I feel like sin

I feel dirty

And unwanted

I am ugly

In the eyes of all

And am ugly to you

Most of all.

I wear this feeling

More than my own skin

But it's something I'll never

Be comfortable with.

It's a demon

Cloaking my mind

And bringing to life

My worst thoughts and fears

I can't escape

The echoes of my own screaming

Curled and broken

The taste of my own blood

Strong familiar

On my fickle tongue that

Fumbles on my grotesque

Words of soiled truths

That never come out right.

I mark my flesh

Scarred wrists


Circled burns

To show the world

I am not right

In mind or body

I'm falling apart

In a hundred pieces

That won't be found

To put me back together.

I deserve to be broken.

I deserve to hurt

And cry

And be disappointed

And lose all that I care about

Because I am worthless

And dirty

And broken.

I'm so sorry

But I need to cleanse the sin

I had my last chance

My forever thankful of your existence

And all you did mean

Could have meant


And I ruined that too.

I don't deserve breath

Only death

For sinners burn in hell


┬ęThe Last Letter