My Saber

You are unlike any sword I've ever wielded in my entire life. You were a sword of the purest form of chivalry, honor guided you to victory in each battle. You would never hesitate and striked with both grace and beauty.

As my sword, you vanquished my enemies to help me obtain my dreams. But as we battled together, I began to see your own. I saw your hopes, your dreams, and even the person you really were under your serious demeanor.

Even when covered in blood, I could see that you never really wanted to fight. I could tell you were meant for so much more in life, but you gave it up to lead your people in your past life.

You were strong, couragous, amazing... but you still had faults. You shouldered the responsibilities of a king all on your own, giving up your past hopes and dreams for the good of your kingdom.

You sacrificed so much in your life, and in the end died so young... it was such a tragic fate.

You pleaded with the heavens to return to life to start over and fix what you have wronged, you were given the task to fight for what you wanted. You were given a master, and that was when we first met.

We fought together for what felt like an eternity, I saw you as someone who was cold, reserved, an independent sword. But you were more than that... much more.

You showed me your innocence beneath that cold appearance, you were an idealistic sword, a strong willed sword. I loved that about you, to the point that I realized I was in love with you. I wanted nothing but your happiness, for you to live by my side forever.

But as I knew more and more about you, as I grew to love everything about you... I knew that I could never ask you to do that for me. Because you were a sword full of pride, and if I changed that about you... then you wouldn't be the sword that I loved anymore.

You did change though, you learned to accept your life for what it was rather than try to change it. And after our final battle was won, it was time to say goodbye.

My Noble Saber

As my sword, you defeated my enemies without any hesitation. And as my sword, you were absolutely amazing.

The days I spent with you were wonderful ones, beautiful ones, and tragic ones. I would wish that you could stay forever, but I've learned during our times that's not what I should wish for you.

You've worn yourself out, retaining your beauty, but your life slowly beginning to end.

As I carried you to the place you last passed on from, I found what I wanted to wish for. I wished that you may rest in piece, and live happily as what you were meant to be.

As you rested under a large tree, you asked me... would you dream of me?

Those words tugged at my heart terribly, but I didn't want you to see me sad. I smiled to you and told you that if you want it hard enough... then I will be in your dreams forever by your side.

Those words showed me a sweet, tender smile on your lips. I felt a surge of both happiness and sadness knowing this would be my last time I would see your smile.

You asked me to stay with you till the end, and when it finally came you said there was one thing left to do.

But nothing could prepare me for what you said.

I love you

Those were the last words I ever heard from your voice, the leaves rustled in the wind as they carried your spirit off to paradise.

This was your final resting place, and I knew my wish was granted as I could see your beautiful smile.

I gently pressed my lips to yours and stood back, I wanted one more look before I departed.

You had changed, you weren't a beautiful sword anymore. You were a beautiful young woman, who lived her life the way she wanted.

I love you

My final words to you as I finally departed. May you forever dream of me, for I will always dream of you.

My noble... no.

My Beloved Saber