Chapter One – Brainless Bimbos


"Mhmhm," I absentmindedly answered my best friend on the other side of the phone as I bent over, rummaging the refrigerator for something that would soothe my growling stomach. I stared at the contents of the refrigerator for a moment, studying the items inside, but nothing seemed that appetizing. I sighed, as I continued moving the contents around, trying to find something to eat.

"Hang on Lyssa, someone's calling on the other line." I apologized as I put my best friend on hold.

Quickly switching lines, I answered the call. "Hello?"

"Oh hi, um is Christian home?" I heard a breathless giggle on the other end of the line. Snorting rather unlady like, I rolled my eyes and hung up as quickly as I had picked up the phone.

"Lyssa? Are you there? Sorry, it was another one of my brother's brainless bimbos calling. Those airheads just don't know when to stop," I complained as I went back to my task at hand.

She laughed, "Of course it was. Doesn't he have about 20 gazillion girls calling him everyday?"

Rolling my eyes, I sighed, "It would seem so."

"Can you blame him? He's only one of the most popular guys in grade 12. Of course the other one would be Trist-"

I quickly chastised my best friend, "Don't even mention his name."

She giggled on the other line, as I grew hot tempered at whom she was about to mention.

"Fine, we'll acknowledge him as one of the two hottest guys attending NorthShore High. That boy is way too hot for his own good. Whew!"

I groaned, as I banged my head lightly against the refrigerator door. Not this again.

"Lyssa, trust me. He's nothing like what everyone thinks he is. Everyone may think he's God's gift to women, but I'm pretty sure he's Satan's spawn to women. I don't even know what girls see in him. Sure he may be good looking, have washboard abs and—"

"Boo," a breathless voice whispered into my ear, as I turned around screaming for mercy. I threw the phone into the air, as it came crashing down on the kitchen floor. As I spun, my hand hit the refrigerator door, causing it to sting in pain. Clutching my hand for a moment and letting out a string of curse words, I came to my senses.

"What the hell—" I began, and I realized the culprit. "Tristian! God damn it! What is the matter with you?" I yelled, as I placed a hand on my chest, feeling my frantic heartbeat. "Holy shit! You scared the crap outta me! What were you doing?"

He let out a soft chuckle, his hazel eyes twinkling with amusement. I glared at him, as I picked up the phone from the ground.

"Talking about me again Ally?" he drawled out in a slight southern accent, leaning against the kitchen counter.

"You wish," I bit back, as I pointed my index finger towards the exit. "Get out," I demanded.

A corner of his mouth lifted, "or what?"

"Or…or…I'll—I," I began to threaten, but my mind drew up blank.

"You'll what?" He leaned closer to me, making me step backward, hitting my backside against the refrigerator door. I placed one hand on his chest, to stop him from coming any further, but he kept stepping closer. "Tell me Ally, you'll what?"

Leaning down to match my 5'5 height, his eyes twinkled as they met mine. He hovered over me a minute, as my grey orbs glared at him straight in the eye. I had the urge to slap him across his pretty face. I was about to lift up my hand when…

"Tristian!" My twin brother yelled from some unknown place in the house, "Where are you man?"

Chuckling at me in front of him, he drew his head upwards and shouted a reply. "I guess I'll see you later princess." Having the nerve to wink at me, can you believe him? He's that arrogant. He sauntered out of the kitchen, still leaving me backed up against the refrigerator.

"Hello?" I called out into the phone, realizing that I had left Alyssa hanging on the line. I heard a laugh from the other line as I rolled my eyes. Great. Let the teasing begin.

"What was that?"

"That was Tristian trying to get a reaction out of me. Believe me when I tell you, that's how he always acts. He's a stubborn, arrogant, narcissistic, pathetic excuse of a male specimen. I don't understand why 99.9 percent of the population at NorthShore think he's some kind of God."

Laughing once more, Alyssa continued, "Oh you poor thing. Only you would complain about being twins with Christian Bates and seeing Tristian Conner's beautiful face everyday. I mean, he practically lives at your house. What more could a girl want? You're delusional if you think that your life is terrible."

I grumbled an annoyed and inaudible response. "Is it possible to disown Christian and kick Tristian out of my house? Because I would love that so much."

"Hey, that's not nice." An annoyingly familiar voice spoke out behind me. Turning around and sticking out my tongue at my twin brother, he chuckled. "That's no way to treat your older brother is it?" He smirked, as he came over and ruffled my hair.

"Only older by three minutes. What do you want now?" I sighed.

"That's three whole minutes to you missy. Tristian and I are hungry. What do we have to eat?" He shrugged as he rummaged through the kitchen's cabinets.

I snorted, "When are you guys not hungry?"

"Yeah, yeah." Christian responded, as he pulled out three boxes of hamburger helpers, throwing them my way, "Here, do you older brother a favor and cook this for us will you?"

I smiled sweetly at him, "I wouldn't trust me with cooking you guys food if I were you." He grimaced as if to consider my words, but before he could answer my stomach growled audibly. Raising an eyebrow, he smirked. Damn it. Stupid stomach. Why did it choose now out of every other time to grumble?

"I suppose so, but it sounds like someone's hungry. So if I were you, I would shut up and make the food so you can feed that thing," He motioned to my stomach as I glared at him.

"Just shut up and leave," I motioned to the door, as I shoved him out of the kitchen.

"Lyssa, I'll talk to you later. I have to make this hamburger helper for these two morons," I spoke into the phone as I heard shouts of protest from the living room.

"Okay, bye! See you around," I clicked off the phone, as I read the instructions in the box. Jeez, didn't they know how to do this themselves? It was as simple as learning the alphabet. All you needed to know was how to read and follow directions. Oh that's right, since when did Christian and Tristian know how to follow directions? Pfft, what idiotic morons.


"Aleeah Rose Bates! You have thirty minutes before your brother leaves you at home. Your breakfast is getting cold. Hurry up and get down here!"

I mumbled something incomprehensible into my pillow, as I groaned. "Just five more minutes please?"

I heard a slight chortle from the other side of the room, as I slowly peeked one eye open. "Of course you would still be in bed at this time. Don't you need two hours to get ready or something? Aren't you like normal girls? Oh wait, that's right I forgot. You're not a girl," He suddenly laughed hysterically as if that was the funniest thing in the world.

I pulled my blanket over my head, as I responded to the horrific sight, " Shut up you pig. Don't you ever go home? Why are you even here? Leave me alone."

"Your mom sent me up here to wake you up, although I'm starting to regret saying yes to her. You're not the prettiest thing in the morning; in fact it's pretty close to ugly. I've never seen such a horrific sight in my life. You nearly scared the bejeebers out of me when I saw your face." A corner of his mouth lifted up in amusement.

I scowled at him, "Well sorry to break it to you princess," I drawled, "but you're not exactly the sight I was hoping to see first thing in the morning either."

"Oh?" I could hear a teasing lilt and oh so arrogant tone in his voice, "I mean, who wouldn't want to wake up to all of this? It's every girl's dream come true, wouldn't you agree?" He began to motion to his body, as I rolled my eyes. How obnoxious could he get? Oh that's right, there was absolutely no limit to how obnoxious Tristian could get. It was pretty ridiculous.

"You mean every girl's nightmare right?" I shot back, as I swung my legs over the side of the bed. Stretching, I didn't realize Tristian was staring straight at me. His eyes seemed to darken as they slid down my body. I felt a shiver down my spine as I looked over at him. Looking down, I didn't understand. Did I have a stain on my shirt or something?

"What?" I asked self-consciously. I didn't understand what was wrong, everything felt normal so why was he making me so uncomfortable?

Smirking, he lifted an eyebrow. "Look at what you're wearing,"

Looking quickly to my vanity on the left, I gasped. Oh shit. I forgot that I wore the skimpiest tank tops whenever I went to bed; I found them more comfortable than regular t-shirts. I screamed horrified at myself as I threw the bed cover over myself.

"Get out!" I screeched, as Tristian doubled over laughing.

He grinned before opening his mouth, "Well, atleast now I know that you have something in that department. Maybe you're not hopeless after all."

My mouth dropped open as he sauntered away, his laugh ringing down the hallway. The nerve of him! Feeling myself flush, and heat creep up on my neck, I quickly shrugged into a pair of jeans and got ready for school.

Looking at my reflection, I prayed that he would forget this incident, but I knew that I could never be that lucky. Tristian never forgot anything.


By the time I was settled into the day, it was lunchtime. We scanned the cafeteria looking for our table, when I recognized some basketball jocks and friends of ours. Walking with Alyssa towards our usual table with the rest of the cheerleaders and the basketball players, I began to recall what happened earlier this morning. Setting down our trays at the table, I continued on the story with my morning wake up call.

"and he came into my room only to—"

"Who came into your room?" A voice behind me spoke out worriedly, as I whirled around.

My grey eyes soon met deep sea green ones that were framed with black, square glasses adorning his face. My breath caught in my throat, as I quickly launched myself towards the boy. He quickly reached for my waist to grab onto me and to support me.

"Hey baby," he smiled, as his dimpled deepened. I nearly swooned, as I giggled with delight. Three years with Jamie, and I still giggled every time he used that term of endearment.

"Hi," I spoke breathlessly, as I laced my fingers with his. I leaned into his side, as he placed his tray down at the table.

"So what were you and Alyssa talking about? Who was in your room?" His voice tightened with jealously, as I contemplated whether I should tell him the truth.

"Christian," I quickly responded as I shot a pleading glance over to Alyssa on the other side of the table. Her eyes questioned me for a moment, but soon glazed over with disappointment.

"Uh, yeah. Leah was just telling me how Christian was being dumb this morning," she offered to Jamie.

"Oh," Jamie responded after a couple of minutes, "what did he do?"

I waved my hand quickly disregarding his worry, " it was nothing. He was just being stupid, you know how Christian always is."

I felt a tight knot in my stomach; I didn't know why I was lying to Jamie. It didn't feel good, but I didn't want to cause trouble. Tristian had been a family friend and Christian's best friend for what felt like forever. Christian and I had known him since we were in diapers and our parents went way back.

We always seemed to tease each other, so why would this time be any different?

Glancing over the other end of the table, Jamie quickly scanned Christian and Tristian.

I followed his lead, as I glanced over there myself. Of course. Tristian had some blonde sitting in his lap running her fingers through his hair. I saw him grin at her suggestively, as she leaned forward to give him a better "view". Ugh, gross.

I raised an eyebrow, as I watched the blonde gaze at him lustfully. I grew nauseous knowing where their oh so loving public display of affection would lead. He was such a pig.

Christian on the other hand was flirting with some brunette making her relentlessly giggle. Over hearing their conversation made me laugh but I had the strange urge to punch her in the face also. She was so damn annoying, I didn't understand how my brother could stand listening to these girls. He was looking into her eyes and nodding every once in a while.

"So like I was at the mall right babe? Then this girl, who was like so hideously dressed, like OMG! That wasn't like what my story was about but like anyways like I couldn't believe the clothes she was wearing. I mean like she looked as if like she just stepped out of like the garbage or something! Like, that was probably like the worst day of like my life! Like babe, you wouldn't imagine like how terrible she looked like—"

I started to laugh when…

"Leah?" Someone's voice broke into my thoughts as I watched the interaction between Christian and his bimbo of the day, silently giggling at the idiocy of the girl.

"Hm?" I acknowledged Jamie as my attention snapped back to him.

"We haven't gone out for a while. It's been a long time, do you want to do something with me this weekend?" He spoke earnestly as his emerald eyes twinkled with excitement.

"Um, yeah. Sorry, I've just been really busy with cheer and everything," I smiled up at him as his arm tightened around my shoulder.

"I understand. Soccer's been pretty busy too. Well, tomorrow's the carnival is coming into town and I was wondering if you wanted to go? With me?" He prompted.

"Really?" I squealed with excitement as I smiled widely.

Winking, he laughed. "So it's a date then?"

"Yes!" I answered in a heartbeat. Cheekily he grinned as he kissed my cheek as I snuggled deeper into the crook of his shoulder.

Leaning up to give him an innocent kiss, I felt Jamie smile as he began to respond. Capturing my lips with eagerness, he deepened the kiss as I leaned into him.

I hadn't noticed someone clearing their throat, until I felt a jab to my shin. Detaching my lips from Jamie, I looked up only to see Alyssa raising an eyebrow. I stared at her confused, I didn't understand what was going on. Normally Alyssa would've just ignored Jamie and I since we PDAed more than necessary, but rarely did she ever kick me to get my attention.

Tilting her head slightly to the right, I turned my attention to the right. Near the other end of the table, I caught Tristian's eye. He smirked at me, as I rolled my eyes at him in response.

He feigned hurt, as he mouthed to me, "My turn?"

I stared at him in utter disbelief. Excuse me? Although I felt quite offended, I couldn't help the blush forming on my cheeks. Noticing my blush, he grinned wider.

"Janitor's closet? Meet you in five?" He began to prompt me again, as my blushed deepened to a darker pink hue.

I shook my head in disbelief, as I mouthed, "No, absolutely not," What was wrong with him? Why did he find such joy in tormenting me?

His shoulders shook with laughter, as he whipped out his phone and quickly sent off a text.

In a couple of seconds, I felt my phone vibrate in my jean pocket. I sighed as I took it out and quickly scanned the text.

Aw why not? You looked like you had fun, but maybe I could make your experience even better. ;)

I gaped at the text, as I quickly exited the screen before Jaime looked over. I glared at Tristian, only to see the corners of his mouth turned up into his infamous smirk.

"Are you crazy?" I mouthed back at him.

"Just a little bit," he responded as he grinned. Turning away, I began to finish my lunch.

I didn't feel hungry anymore; my stomach seemed to be reacting oddly to Tristian's little sayings.

"Leah?" I turned my attention to my left, as I glanced back towards Alyssa and Jamie.


"Are you okay? Your face is really red. Are you blushing?" Jamie questioned as he peered closer at me.

I quickly leaned backward and waved my hands in front of me. "No! Absolutely not, it's just a little bit um, warm in here. Is it just me or?"

Raising a perfectly shaped eyebrow, Alyssa studied me carefully. Coming to a realization, she grinned. "Actually, it seems fine in here. What do you think Jamie?"

Jamie squirmed for a minute, "Uh, sorry Leah but I'm gonna have to side with Alyssa on this one. It's not warm in here at all. Are you sure you're okay?"

I quickly fanned my face with my hands, "Maybe it's just me then. Sometimes I get this feeling that the room is really hot, so I begin to uh have blush like symptoms?"

Staring at me skeptically, Jamie shook his head. Muttering underneath his breath something that sounded like, girls are insane; he placed a hand on my forehead.

"You're kind of warm. Are you sick?" He asked concerned, motioning for me to drink the bottled water in front of us.

Shaking my head rapidly, I began to respond, "no I'm fine. It's just the thing I was telling you about earlier. It's nothing really." Gladly, I accepted his gesture and quickly unscrewed the bottle cap. Gulping down a couple sips of water, I smiled at them.

"See, I'm fine!"

Nodding his head a bit skeptically, Jamie finally gave in. Alyssa on the other hand, was staring me at me with a knowing grin on her face. I quickly looked away, feeling the blush beginning to form again.

A few minutes later, the bell rang signaling us to go to sixth period. Thankful for an excuse to leave, I began to collect my trash as Jamie quickly collected the rest and began to walk towards the garbage can.

I was about to hurry up and catch up to him, when I felt a hand tugging on my wrist, pulling me backwards.

I stumbled into someone's arms as they steadied me. Looking up, I realized it was Tristian's. I scowled at him, but he seemed to have other ideas. Laughing whole heartedly, he leaned down, placing his mouth near my ear.

"Meet you in the locker rooms after school," he whispered playfully into my ear, "oh and I guess you look kinda cute when you blush like that."

Oh God. My blush became evident as soon as he walked away, only looking back to quickly wink at me.

I groaned, what kind of sick joke was he playing on me?



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