Author's Note: I don't know if anyone still reads this, but I've been on a writing plateau. But I decided to fit an update in somewhere, I don't like being on a hiatus. Boo for hiatuses! With my grumbling aside, here's chapter eight of Sublime Darkness. I hope you enjoy it.

It was whenever I was left alone to my own devices that I would get in trouble. As it happened, after leaving Dean's office I ran into a lady who was carrying some chemical called "o39NY" whatever that was, and made her spill it all over the floor. The security was called to assess the situation and everyone was mad at me. I explained that I was a 'newbie' as everyone called me and after several "oohs" and "ahhs" it was determined by the handy security guards that I was not at fault and was let go with a warning.

I also broke a vase that was in one of the hallways (very expensive looking one at that) and interrupted someone's training and that proved to be dangerous when this giant mass of fire was heading my way. I needed to get somewhere safe and quick!

I finally made it to my room without breaking, dropping or interrupting any more things. I felt so completely awkward here. I needed to be back on Earth with my family because I didn't belong here and it was so completely obvious.

I heard a knock on my door and rose steadily to welcome my guest.

"Thank god I found you Fiona! We have a problem!" It was Paul and by the look on his face and the urgency in his voice; it was serious.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Come to my lab and quick! I alerted all the others to come too!" Paul grabbed my hand and yanked me out of my room and down the hall. I paused to push the button for the elevator but Paul yanked me away and said, "Don't bother. Come quick!"

I have never seen Paul this mad or…quick. He ran like a rabbit chasing after carrots in a field on a warm summer's day.

"Paul what is this all about?" I asked between breaths.

"Fiona you are in danger. We must get you to my lab."

Just hearing the word 'danger' made me feel truly unsafe and after letting go of Paul's hand I was in front of him by a mile running down the stairs. We left the stairs and entered a hallway and soon arrived at Paul's lab.

The door swung open and the worried face of Patrick greeted me. "Thank god you're okay Fiona. We were beginning to worry," he said.

"I wasn't." stated Eric.

Patrick sighed and I rolled my eyes. "What is so dangerous you had to come to my room and bring me here?" I asked Paul.

Paul was panting hard and his hair was ruffled. "Fiona, you must go back to Earth," he said.

"Why?" I asked astonished.

Paul was still panting and pointed to Patrick.

"You see Fiona what Paul is trying to say is that…. Well why don't you tell her Dean?"

I looked at Dean and after shrugging his shoulders he answered, "Well what happened is that Paul thought you should know… that Keith really wants to be the one to tell you. Keith?"

I now looked at Keith and he said, "Fiona there is something you should know but since I wasn't well informed maybe Eric should tell you."

I sighed and looked at Eric but he just raised a brow and said, "Hell if I care what happens to her."

"Enough!" shouted Paul. "Fiona listen to me. We are all going to Earth with you. There is a Guardian that lives in New York and after speaking to him about your power; he felt it would be unsafe for you to stay here in Prytus. I can't explain it all right now but you need to know that… well… since you have no power, you returning to Earth might make you sick."

"Or die," added Eric.

"Yes," Paul said rolling his eyes, "or die. But believe me if when I say if I believed the risk was too great I wouldn't have thought of this plan. We must leave soon though. He is waiting for us. I asked Theodore to make the plans for us. We leave tonight and we're going to be joining some others on the ride over there."

"Ride? Are we taking a bus to Earth?" I asked, half-jokingly.

I heard Eric scoff but after giving him the most evil eye I could muster I turned back to Paul. "I was just joking. But seriously, how are we getting to Earth?"

"We transport there of course. Fiona, everything you knew in Earth is so much different than Prytus. Never forget that. Now…I have packed a valise especially for you, here you go, and keep your eyes on that. In order for you to survive on Earth you're going to need that. And let's see… what else am I missing?"

As Paul began rummaging through his lab, I turned and faced the rest of the guys. "Why is it so urgent that I leave?" I asked.

"Well not you scare you or anything but Paul found something out in your power and this Guardian he knows who lives on Earth decided to take a look at it. It seems there is a pretty good chance that…"

"Don't!" commanded Paul and stopped Patrick from finishing, "She doesn't need to know. Not yet."

This whole not telling me thing was beginning to get on my nerves. But I kept my mouth shut as Paul stuffed his valises with an assortment of vials and test tubes. "What is all that for?" I asked suspiciously.

"You," he answered and motioned for us all to exit the lab.

"Now we only have an hour to get ready. We'll meet at the upstairs lab. Take everything that's important and no more. Fiona, come with me." I followed Paul as he began scurrying down hallways and I struggled to keep up.

"Paul do you think you can slow down?" I asked.

I heard Paul sigh and he turned around and walked back to me. "Fiona, what's that?" he asked. I turned around and suddenly I felt a prick in my arm. I looked to my arm and saw Paul was removing a syringe.

"What was that for?" I asked, my speech was slowly slurring with each word.

"Sorry about that Fiona but it was for your own good. You'll be awake soon." Suddenly I was in darkness and I was being carried somewhere.

I don't know how much time went by but when I woke up I was in a white room with one bright light in it. I was sprawled on a table and I slowly raised my head to look around. A chorus of voices could be heard not too far away from me. Where was I?

"Shh, she has awoken." I heard a woman say.

Another bright light turned on and the blurred face of people was all I could see.

"Paul? Patrick?" I croaked.

"Yes Fiona, I am here." It was Paul. "I am glad you have awoken. We had to prepare you for the journey. Do you think you can stand up?" he asked.

"I think so," I answered. I managed to sit up and but once I placed my feet to the floor and let go of the table I tumbled down to the floor. I heard several gasps and Paul sigh.

"Can someone carry her please? We need to be on our way," said Paul.

Keith stepped out of the shadows and soon I was lying across his arms. "What happened to me?" I asked. It was then I noticed I had a tube in my nose and a bulky helmet looking thing on my head. Wires were attached to my arms and to my chest.

"What is all this?" I screamed.

"Calm down Fiona. It'll make sure you cross the threshold safely. The helmet is measuring your brainwaves, the tube is going to provide you with oxygen and those wires will keep the Karcom in your system. It will prevent it from thinning and dissipating. Now where is my valise?"

"Fiona, do you feel alright?" asked Dean.

"Not really," I mumbled grouchily.

Paul came back with his valise and said, "Listen to me Fiona. You see that bright light? We are stepping into that portal and within seconds we will be transported to Earth. Now listen to me carefully. Do not open your eyes. Not even for a second, understand?" I nodded my head, "When we get to Earth you'll feel a bit fuzzy. Some memories might resurface and some things might look different but don't worry about it. We're going to help you."

I nodded again. Eric spoke up this time and said, "Listen newbie. The rule is do not speak about Prytus to anyone. Your strongest urge will be to say it was all a dream. Well it isn't. Ignore the Earthinians at all cost and speak not of Prytus or powers or secrets. Also, Keith is your husband."

"What?" I shrieked.

Keith spoke now. "Don't listen to him Fiona. That's the cover we'll be using while we're in Earth. Paul said I was the most believable to play the part."

"Okay, so the rules are not to open my eyes and do not speak of Prytus. Got it!" I said.

Everyone looked at Paul now and he nodded. He walked closer to the bright light and it was then I noticed there four other people in the room with us. "Are we ready?" asked Paul.

Everyone answered his and her agreement and Keith walked me closer to the light. I felt the portal pulling me in but the light was so bright, I couldn't keep my eyes open. Everyone else around me was staring wide-eyed at it.

"Okay everyone, on three!" yelled Paul.

I didn't even hear him count but soon Keith was walking us toward the light. "Keep your eyes closed! Keep your eyes closed!" was all I kept telling myself. In a few moments I will be back on Earth. And I wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing yet but I just couldn't wait.

Suddenly, we were inside the glowing orb and I noticed that two green lights kept circling us. Keep your eyes closed! Keep your eyes closed! I wanted to open them so bad, especially when I heard this loud shriek and what sounds like crashing metal. I could see through my eyelids a bright red color and it grew cold, very cold. I felt like I was in the middle of a tornado.

Keep your eyes closed! Keep your eyes closed!

At all costs Fiona, keep your eyes closed.