What if I told you

I loved your messy hair

And the way you smiled at me

And that your voice makes my organs melt.

What if I told you

That I truly care

About who you are

Where you've been

And I want to love you through everything.

What if I told you

That if you went to heaven,

What you'd find there

Would be your treasured face,

On every wall,

Envied by angels and demons,

Envied by all.

What if I told you

Someone like you is rare

And I want to explore your mind

Your body

And all of your beautiful avenues.

What if I told you

We'd make quite a pair;

We could tangle within one another,

Fall deeply in love.

What if you told me

That life's not fair

And you have no choice but

To walk away

Leaving me tear soaked in your magnificent dust.

What if I told you

I continued to stare after you,

Long after you said goodbye

And I won't ever be able to look away.

┬ęThe Last Letter