Just as I opened my mouth to reply, he reached out his hand again.

I backed up until I cornered myself into a wall.

"You are mine." He breathed. Tiny wisps of air tickling my ears. I gasped. Why was he doing this? Why did he keep saying 'mine'?
He leaned his entire body on me as to block any escape.

I was frightened but for whatever reason when he leaned in, I watched his lips and hoped he kissed me. Slowly as slow can go his lips marched towards mine as i impatiently waited.

His lips touched mine just as the bell rang. It was light,feathery soft and brief. And when the first class room door opened, he vanished.


"I'll be watching." As a parting gift.

A new story I'm team writing with a friend!:) Tell us what you think so far!