High School Reunion

So last weekend I did something I swore I'd never do in my life. I went back to my high school reunion. :O I realize that I've only been out of high school six years but still all the people who were assholes are still assholes and I still hate them. I started writing on this site ten years ago to complain about all the horrible bitchy girls in my class and when you go to an all-girls Catholic high school—your class is full of bitchy girls. The only reason I went back there was because I had virtually nothing else to do and they had free booze. All of the high school bitches are still bitches. It is not nice to see them and "reminisce" even though they may talk to you about all the "great times" that they had with you in high school. (which we both know never happened) so here's some advice never ever ever go back to a high school reunion. The bitches will still be bitches and the jerks will still be jerks. Only go back to a high school reunion if you have made it INCREDIBLY RICH (think Mark Zuckerberg here) or you've invented something remarkable which EVERYONE has heard of. The third option on going back to your high school reunion is if its like your fifth high school reunion and 1/3 the class is dead while another 1/3 is horrible looking. Only go if you're in that 1/3 who still looks stellar. So never ever never go back to your high school reunion.