He pushed me

He pushed me into his arms

The arms of another man

I didn't want to, really I didn't but he just made it so damn easy. I married a man who saw me as little girl and only wanted me for the title and fame my family has. I should have seen it but I was so love with him that I didn't. I mean come on his friends were warning me. My father threw a party with his closet friends; one of them invited my husband.

He was so nice and polite and treated me like a woman. Well he wanted to treat me like a woman; he was thinking about his lover while he was with me, he told me later on in our 'Honeymoon'. We went out for three months before he proposed; he just wanted to get it over with since he was in good graces with my father. Wasn't that nice of him? We got married in the fall.

Everything was perfect; everything what I could ever wish for. But once we got to our honeymoon, everything went downhill from there. He told me that he only saw me as a little girl, that he could never see me as a woman so he invited his lover over. They stayed in the honeymoon suite while I stayed in a regular room.

I cried

I cried so much

I wanted to believe it was all a silly dream

But it wasn't

Was it so wrong to be loved by the man you married?


I tried so hard to make our marriage work. I tried to dress up sexy but even then he didn't want me. He said it was disgusting how I would dress up like that and I should just stop; even like that I could never turn him on. So I stopped, I could only shed a few tear just remembering.

I tried to tell my mother and father but they didn't believe me one bit; said I was a stupid and I should be glad that a man like him would want a little girl like me. Even my parents thought I was a stupid, little girl. So I tried to get proof but they would say they were Photoshop and laughed so did my husband.

I would scream in anger

I would grab my wedding dress and rip in to shreds

I would burn the pictures of the wedding in the fire place

I moved all of my stuff in the guest bedroom and made it my own

And then I looked at my hands; the left one. The only thought that went through my head was;

Should I too?


I met him in the park in the dark

I was crying when he found me

I didn't know what to think when he gave me a tissue and smiled gently at me. I couldn't help but smile back and took the offered tissue. He sat next to me and we were quiet for a bit before he open his mouth.

"What's your name?" I looked up to him and whispered

"Rosie. You?" He smiled and just said

"Mark". We talked all night until dawn and we gave each other numbers and went home; he promise to call me later and I said I couldn't wait and he gave me a kiss on the lips and walked away. I went home with a huge smile on my face. When I open the door he was still asleep and I went to my bedroom. I closed it and locked it and sat down on the bed and looked at the ring and thought back what he said.

"If he does all that; then why wear it. Does he wear his?"


"Then why should you?"

I just stare at it

Once I got ready for bed I closed my desk drawer and crawled into bed

My left hand bare


I slept with Mark

I slept with him with no regrets

I was a virgin at the time; but not anymore.

We met at his penthouse apartment every night and I would sneak back when my husband went to work. My friends would cover for me when my husband happens to ask where I am. Even his friends knew I wasn't with the girls. Then he notices a few things about me. I started dressing differently, I changed my hair style, I was on my laptop working all the time, His dinner was on the table; cold with me nowhere in sight. I wore office clothes with stiletto heels when I walked through the door with him on the couch watching the news, looked over to me and just stared when I entered the kitchen.

"Where were you?" He asked, still staring at me. I just took a water bottle and walked out the kitchen and grabbed my bag and walked towards the door before he spoke again.

"Where are you going now? It's going to be midnight soon" He said disbelief. I stopped and just said this

"Out. Don't wait up" And walked out. Once I got to Mark's place; I just couldn't wait anymore and neither did he. He treated me with love and passion and I repaid the favor. And now I was just relaxing his bed and it was a good thing I pack a bag when I went back to the apartment and now I don't have to sneak back. Marks shifted and kissed me on my shoulder blade and smiled lovingly.

"When are you going to get him to sign the divorce papers?" I sighed and turned to look at him.

"Today. I got everything ready, all it needs is his name and then I'm a free woman" He smiled at me softly and kissed me on the lips. I had a plan.

I know he doesn't like me around so I was going to 'pretend' that he needed his signature on some papers that my 'father' wanted him to sign, when in reality it's the divorce papers and I know he's doesn't like me around him so he's going to sign it really quick and give it back to me and tell me to go away.


It worked

I knew it would work

And now in six months I can be with the love of my life; Mark. Now all I have to do is wait it out but I can start to move in my stuff with Mark, little by little so my soon-to-be-ex-husband doesn't suspect, but I don't think he would even notice; he never did so why start now right?

So in the first month everything was as usual he would go to work early so he can to over to his lovers apartment and get a quickie before he goes to work and I…well…I was at Mark's place. But the third week was a different week. I needed some few things so I went back to the apartment, knowing that my husband was long gone, but he wasn't. As soon I walked in the place I heard him in the kitchen.

"Where were you Rosie?" His gruff voice sounded, I turned around and I saw him; holding a cup of coffee all dressed up for work.

"Out". Was all I said and went to my room; I needed clothes and I can't bring the same clothes to work. Once I had everything and put them in my bag and walked out before he stopped me again.

"Aren't you going to eat breakfast?" I sighed in frustration

"I'll eat on the way to work. Can I go now?" I growled. He looked in me in shock then he nodded. I march out.

That was weird

Hopefully it didn't turn into a routine of his.


It did

It did turn to a routine of his

And I hated it so much

The man would call me around dinner time and I turned my phone off; I was getting sick of it. I told Mark that I would head out to the apartment to show my face to him and then I head over to the Penthouse. So I walked to the door and I put my ear to the door just in case he had his whore over. I didn't hear anything so I walked in slowly just to make sure and then I saw him on the couch watching TV. He turned his face to me.

"Where the hell were you?" He question.

"I was working" I replied. He stood up.

"I made dinner for the both of us but now it's cold" He pointed at the kitchen table and I saw his creation, "I made dinner for the past week for us". I walked towards the food and I laughed; a forced laugh.

"Are you trying to kill me?" He looked at me funny

"What the hell are you talking about?" He growled "Why the f**k are you laughing?"

"I'm allergic to carrots, you a**hole". I said in a 'duh' tone, "and I hate pork with passion. I told you on our first da-"I stopped myself; I should have known that he wouldn't remember what I told him. I sighed and walked out of the kitchen, he didn't move from his spot.

I walked out the door and headed to Marks place.


On the third month, Mark was at London handling a business deal so I was back at the Apartment. My husband was now always at the apartment; why can't be at the b***hes place? He was always around me. When I'm in the living room with my laptop working on the couch he would be in the loveseat watching TV. When I was in the kitchen cooking he would come in and get something out of the refrigerator or get chips from the cabinets. So I was in my room with the door lock.

I just don't get him

Why would he do that?

Now I see how he felt when I was clingy towards him

Never doing that again


He knows something

I have a gut feeling that he knows something

I was in the living room with my laptop writing an e-mail to my Mark and I was getting thirsty and we were in the middle of discussing where we were going to meet. I got up and walked to the kitchen to get water, I didn't hear the door open and close and footsteps walking towards the living room. I walked out and he had angry face and sat far from my laptop and he had his hands clenched. I sat down and lifted my laptop to my lap and I began to type again.

"Who are you e-mailing to?" He asked. I stopped but continued.

"A client. Why do you ask?" I asked. He shifted a bit.

"Just asking". He paused then said, "Your parent wants us to go over for dinner tomorrow".

"I can't I have to meet with my client tomorrow for a late dinner. You can go by yourself and tell them". I said. I didn't want to even look at my parents. Those bastards.

"Can't you reschedule?"

"I can't, I have to close the deal".

"But it's your parents".

"Yeah but I have a job to do, it's more important than some f**king dinner. I can eat with them any other day but tomorrow I can't. WHAT PART OF THAT CAN'T YOU F**KING UNDERSTAND?" I shouted at him. He looked at me in shock. I stood up, closed my laptop, grabbed my glass of water and walked towards my room. He killed my happy mood.

"I'll tell them that you're busy" He said. I didn't look back at him and slammed my door.

I just don't get this man

Why would he even ask if he never did?

He always made an excuse for me

Why care now?


He sent me flowers

That husband of mine sent me flowers

What the f**k?

I was at work, Mark is coming back and I was going to surprise him with his favorite dinner; just the two of us. I can't wait. Anyway, I was just finishing on a client's file when there was a knock on my door.

"Come in". And my assistant came in with a vase full of dozen red roses. It must Mark's doing I smile at the thought.

"Oh wow, are those for me" I giggled. My assistant smile at me.

"Yup, just came in" I made room for them on my desk and pulled out the card that was sticking out of the flowers. I open the cards and read it and I couldn't help to stop from my eyes getting wide as I read it. It was from him. I ripped the cards to sheds and dump the flowers in the trash with the water. I looked at my assistant with a look. I handed her the trash can.

"You dump this. I don't want to look at it and you never saw any flowers what so ever; do you understand?" She nodded and took it from my hands. She left the room and I went to the liquor bar I had in my office and pour myself a cup of brandy; up to the top. I downed that sucker and slammed the glass, that dumba**. What the hell is he thinking?

I went back to the Apartment to get my favorite dress; if I wanted to surprise my Mark I'm going to do it with style. As I got ready, my husband came home and I needed to hurry up so I can make dinner for Mark. When I came out of my room and I was putting on my earring. He looked at me in shock and but smiled happily.

"What's the occasion? I just sent you flowers, it's no big deal but since you dressed up we can hit the town. I know this great restaurant-". I looked at him in confusing.

"What are you talking about? I didn't get any flowers". I lied smoothly.

"You didn't get it?" He asked, hurt shown in his features. I didn't fall for it, no matter how real it looks.


"Then why did you dress up for?"

"I'm meeting someone". I said as I went to the coat closet and picked out my black coat and put it on.

"Who?" He asked. I ignored him and walked out the door.

Why would he care?

I was just a little girl to him; it shouldn't matter to him, he shouldn't even care!

Little did I know, he hired a private investigator and follow me to Mark's place and stayed there all night


A friend of the family was throwing a party

My family was invited and so was Mark

I couldn't wait for it

I was out shopping with the girls for a dress. I wanted to look good for Mark. We were going to sneak out from the party and go over to his place; I was so excited that I couldn't hide my smile from the girls. I found the perfect one and it was in his favorite color. I was so excited for tonight.

Once night time came around, my husband and I were at the party and my parents were there, talking with the host and for some reason mark was with them too. So once we were there the host turned and smiled.

"Welcome, I'm so glad you two can make it. I would like to introduce you two to my son, Mark". Mark smiled and held out his hand towards me and I took it in mine.

"Pleasure to meet you" He had this look in his eyes and I couldn't help but shiver in pleasure. Mark and I didn't notice my husband narrow his eyes in the situation, he came pulled me away and wrap his arms around my waist; it is way of saying that 'she's mine, hands off'. I was angry at him, why in the world would he care. Right about now he would ignore me and try and look for some woman to sleep with or his lover and leave me alone. When the music changed, Mark smiled and held his hand out towards me again.

"Care for a dance?" He said. I ripped my husband's arm from me and took Mark's eagerly.

"I would love to" and we walked towards the dance floor. We slowed dance and I didn't look anywhere else but Mark eyes. So once the music was over we slipped out and we were outside and we walked towards his car. We were going to stop at the apartment to grab my bag then head to his place. We didn't even look behind us as my husband stood there with a broken and defeated look with a single white rose in his hands; my favorite.

He was going to surprise me

We were going to leave the party early

And he was going to use everything in his power

For me to fall in love with him again, because he just learned that

He's fallen completely in love with me

Too bad for him, because; I think I never did love him in the first place.


So many months have passed and I was ready to leave this hell hole that I call a marriage. Yes, I was going to move with Mark to London and we were going to get married. He proposed to me at the night of the party so instead of my ex-husband ring it was Mark's. I was already packed and I was just waiting for Mark to pick me up. As I was waiting for my Mark, the Ex was coming through the doors and saw me with my suitcase in the living room. He walked where I was and sat in the love seat and just stared at me with this broken look.

"So you're leaving me. For him" He stated. I just nodded. I knew he knew, I never hid it; just the way he didn't hid it from me.

"I think it would have ended it this way, don't you think so Evan?" I asked him bitterly. He sighed.

"I wanted to work it out with you Rosie-"

"When, when I was in the arms of another man? You pushed me towards him, I didn't want to; you know I didn't, but Evan you just made it so easy that you didn't do nothing to pull me away from him". I stopped and looked at him, "I tricked you into signing the divorce papers. So as in now, you and I are no longer married". He looked at me in shock. I didn't even look guilty, he made me hate him so much and every face he gives me doesn't affect me in the slightest. My phone rang and I looked at the text message Mark sent me that it said that he was here. I stood up with my bags in hand. I looked at him and smiled at him.

"Thank you for making me hate you. If it weren't for you, I would have never met Mark in the first place. Have a nice life with your lover". I waved at him and walked out the door. Once I looked at Mark, I knew.

I made the right choice

So girls out there, it's true what others say

Don't let the others get you down

Evan made me feel like dirt but Mark

Mark made me feel nothing like that

So yeah…I made the right choice

Have you?