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The alarm clock screamed into my ear as I blinked my already eyes open. I barely got any sleep anymore. I was plagued with dreams of a angry Nate, who's was pissed I didn't tell him I was leaving and my crying mother, who continued to sing 'I'm sorry.' Every night the dreams were the same and there was only so much I could take.

Glancing at the clock again, I saw it was 7:35. I had spent so much time just laying down and the bus would here in a few minutes. Rushing, I pulled on a radom shirt and some faded jeans that lay on the floor. I didn't care if they were dirty, I was used to wearing dirty or used clothes now.

Stepmother couldn't do anything but spread her legs. At first it wasn't a problem, because we had a maid but after she caught on to the looks Sky, the maid was giving my 'dad' she fired her and if that wasn't good enough for her so fired the rest of the staff to. Now the house was a mess, the clothes were never washed unless 'dad' or stepmother had some important business or a party or whatever the deemed important!

A honk brought my out of my thoughts. The bus! I looked around for my shoes but they just weren't appearing. Shit! Running around like a chicken with its head off. The bus honked again and I knew time was running out fast when I remembered my shoes were by the door. Racing down stairs I passed 'dad'and wife kissing. Picking up my discarded backpack off the living room table, I grabbed my shoes and ran outside just as the bus was about to pullout.

Waving my hands, I caught the drivers attention and the doors opened.

"Close call again, I see." The driver chuckled. I nodded my head as a sly smile slipped onto my face. Cam, was a good man. He was always looking out for us outcast.

"Haha, remember to wake up earlier next time. Now go take a seat darling." He smiled at me.

Arriving at school, I was pushed into a locker. I didn't care, I was used to it now. No one here liked me here. I was the poor charity case, that no one wanted in their high class, big shot school. This included the teachers, well in the beginning I had their support until I started correcting them. I mean who the fuck teaches their students the wrong fucking kind of information!?

The bell rang signaling all the ' high class' students to go to class. As for me, I could roam the halls and no one said anything.i learned more in the halls than I would have in a class room full of hate and wrongness. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother coming!

Roaming the halls I walked right into a solid object. Grabbing on it as I felt myself fall backwards.

I pair of arms wrapped around me pausing my meet and greet with the floor. I was pulled up. Looking up, my mouth dropped as I stared into the eyes of a adios. Bright green eyes with hair that fell just against his shoulder, and he was tall. Really tall, like around 6'7! He was the sexiest man I had ever seen besides Nate! Nate, shit! There was a pain in my chest.

Pulling away from the man, I felt as if I was cheating just by him holding me and thinking he was sexy.

Turning around, I began to walk away when I once again grabbed.

"Is that all?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Is that all I'm gonna get for saving you from the floor?"

"Yup. Now please let go."

" I think I deserve alittle more than that. It's quite rude actually for a damsel in distress not to thank her savior."

Spinning me around, he pulled us close. So close I could feel his breath against my lips. Another pain went though my heart and I tried pulling away but the man was strong. So strong and muscled, oh and was that a tattoo i spotted on his right arm!

Think Nate. Nate! I screamed at myself. Think of your far far away husband. Think of your loving strong sexy loving husband. Your husband that stole your breath as soon as you laid eyes up on him. Nate, that had that big big package down there.

Swallowing, I again tried to pull back, but soon stopped as I felt my kitten was wetter than a rainy day! Oh Nate, you did such things to me and you weren't even here!

Taking my stillness as a opportunity, the man smashed his lips against mine.

My heart beated faster and he kissed me again. I forget to breathe. ''Breathe'' I thought. ''Breathe''. My lips glued together as my heart is jumped from my chest. His breathe touches my neck and I shiver a little. ''Breathe'' I mumbled. And he took that chance to slip his tongue into my mouth.

All thought was lost when his tongue explored my mouth. I couldn't remember anything, not even my name! All that mattered was the fireworks he had exploding though my mouth.

Pulling back, he sucked down my neck."let's go somewhere more private." He whispered into my ear. As he pulled from me and began to lead us wherever.
I stood my ground. Confused and dazed. I wanted this man as much as I wanted Nate right now.

''Are you coming?'' He asked.

I nodded my head' yes' before shaking it 'no'. " I'm sorry, but I can't do this." I whispered. Trying to walk away.

"Wait. I can see how much you want me, but I can tell your also thinking about someone else. So I'll wait."

I looked at him again. He would be waiting a very long time then. I thought smiling.

''Call me'' he says while handing me his number. I replied that I would and headed off. I stared at the 10 digit number and pondered on if I should call him or not. I crumbled the paper and put in into my pocket. ''Are you ok?'' he asks. ''I'm fine'' I say breaking from my concentration.

School had barely started and I was already heading home anyways. Thinking about what happened with that mysterious man. Slowly, I walk home thinking about the number.. Should I call him? Should I call the man that kissed me and stuck his tongue down my throat?

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