"There are many different creatures that exist in the supernatural world of Prytus. Each have their classifications, each have their skills and each are deadly. My job is to control those that threaten our existence. I am called a Bender and my power is to control the actions of those who are weak and whose mind allows my power to work on them. I don't mind my job, I just simply dislike it. There are ranks in Prytus and I am second from the lowest rank. It's all very complicated and soon enough you'll learn of all the different ranks and classifications that exist in our world. If you are reading this then that means you have crossed over. You have done what so few have managed to do, and survived. Our world has lots to offer but you must be ready to sacrifice everything you held dear. I doubt you'll ever have it again.

"I want to make this clear: Prytus is different from your world and so are those who exist here. One false step could mean your death and I am responsible for those who make their transition. My name is Eric, but I doubt you'll need to remember that. There are different ones who will train you. You have a gift that so few have been bestowed. I will not know of your power until Paul meets with you, but I'm sure that whatever power you'll be given is one that will make your transition here more difficult.

"You may wonder what being a Bender has to do with you, but I'll say that you'll very soon find out. Placed on the desk in front of you is a journal that will be used for your training. Attach it to your wrist, carry it in a bag, I don't care but make sure it is with you at all times. During your training you will need to refer to it more than once, of that I am almost positive.

"Keith will be your trainer. He will help you in whatever aspects of your power that needs to be polished. Never mind his easy going attitude, he is a strict teacher and will work you to and past your limit. You will get tired and he will lift you up. You will cry and he will push you harder. To survive you will need his expertise. If you deny him access to your mind, it means your death. Do not ruin your chance for survival because you're tired.

"Dean is your counselor. He is a Shifter, he will become what you need. I have chosen him for you because his mindset matched yours in your past life. Do not underestimate him. Just because he can become what you need doesn't mean he will. Dean's life has been hard in Prytus but he has survived. With the help of Keith, of course, as we all do.

"And last we have my brother Patrick. He is your field instructor. He will take you to different dimensions of Prytus to put all your training to the test. If you pass, you will become what we all are: Guardians.

"The role of Guardian is to protect the citizens of Prytus at all cost. No one must know of our world. For those who disrupt our way of life will be sentenced to death. Our leader Theodore is the only one whom we obey. He says run, we run. He says we destroy, we destroy. We listen to him and him only. Remember new one that your life also depends on him.

"We live as human a life as possible, to blend in of course. We travel often between the human world and our world. We have many of our kind that live among the humans. That is where we come in. We maintain neutrality between both worlds and we will destroy those who risk endanger our world.

"You were picked because Theodore saw something in you and he sent me to fetch you. Once you are done reading this note, step out into the corridor and listen to your mind. There you will find me. I await your arrival, new one.

"As a side note, there is no escaping and Watchers are vigilant. Don't try anything funny. I will be seeing you very soon."


I set the note down, feeling exhausted and dizzy at the same time. My body ached with pain and my sight was much different. Things were blurry but if I focused my eyes I could see things. Things would turn blue or red, sometimes even yellow. What had happened to me and where am I? Who is this Eric person and what does he want with me?

I heard a voice coaxing me to my door and knew immediately that is what he meant when he said to listen to my mind. I followed the whispers in my head and soon I was standing in a glass corridor. I could see out in the daylight and I saw children and adults walking the grounds. It seemed so normal. Maybe I was dreaming. But then I saw a woman appear in front of my eyes and then another man beside her appeared. I gasped, not believing what I had seen with my eyes but how could they lie? I know what I saw.

A door slid open in front of me and I was soon standing in a room that was gray and contained only a dark chestnut colored desk and matching chair. There was a file cabinet to the right of the desk and some scribbles on the wall. The chair seemed to be rocking backing back and forth and then I heard a voice say behind the chair, "Sit."

I obeyed the voice and after seconds of silence, the chair spun around. I was soon looking into face of a man. His eyes were brown but I noticed they sparkled and when they did, they turned black. His whole eyes turned black. I gasped but then he smiled and leaned his arms on the desk.

"I'm Erick, and the fact that you are here means you read my note. Welcome to Prytus. This is the headquarters for the World of Prytus. This building is your new home." He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a file folder. I noticed it had the same scribble that was on the wall of this office and he quickly opened the file so I couldn't see what it said, as if I could read that cursed writing.

"You're 23, were born May 9 in Hollywood, California and you have one brother and one sister. You died September 10. Just three days ago so, welcome back." He said.

I opened my mouth to protest. "I didn't die. I'm still alive and I would like to know what I'm doing here."

"Sweetheart, in order for you to be here you must have died. Don't worry. The fact that you don't remember a thing means it was a quick death. Now back to your file…"

"Listen, I don't know who you are but I have certainly never died. Now, tell me how to get back home."

"I am Erick Rogers and I am your Responder, meaning I am like your guidance counselor. Dean is just another piece of my job. No worries, you'll get in all in your head soon enough."

"Responder? Guardian? Dean? What are you talking about?"

His smile faded and looked at me seriously; almost distraught-like. "Didn't you read my note?"

"Well, yes but nothing made sense."

"It's not supposed to. Eventually after a couple decades you get the hang of everything. It just catches on."

"Decades? What do you mean decades?"

"I mean my young one that we Pryrainiuns never die. Theodore designed all his special ones well. Now, can I get to the matter at hand and stop answering all your ridiculous questions?"

"Designed, what do you mean you were designed? And no you cannot until you answer all my questions!" I retorted.

"This will take forever at the rate we're going because you have so many damn questions. Now, your file says your name is Fiona but it seems to me it doesn't fit you well."

"You have a problem with my name?" I asked incredulously.

"A work in progress," he muttered.

He scanned my file some more then wrote something down for me. "Follow those directions and it will take you to Paul. He is a Gifter and he can bestow whatever power he chooses on someone. Give him that piece of paper and he will know what to give you. He's located on the top floor."

"But all I see is scribbles on this paper." I told him.

He smiled again, which was irritating me because I saw nothing amusing. "That my dear is the language of Prytus. You'll read it soon enough when Keith begins training with you. Now go, Paul grows impatient."

I took the paper out of his hand walked out his office. I walked down the corridor until I reached some stairs. I slowly walked up them and then stood still once I reached the top. There were so many hallways; I didn't know which way to go. I saw a woman walking and I stopped her as she descended down the stairs.

"Can you tell me where Paul is?" she shrugged and walked off. In my head I heard a chuckle and a whisper that echoed in my ears, "To the right."

I was soon standing in front of a door with the name Paul Taylor sprawled across the top. I was going to knock but decided against it. I opened the door and it was another grey room with about the same amount of furniture as Eric's office.

"Welcome, come in. I have been waiting for you," he said.

"So I've heard." I took a seat across from him and waited for him to talk.

He was a chunky sort of fellow with blonde hair and a kind expression on his face. He too, had a file on his desk.

"Fiona, before I begin let me welcome you to Prytus. I am sure you're confused but I will make this much more clearer for you." He said.

"Speaking of clear, I'm seeing all different kinds of colors and I'd really like to be seeing things as normal as I had before." I told him.

"No worries Fiona that was part of your transformation. Once it is complete it will go away," he said.

He opened the file on his desk then stood up and opened a cabinet door that I had not seen when I walked in. He took out another file and began rummaging through the papers. He made a noise then looked what I supposed was my file.

"Well, it seems Fiona that all our slots are just about full," he said.

"So that means I can go home right?" I asked.

"Oh no Fiona that just wouldn't do. You died. You're not human anymore."

I gasped for the hundredth time since I had woken up in that awkward room and Paul consoled me. "Don't let it bother you. We all have to go through it before we can have our power. Otherwise, we wouldn't survive the transformation."

I nodded unable to say anything that would change the words that had come out of his mouth.

"Now, it isn't very often that I have the chance to do this but perhaps I can let you choose what sort of power you'd like. Remember this is all going towards your Guardian test. Now, I personally think that a Bender would be nice for you, Erick is a bender but as I said, I'll let you pick."

"Do you have anything… you know, cool?"

His face lit up brightly. "As a matter a fact I do and we only have one. How would you like to control the elements? The sun, the wind, even lightning and earthquakes for both worlds would be yours to control."

"Really, you have a power for that?" I asked.

"It's called a Reinforcer, and when fighting or whatever the like, can control the world's natural elements. It is very powerful and very few can survive the test but something tells me Fiona, you can do it."

"That is so cool, what do I have to do?"

"Follow me," he ordered and I readily followed his invitation. A passageway opened through a wall in his office and it looked like a doctor's office.

"Lay down," he commanded.

I lay down on this table like chair and watched him as he drank something. His hands at once began glowing. He began reading from a book then turned to me. "Fiona, this makes your transformation complete. Once I perform this, there is no going back. Do you understand?"

I nodded my head and felt all sorts of things in my stomach. "Will it hurt?" I asked.

"Just a little." Soon what looked like lightning bolts in his hands began growing stronger and he walked towards me.

"Close your eyes Fiona and when you wake up, your life will be different for the rest of your life. I'll send some men to fetch you and take you to your room until you awake. You'll have a note for you when you wake up. Sweet dreams Fiona."

All of a sudden, he placed his hands on my head and I began shaking. Pain surged my body but quickly faded away and was replaced by tingles. I was about to remark on the sensation but my voice was gone and my eyes began to close. I was in darkness and soon, my thoughts faded along with the dark.

Author's Note: This is a different story than I'm normally used to writing. It was based on a dream I had, which I suppose is how most good stories are written. Review and let me know what you think. :)