AN: This is some stuff I wrote and someone told me that my poetry was good so I decided to put out a feeler( ha , I'm not a groping pervert in case any of you got that idea) and if reader responses are good then I'll put up more so I hope you'll like it. Ciao : D

You looked away, you killed me

you threw away my hand, you broke me

you looked again, with walled eyes

you shattered my heart

you sneered at my tears

you ripped my soul apart.

Don't you know what effect you have on me?

Perhaps... no, surely. You must know that

by rejecting me

by disregarding me

you have finished me.

What is the point of my existence

when its axis has rocked,

has gone away, disappeared?

Why do I live when I am nothing?

Nothing to you, thus nothing to the world.

As I look at you, tears trailing down my face,

begging at your feet.

You are barely able to look at me,

your disgust overpowers you.

It is all you can do to endure the wretched sight of me.

Seeing your hatred, your disgust, your pity,

I gather the shreds of my dignity and collect the pieces

you have left of me to myself and I stand up,

straighten my shoulders and walk away feeling light,


You wonder why?

I left my poor sorely abused heart behind with you,

all that I had to offer which isn't much, I left with you...

a token, an undesired souvenir...a broken bruised heart filled

with love only...for you.