Atop a hill a young woman stood, overlooking the wreckage below. A bleak wind tore through the night, shrieking through the burnt skeleton of what once had been a village.

"Stand up." She commanded to a figure laying behind her, though her attention remained fixated on the town. The slumped form struggled to follow instruction, forcing itself to its feet.

"What..." The figure wheezed, stumbling from under the remnants of a charred oak, revealing a young boy, no more than twelve. "Alyce, what have you done?" Tears blurred the young boy's vision, and left trails along his ash-covered face.

"Mom...Dad...Sarah...they're dead..." His lip trembled, as did his bony knees. Before he could catch himself, he collapsed, and sobs quickly overtook him. "They're all dead."

Alyce showed no compassion towards her own brother's sorrow. She merely continued to watch the scene below, where wood still smoldered and every now and then a weakened building caved in. The young woman's dark hair whipped wildly in the violent wind. She felt...numb. As though ice had encased her body, halting every sensation; she felt nothing. At last the fire, unable to find fuel to further its vengeance, died.

The woman quickly lost interest, and turned her attentions elsewhere. She began to inspect her hands, scrutinizing every line of every finger. They looked no different. There was no sign of the deadly power that had coursed through them hours ago. Regardless, the change was there. She could feel it. Not only in her hands, but her entire being.

Closing her eyes, Alyce breathed in, noting every individual scent the wind carried. She could sense every pebble, she realized, every blade of grass, every living thing for miles. She pushed her senses, curious what she might find. Birds nested high above in sturdy trees, foxes burrowed deep in their dens, an owl perched on a rotted limb, a bear foraging miles away. The quiet serenity ghosted over her soul, embracing it. And her blackened soul reached out, engulfing the energy.

Alyce opened her eyes. Everything would burn.