It's not too terribly interesting. It's basically what happened to Steven the day that Dominic came and took Ryan back. I like it. I hope you do too.

I was sick. That was the only reason stayed home that day. If I hadn't been sick, I wouldn't have been home, and none of it would have happened.


I woke up, still feeling sick, but slightly better. I groan, and force myself to get out of the bed, heading down the stairs for a glass of water. The house feels empty, so I know that everybody is gone. Ryan at school, Kyle and Terry at work, and Dusk at daycare. I get to the sink, and pour myself a glass, taking tiny sips. I think about Ryan. I hope his day is going okay. He's been having a hard time in school, which is expected, and I hope that things have been getting better.

Things have to get better.

He's home.

He's safe.

I'm heading back up the stairs when it happens. I've just put my foot on the first step when the front door opens. No knock or anything. It just opens. Because there's no knock, and because the person seems to know that the door is unlocked, that I do not panic. I think it is probably Kyle or Terry, maybe they forgot something.

But then the person steps into the house, and my eyes widen.

It's not Kyle.

It's not Terry.

It's Dominic.

It's the man who is after my brother. His eyes go straight to me, and he grins. It's a scary smile. One that I know Ryan has seen many times before.

"Steven." he says, sounding like we've simply passed each other in the park. "It's good to finally meet you." But I can tell by the way he's looking at me that he doesn't mean it.

"Funny." I say, sounding less afraid then I am. "I wasn't thinking that." His grin grows wider, and he starts reaching into his jacket. I know what he's going to do. He's going to pull out a gun. Is he going to kill me? Like he had threatened to do? Was this a punishment for Ryan?

I started running up the stairs, screaming. "Help!" I scream, but I'm alone in the house, and I know that no one hears me. I hear Dominic running up behind me, and I regret having chosen to run up the stairs. Now there is nowhere for me to go. But I didn't have a choice. He had been standing in front of the door. I reach my room, and slam the door shut locking it. I fall back onto my bed, dizzy from the fever. He couldn't have picked a better day if he'd tried.

I hear footsteps coming down the hallway, and I hear him open the door to Ryan's room. "Well, hello there, Birdy." he says, sounding like he's happy to see it. I hear Birdy chirp back. But the noises do not sound happy. Birdy knows Dominic. Birdy has seen what Dominic has done to Ryan. And he doesn't like him either. "Nice room." Dominic continues, and I shudder at the thought that he is looking at Ryan's stuff.

Then I hear the door shut after a few seconds of silence, and the footsteps continue towards my room. I look around for my cell phone, but it's nowhere in sight. I look toward my window. My second story window. I was going to have to jump out of it, wasn't I? I went over as quickly as I could on my shaking legs, sliding the window open, and starting to hit the screen, trying to knock it out.

Dominic twists my doorknob, but it's locked. But I don't think that will hold him back. And I'm right. A large blast echoes through the house, and my door opens, the gun pointed at the spot where my doorknob used to be.

"Steven." Dominic says, still smiling. He points the gun at me. "I think you'd better stay right there." he says. And I don't have much of a choice, do I? I wait for him to get closer.

"Why are you doing this?" I ask him, my voice an angry growl. "Why won't you leave my brother alone!?"

He answers simply, "Because Ryan belongs to me."

"No!" I shout. "He doesn't!"

Dominic doesn't like that, I can tell, because his face scrunches up in displeasure. He grabs me by the arm and starts to pull my out of my room. I struggle against him, not caring that the gun is pointed at my head now. Because I've realized what he's going to do. He's not killing me. He's going to use me as bait. He's going to trade me, for Ryan.

And Ryan will go. I know Ryan will go.

"Stop!" I scream, and a powerful pain hits rockets through my skull. He's hit me with the barrel of the gun, and son of a bitch does it hurt.

"Shut up." he says, dragging me along. When we get outside, I look around for help, but there is nobody there. Just like the day Ryan was kidnapped. And now I'm being kidnapped. And I'm scared. I'm scared because I'm here with Dominic, the man who hurt my brother, and he has a gun. And we're heading towards my brother's school.

This is all my fault. Again.

"I swear, if you hurt Ryan, I'll kill you!" I hiss at Dominic, who is sitting next to me in the front seat. He just laughs at me, a mocking laugh.

"You have much more spunk than your brother." he says. "Even the day I took him, he was pleading, and scared." he smiles at the memory. "Well, I suppose he did call me a bastard once or twice, in those first few days."

"Because you are a bastard!" I scream. "You're a sick, fucked up bastard!"

Dominic glares at me, and I'm afraid again. This must be the face that Ryan saw when ever he made Dominic mad. Dominic takes his hands off the wheels, and my eyes widen, and a second later, he's smacking me across the face. I fall back against the car door, staring up at him, stunned. He laughs at my expression, and lifts his hand, like he's going to do it again. I flinch back. He laughs again, and says, "I'm sure that you could be broken too, in time."

Now it's my turn to glare.

"Fuck you." I spit.

He looks like he's going to hit me again, but then he smirks evilly. "No, Steven. It's Ryan who will be getting fucked."

My face pales at his words. This man...he was going to...with my brother.

He's going to rape my brother.

Dominic laughs again, and I look at him, confused as to why. "You and he are so much the same." he laughs. "Were you even aware you said that out loud?" he asks me. I'm confused.

"Said what out loud?" I ask, and he smiles and shakes his head.

"'He's going to rape my brother.'" he echoes. Had I said that out loud? "Ryan does that all the time. Says things without realizing it." Does he? I'd heard him do it once or twice, but I hadn't realized it was a regular thing for him. Dominic knows stuff about Ryan that I don't. But he doesn't deserve too.

"Oh, and it's not rape," Dominic says to me, grinning in a very fucked up way. "Not if he wants it."

And the words sicken me.

"He doesn't want it!" I scream, but now, Dominic's ignoring me, and he doesn't say anything. We get to the school, and he gets out of the car, pulling me with him. I stumble in front of him, not sure where we're going. But Dominic seems to know exactly what's he doing. He pushes me towards the back of the school, until we reach a gym, and he pushes the door. I see the kids, hundreds of them, over a thousand, and I know what's happening.

It's an assembly.

Ryan's in here.

And there all here too.

The first thing I hear, is a voice shouting out, "No!" The voice is heartbroken and scared. It's Ryan. I look for him, and find him instantly, staring down at me like he's heart has been ripped out of his chest. He looks like he might cry. At the sight of him, I start to cry.

The school police are surrounding me and Dominic, but none of them shoot, because Dominic is using me as a human shield.

"Ryan!" Dominic shouts, and I see the heads around my brother snap to look at him. People around us are screaming, but Dominic ignores them. I see Ryan starting to stand up, and I want to scream at him to stay down, but luckily, I see Joey grab him, and push him behind him, Sam quickly doing the same. "Ryan, get out here!" Dominic orders, and his voice echoes through the whole room. He's looking around the bleachers, at the sitting kids, trying to pick Ryan out of the crowd. I can't believe he doesn't see it. The kids around Ryan are gathering around him, hiding him from sight. The sight almost makes me cry more, because I'm so grateful to them, that they are protecting my brother.

I make eye contact with Joey. Hide him, I think. Don't let him up, no matter what. I can take it. Dominic can kill me, I don't care. But my brother will not be able to handle this twice. He's too fragile.

"No, Ryan, don't!" I shout, and then I scream in pain as Dominic hits me in the head with the gun, then points it back at me quickly. But the second he hurts me, Ryan tries to jump out of the mass of people protecting him, screaming my name. The people around him pull him back in, but now Dominic's eyes are on that area, the movement having attracted his attention. He smiles.

"Come on, Ryan. This was fun and all, but I think it's time for this to end. Don't you, baby?" he says. I shudder at his words, how they somehow manage to make my brother seem like an object.

Dominic's eyes land on Joey, then go to Sam, and he grins, because he knows he's found Ryan.

"Joey." Dominic says, and I look away from him, back towards Ryan. "You really fucked everything up, you know that?" he asks, and he sounds angry. To me, it's the opposite. Joey saved everything.

"And you really fucked Ryan up." Joey snarls, and Dominic cocks the gun. I flinch.

I wish I hadn't.

Because Ryan must have seen, because a second later, I hear him scream, "No!" And then I see him ripping himself away from the people around him, and even though they try to grab him, he manages to get through them, running down the stairs towards us.

"Ryan, NO!" Joey screams, and he and Sam give chase.

Ryan jumps the last few steps onto the floor, and I sob, "" It's my fault.

He ignores me, moving forward slowly, pleading with Dominic, "Dominic, please don't hurt him." he says, and he looks so frightened.

"Ryan," Dominic says, sounding pleased. "Nice of you to join us."

"Dominic, please. I-I'm sorry. I'm s-so sorry. P-please, don't hurt Steven." Ryan begs, and the way he's stuttering, and shrinking into himself makes me cry harder. He's so scared.

"Of course I won't hurt Steven." Dominic purrs. "As long as you come with me."

No. Don't do it.

"Yes, okay." Ryan says right away. "I'll go with you. I love you, Dominic."

"Of course you do, Ryan. I'm the only one who knows the real you. I'm the only one you can go to, without being judged.

That's not true. I will never judge Ryan. I love him.

The moment Ryan is close to us, he throws me aside, and grabs Ryan, putting him the position I had been only seconds before. He starts pulling him away, and Joey starts to scream madly, thrashing in the grip of a cop that's holding him. Sam is falling to his knees, being held by a cop too, crying.

"I'll kill you!" Joey screams, and Ryan closes his eyes. He's giving up.

"Ryan, come back!" I shout, and he opens his eyes again. Somebody is picking me up off the ground, some guy I don't know, and I try to chase them, but the guy holds me back, and I can't do anything but cry and scream as the door to the gym closes.

Ryan's gone.


And it's my fault.