Why does MUN have to come around every year? Alright, alright. It looks good on their CVs. They learn about international politics. They learn to research. They get comfortable with public speaking. They learn to dress like human beings- slutty human beings, in some cases… but human beings, nonetheless. And truth be told, she's damn good at everything… except the sluttiness.

But she hates it. It's the worst two days of her year. And it's all because of him.

As luck would have it, he's the first person she sees when she walks into committee. He's Rapporteur and she's Chair of the Security Council. He's typing away at his Mac, probably refining their crisis. They've heard that their Russia and USA are excellent delegates. And their Position Papers seem to uphold their reputations. A nuclear crisis would be interesting, she thinks.

He looks up when he hears her heels clickety-clacking on the wood floors, and smiles.

She breathes in deeply, and smiles back, trying to appear collected.

Best friend, best friend, best friend.

That's long since stopped helping her. And today it would be useless anyway, she muses. He's in a white shirt, godammit! It sets off his chocolate skin so perfectly, and those dark lashes look so much more sooty when he wears white.

She shakes her head in a way only she can- to the outside world it looks as though she's merely fluffing out her hair, but she alone knows it's all she can do to steer her thoughts to safer climes.

'So…' she murmurs, setting her bad down and slipping out her own Mac, 'Making changes to the crisis? I thought it was perfect considering we haven't even had an hour of debate yet.'

'Oh, no,' he says vaguely, waving an arm around, 'Just practising roll call.'

She can only raise an eyebrow to express her surprise because he's got his damn sleeves rolled up, showing off his damned perfect arms. And so she can barely think.

'Hm, that's crazy,' she replies, the moment she's recovered enough, getting up to plug her mobile phone in to charge.

'Hey, turn on the fans, please, would you?' he asks as she straightens up, 'It's getting hot in here.'

She turns back to nod at him, and very nearly swoons- he's loosening his tie- a violet tie. It's going to be one long MUN, she realises.


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