Superman at the Nursing Home

Well, all you youngsters out there let me tell you a lot has changed since I was your age. If you want to know part of the reason why the world is in such bad shape today it's because of cellphones. There all you youngsters are talking and texting away on your phones. You don't even give a thought to the fact that because of cellphones there are no more phone booths. Without phone booths there's no place for us superheroes to change! Batman has his batcave that's why he's still around. But, this mild-mannered reporter would get arrested for public indecently if he tried to change in the open. It's all cellphones fault that the world is declining.

For all you non-nerds out there Superman comics by DC comics is 75 years old this year. He was in his mid-teens to mid-30s in all the versions. I've read so I figure its time for him to be in the nursing home. I know this isn't fanfiction so don't kill me. I don't know if I'm going to continue this story and I don't want to open a fanfic account for just this. So should I continue?