To Our New Pope

Dear new Pope Francis,

I REALLY like you

You're saying exactly what I feel

Excatly what I believe

For the first time

In a LONG LONG time

My belief is in accord with Catholic preaching

You're saying that as long as you live a good life

Do right

Then no matter what religion you are

Other types of Christian, Muslim, Hindu Jewish

Even athiests have the right

To go to Heaven if they live good lives



After two thousand years of this religion

We finally have a Pope

Who's acting like Jesus Christ

Another reason I really like you

Is that instead of acting like a roman emperor

You're acting like a poor pious guy

You got rid of the jeweled papal throne

The velvet and silken robes

You're dressed just like you've always dressed


Dear Pope Francis

After two thousand years

I think you're finally doing right