So maybe you're my m/u/s/e

And it's odd because you're a guy for Merlinssake

Hell, we're barely even friends;



But you're a surprise

Where I thought you'd be

c/o/l/d cutthroat&detached m/e/a/n


w/a/r/mfunny&gossipy n/i/c/e

Everything I thought you were incapable of being

[But what you pull off classily, I might add]

It's got me f/l/o/o/r/e/d and i/m/p/r/e/s/s/e/d

Slightly off balance


But it's wonderful to be proven wrong

Because now

I can'ti-m-a-g-i-n-e you otherwise

And that's credit to you, you know

Because, trust me, my imagination is

pretty d/a/m/n good

But what's really odd

Is that you make me want to write

even t/h/e/n even n/o/w

I think of ink&paper

There you are

Coercing words out of me

Words that I'm p-r-o-u-d of

And so for that, I guess


Author's Note: So, this is an edit of my poem of the same name, published on a different account. It's formatted differently, now. I think it flows better. The end is different, too.

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