Dearest Jelly,

I miss you so. It has only been an afternoon, yes, but both my hydrogenated vegetable oil and my ground peanuts yearn for you every second we are apart. Alas, I must be going crazy for I feel that if I don't see you, I'm going to evaporate. Because we wouldn't see each other for some time, I would like to show-er, tell you-how much I adore you, admire you, love you. We have been friends for so long. It was inevitable that I fall for your charms.

You know, you smell wonderful. When we are together, I relish in the aroma that you bring. It is such a wonderful scent, so sweet yet mysterious in some way. I love your smell.

Your complexion is also a wonderful sight to see. It may not be so smooth to touch and may be a bit sticky when dry, but it is truly beautiful to look at. Anyone who doesn't want you when he sees you is an idiot. Or a vegetarian. I love how you look.

Ah, how could I forget your taste! I might say, you might taste even better than I do. Me? I'm just an appetizer. You're the one they want. I love your taste.

I hope this letter has proven my immense love and uncontrollable yearning for you. I truly do love you and hopefully, you would return my feelings.


Peanut Butter

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