A/N: I thought I'd write something a little different from my normal genre. This story came to me after reminiscing some fond childhood memories from a show that I used to love as a kid. After seeing it, I had the idea to make a story from a car's point of view and combine it with the realities of the world to hopefully make something original and enjoyable. There are two versions of this story - a manga one and a real life one.

Information listed below:

Title: Worthless

Author: Melissa Norvell

Rating: T

Genre: General/Fantasy/Drama/Friendship/Suspense/Hurt/Comfort

Summary: If only this car could talk, it would tell you what those head lights have seen.





1. lacking worth; of no use or value

2. low; despicable

3. without practical value or usefulness

4. without merit; good-for-nothing

It's the one word that strikes fear into the gears and wires of anything mechanical. As machines, we are put on this earth to serve a purpose. Our main purpose and function in the world is to serve to the needs of our human masters. When we lose that purpose, there is only one place that awaits us…the disposal.

The disposal, or the junk yard, is the grave yard for mechanical items that are deemed useless. Once a mechanical object enters the junk yard, the only thing that awaits them is death.

The mechanical world ends under the weight of a crusher.

That's how it is.

We serve a purpose, and once that purpose is done, we are simply gotten rid of and replaced.

Few have the opportunity for a second chance. They are taken from the scrap yard and rebuilt or restored. However, I have the feeling that I will not be on that list of lucky machines.

I was deemed worthless, the word I never wanted to be branded with. I can no longer live life in the fast lane.

All that is the past is gone.

To Be Continued

A/N: I hope everyone enjoyed this short little prologue. I hope that I can provide a unique perspective on this subject. It's usually done with animals, but I'd like to portray it from the car's perspective and make people think a little. If you review me, then I shall do the same for you. I hope you enjoy the first fantasy fiction I've written that's not in the manga section.