Staring out the window, I held my phone to my ear. 'Pick up Nate. Pick up !' I mentally yelled. The phone dialed and dialed but never picked up and just as I was about to drop the call, it clicked and I heard the sleepy voice of my husband.

I gasped and dropped my phone as I received a very sexy husky 'hello.' Staring at my fallen phone I hurriedly picked it up, and listened as I heard sheets rustle. "Hello?" He asked again, sounding a little more a wake, though still husky. I dropped to my knees. Wow I breathed, his voice never had this type of effect on me, but I was liking it.

"Listen I don't know if this is a joke or some kind of prank but I'll let you know right now I'm not in the mood. It's 2 in the morning and I would like to continue with my sleep."

A short silence

Sighing he said a "bye" and just about clicked the phone off when I yelled a stop.

"So my mysterious person does speak." He joked. Blushing I looked down, before realizing he couldn't see me.

"Yes, I can speak." I giggled. It was now or never I smiled. "Nate,I've missed you."

"I'm sorry do I know you?" He asked, though I could hear in his voice he was trying to place my voice. And even though it hurt me he could place who I was fast, just the fact we were talking took that away.

"I've been gone that long that you've already forgot my voice." I teased."Do I need to interrupt another wedding and kiss you again for you to remember?"

"Scarlett?!" He breathed. "Yep that's me." I giggled before I was cut off. "Where the hell have you been?! I've been worried sick! And when I asked your mother she refused to tell me anything and insisted on calling the cops on me! Babe just tell me your alright?! Please! I need to know!

"I'm fine love. Though I miss my strong sexy husband."

"Sexy, huh? Maybe I should come and show you sexy." Groaning I wished that to be true.

"Babe,I'm not at home. Let me explain."

I told Nate everything from the moment I heard I was leaving to the moment of our call.

"I see." He stated. " I'll tell you what, go and call this guy and at the end of the day you call me and let me know your choice. Scarlett I love you." He said just as he hung up.

That wasn't a good sign I thought. He's pissed and I don't even know how to fix it!

Sighing I made the call.


Glancing at the boy in front of me, I couldn't help but think I'm going to hell. I can't believe I was on a date with this guy when I had a husband. Granted I left him behind, but still! God I felt like a cheating whore but I couldn't deny I felt a pull towards the guy in front of me.

Those bright green eyes captivating my attention and that ever present smirk spelled me to spill my own smile or that sparkling personality that me me shudder in want to know more.

Slamming my head down I groaned as I sounded like a wife who hadn't received attention from her husband in years! Shaking my head I wonder what Nate would think if he could see me now. What would he say?! Better yet, how would he react?! Groaning, I rubbed my neck.

"Well damn darling if I'm wasting your time tell me. I don't want you to feel as if you had to come on this date." He said mockingly.

"No, it's just-I'm not sure I should be here." I said shyly peeking up from the table.

"Darling, how about we change that feeling. My names James Ivory and I'm interested in your sexy ass."

Blushing I looked down, he sure had a way with words didn't he?! He was very handsome, that even had I been blind I would have noticed the looks he was receiving and that smirk I could never get enough of! Crossing my legs, I blushed even more at stirs of arousal between my legs..

Glancing at him he full out smirked as if he knew what he did to me. Opening my mouth, a waiter showed up to our table asking for our-his order. "how can I help you?"

Still staring at me, he told me to order whatever I wanted. Sighing, I hurried though the menu not wanting our waitress waiting long. I ordered a baked potato loaded with everything except bacon and extra cheese.

Hey if I was going to go on a date with this guy it's better for him to know what I'm like instead of someone fake. Besides I was hungry since I skipped breakfast and that baked potato looked so delicious!

Mouth watering, I faintly heard James give his order as I stared at the picture on the menu. It was huge! Took up most of a big plate and still had some left over! Oh boy I was gonna be in heaven!

"Did you enjoy yourself?" James asked as we walked down the streets. Holding my left hand, I carried my barely eaten potato in my other. I thought I would at least make a dent in the huge thing but of course I didn't! Mister I'm going to make jokes while you try to eat was horrible thought I can't say it was all one sided especially when his huge burger came and he tried to fit it into his mouth.

All in all I had a good time though my mind still nagged me over what Nate said. Was James really the right one? Was Nate ?

Gripping James hand harder, I knew I didn't want to leave him, I wanted to know more. But Nate , Nate was my life. Nate was my everything without even trying! Letting go of James hand I tore down the streets racing to get away from Nate, James, myself, everything. This was all to much.

My name was called over and over again but I never stopped or turned back. I needed an escape to peace. A place to think all this though and just when I thought that might have been possible I bumped into a wall.

Looking up, my mouth dropped. It couldn't be.

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