A/N: Pretty much my life story. Dedicated to my FictionPress bestie Pixiedragon25.

There are two sides to every person
Some may pretend to be your friend
Only to ditch you in a moments notice
Some may be shy on the outside
But full of life on the inside
Some pretend like they're okay
Only to be ripping apart on the inside

On the outside, I'm the sporty girl.
I play almost every sport there is
I'll take you on whenever you want
I'm not afraid to get down and dirty
I prefer a bonfire over a fancy dinner any night.
I'm loud.
I voice my opinion, even if it makes you mad.
I go on and on about how I don't like anyone.
Never have, never will.

But on the inside?
I'm shy. I'm insecure.
I like writing.
I do like someone.
It's all a big front.
Don't get me wrong.
I still love sports
I live the country life.
But it's not truly me.

Appearances aren't everything.
People are much more than they seem.
We are like onions.
One layer is pulled away
Only to find one deeper than the last.