A Mad Christmas

Ch.1: Merry Christmas Indeed

How does a mad scientist celebrate Christmas you ask? They don't, scientists that spend many hours faced with ideas of world domination, creating new life, or generally being a nuisance have no time to spend with their families.

It became a trend when Frankenstein decided to make a monster with hopes of being accepted into the scientific community, but that never turned out the way he hoped it to be. When news hit the other communities residing in the countryside everyone with an M.D. wanted to devote their lives to succeeding Victor Frankenstein, the madman with a dream.

Normally this wouldn't stop our brillant yet crafty scientist Dr. Albert Albright. He was a very dear friend of Frankenstein and he had no intention of even tarnishing the Baron's reputation as a scientist whose castle burned down and assistant who left him to work to assist better paying mad genuises.

Albert worked on other things in his castle like making formulas that with no harsh side effects. Because he was a very stubborn mean man; the first and last creation he made left him forever.

While living in the vincinity of Transylvania. It was always hard to find company or people that could get along with a very mean man in the first place. This naturally was Albert's irrationality when he felt another person's company was absolutely not needed.

He needed no one and that's how it was going to be.

It was another Christmas eve that came to the small community that resided in the quiet countryside in Transylvania. As morning awoken the sleepy citizens the sun began to warm the ground that was lightly dusted with snow from the night before.

Making the occupants dress in toastier mittens and coats, a brand new day was beginning for Albert who was coming no closer to making a discovery worth a nobel prize.

The rooster cawed outside of Dr. Albright's castle waking him from his sleep. He was no more startled that it was morning already but he wasn't surprised either. Working all night in his laboratory to fix his evil concoctions or brush up on his studies. This is what Albert labors over in becoming a famous scientist. All of the hours from night he crammed in to create his evil concoctions he almost never has time to do anything else.

Slipping out of his bed Albert made a note to himself when he checked the date on his calender. It was exactly the day before Christmas which meant that it was the twenty-fourth of December. Albert scratched his head in deep thought wondering just how time seems to fly. Or if he was paying attention to the calender in the first place he wouldn't have to make an excuse for himself.

As for the reason why he neglected to remember such an important date. But he was a mad scientist, so presents or family, didn't matter to him.

Moving on to his bathroom Albert dressed himself up. He made sure he was neat and tidy buttoning up his dress shirt and combing his hair. He wanted himself to look presentable amongst the other citizens he was to meet on his way to the grocery store. He didn't feel like perpetuating the maniacal frizzy hair styles and lab coats some scientists he knew that wear their attire out in the community.

He wasn't one of those kind of scientists.

Grabbing his scarf and hat from his coat rack Albert shot out the door ready to do business with the locals. When he stepped outside a burst of cold air began to nip his nose. Holding onto his top hat that almost blown away from the gust of wind. Albert fought against it and continued walking along the stony cobble streets.

"It's Mr. Albright, eh," Mrs. Mae was watching the young man walk by her shop window. Mrs. Mae was a local shopkeeper, her specialty in the town, was a small, but thriving grocery store. It carried almost everything you might need. Such as dried goods, canned food, and candy.

"Is he that man who lives in that castle?" Mary asked her mother.

"Yes, Mary," her mother replied sighing. "but..." Mrs. Mae felt a purring kitten brush against her leg.

She picked her up and handed her to Mary. "why don't you take Bela out for a while dear?" she decided to encourage Mary to step outside while she dealt with the first customer of the morning.

"All right," Mary carried Bela outside to play. "c'mon, Bela we'll see one of my friends." she said speaking to her furry companion who looked strangely amused.